Plug-In Solar: Moveable Solar Power For Renters and Do-It-Yourselfers

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The promise of plug-in solar panels that simplify solar power installation to the point that nearly any do-it-yourselfer can handle the job has been a long time coming


We are pleased to welcome a new writer to Green Building Elements, David Arthur. The information he provides here about SpinRay Energy is exciting, especially  for anybody looking for a simpler, less expensive way of  bringing solar electricity into their dwelling.

A small company, SpinRay Energy, has announced the production of a new UL listed, grid-tied solar power system that couldn’t be easier to install. Plug-in solar power equipment may be a game changer in the arena of small residential solar power.

Rapidly falling prices of solar electricity equipment mean that the most costly part of installing residential solar power systems will soon be system design and installation.

A new line of plug-in solar power equipment made by SpinRay Energy of Rhode Island can be installed by plugging the on-board microinverter into a 110 volt or 220 volt power outlet.

Up to five of the 240-watt plug-in solar panels can also be linked together to create a larger array, all feeding into a common electrical outlet.

Plug-In Solar Power – Even For Renters

A Do-It-Yourself approach to residential solar installation opens up the possibilities of grid-tied solar energy projects for people who may not plan to stay in their current homes for the long term.

Many people who have been interested in alternative energy have assumed that solar was not for them as they did not intend to live in their current locations for a long enough period for an alternative energy project to ever pay for their investment.

Others, who would love to enjoy the savings and environmental benefits of producing some of their own electricity, have not seriously considered a project because they live in a rental home or apartment.
Now it is possible to own a modestly priced, plug and play solar power system that can be set up by a homeowner in a matter of minutes, and can be easily relocated to another property if desired.

Solar Electricity For Apartments

My favorite of the SpinRay Energy products is the deck-mount plug and play solar power package. This simplified system is modular, plugs together, utilizes a simple 110-volt outlet, and can be mounted to a regular deck rail. Should the owner move, the system is completely modular and can be easily moved with the family.

Affordable Solar

SpinRay does recommend that a dedicated electrical circuit be used for the units, and that a weatherproof outdoor plug cover, and arc-fault circuit interrupter installed, which may require the expertise of a certified electrician.

As always, if you are not completely comfortable working with electricity, consult the advice of a qualified electrician. Also, always comply with local codes, rules and installation requirements.

About The Author: David M. Arthur is a LEED-AP and energy auditor. David is the driving force behind GreenHomesConsultant

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