Do Solar Panels Work At Night?

solar panels at night

The key to success with solar panels is having access to sunlight. While technically, solar panels do not work at night, they capture sunlight during the day so homes can use the electricity when the sun goes down. 

The Basics of How Solar Panels Work

During the day, solar panels collect energy from the sun by absorbing light particles (photons) through photovoltaic cells. The cells generate direct current (DC) that inverts into alternating current (AC). The current then moves through the home to generate electricity after the sunsets and the sky darkens. 

Solar Panel Overview

Most solar panels have silicon cells covered by a glass casing held together by a metal frame. Wires connect the silicon cells to send the collected energy to an inverter. Silicon can absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity. As photons work with a silicon cell, electrons start the electric current. This process is called the photovoltaic effect.

When technicians install solar panels on your home, they have to connect the panels to an inverter. Some homes have a single inverter that manages the entire panel array, while others have several microinverters behind every solar panel. The inverter changes the DC energy into AC electricity. 

The technician also connects the inverter to your electrical panel. It sends the AC electricity into the solar array then your home’s electrical system uses that energy to power your electric devices, lights, and appliances. 

As long as you have energy flowing into your electrical panel, your devices should function just like they would on a municipal electric grid. 

How They Store Solar Energy

Homeowners can store solar energy in a variety of ways. Many homeowners have solar batteries that collect the energy gathered during the day. The solar battery gives homeowners access to power when their solar panels cannot collect sunlight at night or on cloudy days. 

Solar batteries can also collect a charge from the municipal electric grid. Interestingly, most homes do not use much electricity during the day, as most people are at work or school. 

When the solar panels are working, they fill the battery with energy rather than wasting it or sending it back into the power grid. Homeowners can use the battery any time they want. 

Net Metering

Another way you can store solar energy is by connecting to the grid and signing up for net metering. The process of incentivizing solar energy is net metering. Homeowners can send power back to the electric grid if their solar panels are overproducing. 

Once you have connected your solar panels to your electrical grid, you can help supply electricity in your area. After your solar panels collect energy throughout the day, anything left at the end of the day goes into the electric grid so you can earn credits toward energy bills. 

When the solar panels can’t produce, homeowners can draw that energy back into their homes to meet their energy needs. The electric grid essentially stores energy for homeowners with net metering and solar panels. 

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How to Use the Stored Energy at Night

Fortunately, homeowners can access solar energy at night, but only if they store it during the day. When you purchase your solar panels, you can decide what energy storage system you want to use. These systems let you collect energy during the limited daylight hours and use electricity when sunlight is no longer available. 

When you use a solar battery system, you get to use your solar energy without relying on the electrical grid. If you use electricity from the grid, you will still have to pay for it, even if you use net metering. Although, your rate will be lower. With your battery system, your energy bills could drop to zero. 

Your electric panel connects to the solar battery and pulls energy from it when the sunsets. Your solar panels will go into sleep mode at night, thus turning on your solar batteries. 

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Bottom Line: Solar Panels Don’t Produce Energy at Night

Solar panels do not produce energy at night. Interestingly, some solar panels can continue to collect minimal amounts of energy at night. They can only do this if the community has street lights with substantial outputs. 

Solar panels can also glean a small amount of energy when the moon is full and bright. Otherwise, solar panels are relatively useless after the sun sets each evening. 

Usually, the amount of energy collected on bright, moonlit nights or when the street lights have new bulbs is negligible. Without a solar battery or a net-metering agreement with the electric grid, homeowners will not be able to eke out any electricity from solar panels at night. 


As solar panels are growing in popularity, homeowners often have several questions about how they work. These frequently asked questions can help you decide if installing solar panels on your home can help you save money on utility expenses. 

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Solar panels need sunlight in some form to generate energy. While they can work on cloudy days and in shady locations, they do not create as much energy as on sunny days. However, solar panels tend to decrease efficiency in hot and sunny places, especially when temperatures are above 80°F. 

The placement of each solar panel matters, especially if you live in an area with a high population density and plenty of trees. Excessive shade can dramatically reduce energy collection, making it hard to get the most of your solar panels. 

Interestingly, solar panels can work at night, but they do not collect much energy. To truly benefit from solar panels, homeowners need to store the energy they collect during the day with net-metering or battery storage technology to properly utilize it at night. 

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