Adding solar lighting to your yard is one of the easiest ways to beautify your landscaping, and it can save you money, too. Did you know that about 10% of your electric bill each month goes towards lighting?

Switching to solar can help you use less electricity while also creating a beautiful backyard paradise for family and friends to enjoy. (1)

Today, we’re going to take a close look at 13 of the best choices on the market and share everything you’ll need to know to select the best solar powered dusk to dawn light.

Top Pick
Linkind 4 Pack

Linkind 4 Pack – Best Overall Choice

Our choice for best overall is this pack of four LED lights is packed with features, and they can be mounted on the wall or in the ground, making them more versatile than most solar outdoor lights. These lights are also available in two different color temperatures, so you can choose between a softer or warmer hue in your yard.

Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light – Reviews

Product Name Details
Best overall choice Best overall choice Linkind 4 Pack Linkind 4 Pack
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Impressive range of adjustments
  • High lumen output
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Best Budget Option Best Budget Option TORCHSTAR 2 Pack TORCHSTAR 2 Pack
  • With their small footprint
  • Rugged build quality
  • Affordable price
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Best Street Light Best Street Light Dephen 40W Solar Light Dephen 40W Solar Light
  • With a rugged-build
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Five-year warranty
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Best Remote Control Light Best Remote Control Light LEDMO 2 Pack LEDMO 2 Pack
  • With an impressive lifespan
  • Durable housing
  • Remote control
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Best Flood Light Best Flood Light Richarm 2 Pack Richarm 2 Pack
  • Durable construction
  • affordable price
  • Focused 60-degree beam angle
 decoding= View Today’s Price
TENKOO Ultra Bright TENKOO Ultra Bright
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • High lumen output
  • Streamlined looks
 decoding= View Today’s Price
  • Massive battery capacity
  • Lumen output
  • Remote control
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Lovus Store 300W Commercial Lovus Store 300W Commercial
  • Sleek all-in-one design
  • Rapid charging
  • High lumen output
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Sunlement 300W Sunlement 300W
  • Full featured street light
  • Over 600 LEDs
  • Versatile mounting options
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Romwish Store 40W Romwish Store 40W
  • Affordable floodlight
  • High lumen output
  • Rugged build quality
 decoding= View Today’s Price
  • Sleek and streamlined
  • High lumen output
  • Easy installation
 decoding= View Today’s Price
Egreat 2 Pack Egreat 2 Pack
  • Impressive 240-degree coverage
  • One-piece design
  • Versatile mounting options
 decoding= Egreat 2 Pack
  • Affordable price
  • High lumen output
  • good battery capacity
 decoding= View Today’s Price
The best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light facing the sun with clouds in the background

Without further ado, let’s look at your options for the best solar powered dusk to dawn light. These lights represent the best the category has to offer, and they’re ideal for anyone looking to beautify their backyards.

1. Linkind 4 Pack – Best Overall Choice

Linkind 4 Pack


  • Brightness: Max 650 Lumens

  • Color Temperature: 6500K Daylight
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Adjustable Angle: Horizontal 180 degree, vertical 90 degree
  • Beam Angle: 90 Degree

Our choice for best overall is this pack of four LED lights is packed with features, and they can be mounted on the wall or in the ground, making them more versatile than most solar outdoor lights. These lights are also available in two different color temperatures, so you can choose between a softer or warmer hue in your yard.

Each light features 16 super-bright LEDs, and the light delivers a 90-degree beam angle, so it achieves wide light dispersion without sacrificing brightness. The lights adjust 180-degrees, so you’ll be able to position your light in any way you need to.

These lights include a stake for you to light walkways or landscaping, and they can also be mounted anywhere on the exterior of your home for use as a floodlight. The large solar panel recharges quickly, and it powers a 22000mA rechargeable lithium battery, which provides reliable illumination night after night. Their IP67 waterproof rating means they’ll stand up to anything the elements can dish out.

2. TORCHSTAR 2 Pack – Best Budget Option



  • Number of Lights: 2

  • Luminous Flux: 6000 lumens
  • Wattage: 50 watts
  • Color Temperature: 5000 Kelvin
  • Light Direction: Downward

For people on the hunt for an affordable solar floodlight that’s built to years of reliable operation, our budget pick of 2-pack of LED solar lights from TORCHSTAR could be perfect.

These low-profile lights are very small, but they generate an incredible amount of light, and they can illuminate an area as large as 92×92’. These lights provide an impressive 6,000 lumens of brightness, and they’re available in daylight and soft white color temperatures.

These lights provide the widest possible beam angle as 120-degrees, and the 96 LEDs inside the lamp housing provide even lighting throughout the full lighting area. Each aspect of the light casing is made from cast aluminum, so they’re lightweight but incredibly durable and rust-resistant.

This light also carries a five-year warranty, so you’ll be covered if anything malfunctions with your outdoor lights.

3. Dephen 40W Solar Light – Best Street Light

Dephen 40W Solar Light


  • Input Power: 150W

  • Lumen: 21000Lm
  • Lumen Efficacy: 130-140Lm/W
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65
  • Color temperature: 5700K

An ideal light for various applications, especially for street lighting, our best street light is this option from Dephen which provides plenty of brightness and two different mounting options to suit a variety of applications.

These lights use the latest LED chips, enabling them to produce up to 7,000 lumens of brightness.

People who are looking for the brightest light possible will be delighted by these ultra-bright LEDs.

These carry an IP65 waterproof rating, and they’re made from die-cast aluminum that’s hermetically sealed for long life. The LED bulbs are rated for an impressive 50,000 hours, and Dephen offers a 5-year warranty should anything go wrong with your light.

4. LEDMO 2 Pack – Best Remote Control Light

LEDMO 2 Pack


  • LED: 400pcs/ Max 10000 LM

  • Battery Capacity: 39000mAh
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Charging Time:5-8 Hours
  • Waterproof Level: IP67

These bright LED lights are the best with remote control. They’re rugged, versatile, and offer plenty of additional features that homeowners are sure to love.

This pack includes two LED floodlights and two solar panels, and they can be mounted to any exterior surface or left free-standing thanks to their versatile mounting bracket. These lights carry an IP67 waterproof rating and feature a multi-function timer and brightness settings. Lights can be set to either half or full brightness, and the timer will keep the lights on for three, five, or eight hours.

You’ll feel like the smartest person in the world as you control your LED lighting from inside the comfort of your home, thanks to the remote control these lights include. You’ll also have peace of mind because these rugged lights carry an unconditional five-year warranty.

5. Richarm 2 Pack – Best Flood Light

Richarm 2 Pack


  • Power of Solar Panel: 6V/6W

  • Battery Capacity:3.7V 2200MAH lithium battery
  • Solar Street Light Work Time: More than 10 hours after fully charged
  • Waterproof Level: IP65

Perfect for people in the market for a floodlight, these lights provide 60-degrees of coverage, providing you with focused lighting that’s extra bright to illuminate even the darkest areas.

Each kit includes two LED lights and a large solar panel to power them, and the lights should be fully charged within 6 hours, even on days when it’s cloudy. The lights can be mounted to practically any exterior surface or left on the floor, and there’s also a remote control that allows access to tons of different light functions.

Savvy shoppers who expect the most features from their lights will love the remote, which provides control over five brightness levels and an hourly timer that can be set for between 1-8 hours.

6. TENKOO Ultra Bright

TENKOO Ultra Bright


  • Battery Capacity: 42000mAH

  • Life span: 50000 hrs.
  • Waterproof rate: IP65
  • Luminous Flux: 9500 LM
  • Color temperature: 6000 Kelvin

An ideal streetlight for anybody who needs to illuminate a wide area, the Ultra-Bright light from TENKOO is ideal for pole mounting and perfect for illuminating parking lots, driveways, streets, outdoor patios, basketball courts, and so much more.

This light generates an ultra-wide 150-degree beam of light, which provides more coverage than even the largest floodlights, allowing users to illuminate larger areas without the need for multiple lights.

This light offers a massive 42,000mAH battery, and 6-10 hours of sunlight is all the light needs to provide ultra-bright lighting for several nights. This streetlight is optimized for long battery life, and the lights automatically brighten when they detect motion and dim when there’s nobody in the area.

This light from TENKOO carries an IP65 waterproof rating, and it’s made from durable rust-resistant aluminum and will stand up to the elements for many years to come.

7. TENKOO 300W



  • Power of Solar Street Light: 300W

  • Color Temperature: 6500K/Cool White
  • Working Time: Approx. 16 Hours after Fully Charged
  • Charging Time: 6-8 Hours (if get enough sunlight)
  • Waterproof Grade: IP66

Streetlights are usually a major expenditure, and quality options can cost $500 or more. Thankfully, this ultra-bright option from TENKOO is a great choice if you need a streetlight on a budget. You’ll be feeling savvy, accomplished, and proud of the exceptional deal you’re getting if you choose this powerful streetlight from TENKOO.

This light has a massive 48,000mAH battery that provides up to 16-hours of continuous lighting after a 6-hour charge, so you won’t have to worry about whether your lights have enough juice to turn on.

Once charged, 360 LED lights deliver 300-watts of power to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, parks and fields, driveways, and so much more. With two brightness modes, this light manages power effectively, and it automatically brightens when it detects motion and dims when the motion is gone.

The bulbs have a cool white color temperature of 6,500K, which makes them ideal for most outdoor lighting applications. Whether you’re lighting your driveway, yard, street, or anything else for that matter, this light is an affordable and powerful option.

8. Lovus Store 300W Commercial

Lovus Store 300W Commercial


  • Watt-hours: 96wh

  • Lumen: 10000Lm
  • Color Temperature: 6000k
  • Irradiation area: 2700sq.ft
  • Irradiation angle: 180

Another capable streetlight that delivers bright lighting where you need it, this 300W commercial fixture from Lovus is ideal for street lighting, parking lots, athletic fields and courts, or lighting up your yard or driveway.

Savvy shoppers are sure to feel like they’re getting an amazing deal, as this capable fixture is less than half the price of many comparable street lights. Unlike most street lights where the solar panel is separate from the light itself, the solar panel is integrated into the light fixture’s top, providing a more streamlined look that takes up less space.

Like most high-end street likes, this one features built-in radar, which dims or brightens the light based on whether there’s motion in the area. This feature helps prolong battery life while also keeping the light at the proper brightness to not disturb your neighbors.

9. Sunlement 300W

Sunlement 300W


  • Power of Solar Street Light: 300W

  • Battery: 3.2V/40,000mAh
  • Color Temperature: 8000K/Cool White
  • Working Time: Approx. 16 Hours after Fully Charged
  • Charging Time: 6 Hours (if get enough sunlight)

If you’re looking for an affordable streetlight that offers remote control and plenty of extra features, this 300W light from Sunlement could be an ideal choice for you.

This light generates 300W of power to deliver ultra-bright lighting via an array of 660 LED lights. The extra-large 50W solar panel ensures that the light charges quickly, and a 40,000mAH battery has the storage you need to provide reliable lighting, even if the sun hasn’t been shining for days.

Controlling this fixture couldn’t be easier thanks to its sleek remote control, which provides precise control over the light. You’ll be able to switch between motion detection and always-on mode, control brightness, and set a timer, all from the comfort of your couch.

The light offers solid aluminum construction, which is rust-resistant, and the fixture is tightly sealed to prevent water intrusion. An IP65 waterproof designation confirms that this light can stand up to whatever the elements dish out.

If you’re concerned with durability and longevity, you’ll feel relaxed and relieved to know that this light from Sunlement carries an impressive five-year warranty.

10. Romwish Store 40W

Romwish Store 40W


  • Luminous Flux: 2500 lumens

  • IP67 waterproof performance
  • Working Temperature: -13℉-140℉.
  • Working Time: More than 11 hours after fully charged (Half Lighting Mode).

Not everyone is interested in investing hundreds or thousands in outdoor lighting, and if that sounds like you, you’ll love this 40W floodlight from Romwish. This affordable light is ultra-bright and loaded with features that are usually reserved for more expensive lights.

This light offers a 120-degree beam angle and an array of 79 LEDs to bathe the exterior of your home with bright light. A high-efficiency solar panel converts up to 18% of the sun’s energy into electricity, which is then stored in the large 36,000mAH battery, so your light will deliver top performance even on days where it’s cloudy.

This light carries an IP67 waterproof rating, and its rugged build is perfect for locations with extreme weather, as this light can operate between -13°-140°F. You’ll also receive a remote, so you’ll be able to control the light from up to 39 feet away and adjust the timer or brightness settings. There’s also an automatic mode that adjusts the light’s brightness based on its remaining battery capacity.

11. CINOTON 2 Pack



  • Waterproof IP65

  • 5000K Daylight for Outdoor illumination
  • Luminous Flux: 3000 lumen
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Many homeowners would love to add sleek and simple LED lighting to their home’s exterior. However, it can be hard to find small lights that blend into your home’s exterior while still delivering plenty of illumination.

These lights deliver an impressive 3,000 lumens of brightness despite being about the same size as a pack of playing cards, and they offer a warm color temperature that’s ideal for any outdoor application.

With a rugged aluminum housing, IP65 waterproof rating, and a rugged aluminum build, you can rest assured that these lights from CINOTON are built to stand up to whatever the elements dish out.

Ultimately, they’re one of the more affordable options on the market. This helps you with outfitting the entire exterior of your home – using ultra-bright LEDs, usually for less than most competitors.

12. Egreat 2 Pack

Egreat 2 Pack


  • Lighting: 800LM

  • Color Temperature:6000-6500K
  • Function: motion sensor, waterproof, solar charge, auto on/off
  • Charging Time: 4-5 Hrs under direct sunlight
  • Working Time: 8-12 hrs

An affordable and versatile 2-pack from Egreat, these LED lights are ideal for any exterior application. They can be mounted from any exterior surface or staked to the ground for added versatility.

Each light features six ultra-bright LEDs and provides a 120-degree beam angle, so each unit delivers up to an impressive 240-degrees of lighting, making it easy for you to light your entire property to keep you safe and secure, all at an affordable price that’s budget-friendly. At 800 lumens, these LEDs are an ideal brightness for most applications.

These lights have tempered glass solar panels for durability and heat resistance, and you’ll never have to worry about the panel becoming warped or damaged by high heat. Each solar panel is integrated into the light fixture, so you won’t have to worry about mounting it separately. The panel can be positioned in any direction to capture maximum sunlight.

While these lights might not be as rugged as some other options, their all ABS housing keeps them lightweight, and it’s durable enough to stand up to most exterior environments.




  • Color Temperature: 6500K

  • Battery: 5500mAh Lithium Battery
  • Charging Time: Around 8h
  • Working Duration: 12h When Fully Charged
  • Luminous Flux: 1000 lm

With an impressive array of 48 LEDs, this 1,000 lumen light from JACKYLED is a solid option for homeowners who need an effective and affordable flood light for their home.

This light is an ideal choice for homeowners who aren’t interested in fussing with additional features. The light turns on at dusk and off at dawn, delivering continuous light throughout the night with no timers, dimmers, or anything else to worry about.

Made from durable ABS, this lightweight light isn’t as rugged as a light with a metal enclosure. But, it makes up for that with its affordable price, and it still carries the same IP65 waterproof designation as top-quality lights that cost many times more than these affordable lights from JACKYLED.

Buyers’ Guide (Top 5 Tips – How to Buy the Best Solar Dusk to Dawn Light for You)

These outdoor lights are ideal for various situations, but depending on your yard, style, and budget, you’ll quickly find that some lights are a better fit than others. To select the best solar powered dusk to dawn light, consider these points below, and use them to narrow down the field.

1. Consider What Type of Dusk to Dawn Solar Light You Need

The first thing to consider is the type of lighting your yard needs. Dust to dawn lights are great for keeping your home secure because they stay on from sunset until sunrise. (2) But, before you buy one for yourself, you should be aware of these three main types of dusk to dawn solar lights to make sure you get the right one for you.

Solar Spot Light – Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to dawn solar spotlights are an ideal option if you’re looking to illuminate a certain area of your yard either for the sake of safety and security or to highlight landscaping features in your yard. Spotlights cast a narrow beam of light that’s about 45-degrees wide, and it’s usually very bright and concentrated on the area that it points at.

Spotlights cast light further than other types of outdoor lights, but they don’t cast as wide of a beam angle, so it’s perfect for drawing the eye to a specific area of your yard, illuminating a path, or lighting entryways.

Solar Floodlight – Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to dawn solar floodlights are one of the most versatile options for outdoor lighting, as they cast a wide beam of light that illuminates a larger area than spotlights do. Instead of concentrating the brightness straight ahead. The beam angle can be as wide as 120-degrees, so while floodlights can’t illuminate far away objects, as well as spotlights, do, they’re ideal for illuminating a wide area.

If you’re looking to illuminate large portions of your yard or your entire home, floodlights are likely to be your top option. For our full list of the year’s top-rated picks – you can check out our best solar flood lights, all hand-picked by our experts.

Solar Street Light – Dusk to Dawn

If you live on a dark road and are looking to illuminate your home or vehicles, a dusk to dawn solar street light is likely the most cost-effective option. Street lights are very similar to floodlights, and they cast a wide beam of light straight downward, which illuminates a large area of the street.

These lights are especially handy during storms or at other times when the power grid fails, since they don’t require electricity to run. (3)

2. Determine the amount of brightness/lumens you’ll need

Whether you’re looking to light up your entire property like it’s Times Square, or you’re trying to cast a subtle glow in your yard, you’ll need to decide on your ideal amount of lumens for your outdoor lighting.

Lumens are a measure of brightness, and one lumen is equal to the amount of light given off by a single candle radiating in all directions. (4)

Many people are used to thinking in terms of wattage when it comes to brightness. While wattage does indirectly correspond to how bright a light is, it’s a flawed metric for establishing brightness because different lights generate different wattages. For example, a 100-watt light bulb will be significantly brighter or dimmer depending on whether it’s LED, halogen, fluorescent, etc.

Since lumens measure brightness directly, it’s a metric you can rely on regardless of what the lightbulb is made of and how it works.

Depending on the purpose your unit serves, your lumen requirements will vary greatly. (5) Most homeowners choose a light somewhere between 700-1500 if they’re installing a spotlight or floodlight. If you’re looking for accent lighting, you’ll usually need between 50-500 lumens depending on the application and how bright you need the area to be.

Keep in mind that where the light’s solar panel is placed can also affect the light’s brightness. (6) Panels that receive the most sunlight are going to produce the brightest light at night.

3. Consider ease of installation before buying

When you look at examples of beautiful exterior lighting, it’s easy to forget all of the work that goes into creating these beautiful scenes. One of the major benefits of solar powered lighting is they eliminate the need for wiring (7), which is the single most challenging part about installing new lighting.

While most solar powered dusk to dawn lights are pretty easy to install, there are still some challenges you’ll face, especially if you’re installing tons of different accent lights, or if you’re installing lighting on the second story of a home.

Before you decide to buy a top-rated solar powered dusk to dawn light for your home, consider how much time and effort it’s going to take you to install the lights. A finished home project is usually better than a not finished one, so make sure you feel comfortable with doing the installation before purchasing do it yourself outdoor lighting without electricity or consider hiring a professional to take care of it.

Read More: Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

4. Look For Bonus Features That Excite You

Some solar lights offer hidden features that can help take any backyard lighting project to the next level. Some of these features may make a huge impact on your decision, while other features may be irrelevant. Whatever the case, here are five additional features you may want to look for before making your decision.

  • Multiple Light Modes – Some solar powered dusk to dawn lights allow you to change the brightness, color, or shape of your lighting. Additional modes add versatility to your exterior lighting, and they’re ideal for homeowners who want to be able to change up their outdoor lighting without investing in new lights.
  • Remote Control – Being able to control your dusk to dawn lighting with a remote is a great feature to have in an outdoor light. Whether it’s a beautiful night or the middle of a thunderstorm, remote-controlled lighting allows you to make necessary changes from the comfort of your home without having to venture outside.
  • Multi-Packs – Perhaps the single most important feature, if you’re shopping for dusk to dawn accent lighting, a multi-pack is the ideal way to save money while addressing all of your exterior lighting needs. Multi-pack dusk to dawn lights usually include 2, 4, or 8 lights in one package, so you can save time and money.
  • Commercial Grade – Exterior dusk to dawn solar lights take a beating. Between changing temperatures, storms, and general wear and tear, it’s common for exterior lights to become damaged or break after a few seasons. If you’re looking for brightness that’s going to stand the test of time, opt for commercial grade options that are made from heavy-duty materials.
  • Metal Housing – Piggybacking off our last point, metal housing is another great feature to have with exterior dusk to dawn solar lights. Metal lights tend to stand up better to extremely hot and cold conditions, and they won’t crack, warp, or discolor the way that plastic lights can.

5. Find the Top Deal For You

Solar dusk to dawn lighting can be a large investment, especially if you’re outfitting your entire yard with multiple lights. But, there are a few ways you can help secure the top deal for you, which will help you save money now and in the long run.


A strong warranty is critical when you’re dealing with any sort of outdoor solar equipment, whether it’s the best solar fence charger for an electric fences, or solar dusk to dawn lights for your yard. The elements will likely take a toll on your units over time, and if they break prematurely, the company you bought them from should replace them. Of course, not every brand has a warranty, and some make it more difficult than others to redeem a warranty.

Before making a purchase, take a close look at what kind of warranty the company offers, and whether or not there’s any fine print to worry about.


Shipping charges can have a major impact on the overall price of your new solar powered dusk to dawn lights, especially if you need to purchase multiple lights. Check solar light vendors that offer free or discounted shipping, so you’ll be able to keep the overall price down.

Limited Time Deals

Flash sales and deals are a great way to save money on your solar powered dusk to dawn lights, and they can make a major difference in the price. If you don’t need the lights immediately, consider holding off if there’s a sale on the horizon.

Usually, major solar retailers offer deep discounts immediately before and after the spring and summer season, and that’s the perfect time to shop for new lights. With online shopping, you never know when a great flash sale will pop up, so it’s always recommended to keep your eyes peeled – for those can’t-miss deals!

Alternatively, you can bookmark Energy Center of the World by clicking the star icon in your browser to always have immediate access to the hottest limited time deals in the solar industry – via our popular buyers’ guides. From solar gate openers to solar lamp posts, our experts’ handpicked selections are here to help you succeed in living more sustainably.

Final Price

The final thing to consider is how much your “all-in” price is for your new solar powered lighting. Make sure to consider all of the other aspects that affect the final price, such as shipping or tax, before you ultimately decide.

“The Secret” to Picking the Best Solar Powered Dusk to Dawn Light of the Year Today

Now, for the moment of truth! We’re going to share with you “the secret” to picking the absolute best solar powered dusk to dawn light for you.

At the end of the day, all you need to do to select the best solar powered dusk to dawn light for your home is to keep it simple, follow your heart, and pick whichever light you think is the greatest fit for your unique situation. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to opt for an LED light, since they’re longer-lasting, more durable, and more cost-efficient than other options. (8)

Every one of the solar lights on our list is a truly fine choice for your home, but since every home is different, some lights will be a better fit than others. Ultimately, its always recommended to go with your gut to find the most optimal fit for your home, but if you’re torn between a few different models, or you’re completely unsure, we recommend the four-pack LED lights from Linkind.

These solar lights score high marks for being incredibly versatile, exceptionally bright, and quite affordable. You can install these lights in the ground or mount them anywhere on the exterior of your home. So if you’re having trouble deciding on solar powered lighting, these are perhaps the most versatile ones you can buy.

Want more highly-reviewed, expert-curated solar products to help reduce your home’s energy bill? Check out our top solar pool heaters, solar attic fans, pure sine wave inverters, and more here at Green Building Elements – your #1 resource for all things solar.

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