Automatic driveway gates can help add security and convenience to your home. When you Google “automatic driveway gates cost” the precise answer is determined by many factors.

All in all, you can expect a cost between 600-13,000 dollars, with an average price coming to 6,500 dollars for everything. Here we’ll break down exactly what to expect with upfront costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs to help you get the most out of your next project.

Upfront Cost

There’s a lot to consider when determining your automatic driveway gates cost in its entirety. First, there are upfront costs including the price of the gate, motor, and opener. The style you pick for each one can influence the price. In addition, the material that you pick will be one of the most significant factors.

The least expensive gate material is vinyl, and the most costly are metals like steel.

The gate itself can cost you anywhere from 200-4,000 dollars on average. For the motor and opener, you have choices too. There are traditional electric driveway gate openers and solar gate opener options. They will run you between 200-4,000 dollars, depending on the weight and size of your automatic gate. 

The total upfront cost for your materials can cost you 400-8,000 dollars. Often the price for both pieces will scale together. The more expensive automatic gate materials tend to weigh more and need more powerful motors and openers. 

An Automatic Gate Opener with a closed metal gate

Installation Cost

The cost to install a solar gate opener vs a traditional gate opener will vary largely depending on the size of the gate, and your site’s current configuration. The install process can take between two and five hours for most automatic driveway gates. The installer’s hourly rate will usually cost between 30-80 dollars, and they could also need more hardware to do the job.

Installation prices can go up if there are complications. When the installer has to add concrete, post, or bollards, the project’s price can increase. Such additions mean more hourly expenses, too. Plus, safety standards can involve extra precautions and equipment (1)

The mandatory rule (16 CFR part 1211) primarily requires that all residential GDOs sold in the United States have an inherent reversing mechanism capable of reversing the motion of a moving garage door within 2 seconds, to reduce the risk of entrapment.

Automatic gates can be dangerous, so proper installation is crucial. Finding a licensed professional can help make the whole process more manageable and safer.

Features like sensors, keypads, and intercoms can also increase the price of installation. When you contact someone, let them know about all your requirements and needs for the automatic gate so that they can give you the best estimate.

In addition, make sure your gate is lab tested for safety, to help prevent unforeseen future costs (2).

For safety, make sure that the vehicular gate opener being installed on your property bears the “mark” of a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as “UL” or “ETL.”

After all this, you’re looking at a total cost for installation to be between 200-5,000 dollars for automatic driveway gates. On the lower end, this is the type of work you can expect:

Installation won’t be for free, of course, unless you try these DIY driveway gate ideas, but 200 dollars for the install above would be reasonable in our opinion.

Maintenance Cost 

If you notice a problem early enough with your automatic driveway gates, it may be a simple fix. When you let a situation get worse, like letting wood gates deteriorate or lose their finish, often times repairs are much higher. Proper maintenance will include lubing all moving components, cleaning the outside of your gates, checking the system’s performance, and ensuring the wiring is safe. 

Regular maintenance might not be fun, but it can save you money.

We recommend a yearly check-up for most automatic gates, especially with wood gates as their finishes can be more sensitive to weather. These will usually only take an hour. That means it’s about 30-80 dollars you can expect to pay for your driveway gates’ yearly inspection. Also, it would be best to lubricate the arms every three months to make sure they function their best.

If the inspection finds any problems with your driveway gates or their openers, in most cases they will have to be repaired or replaced. It is hard to say how much a repair will cost without knowing what the problem is. Sometimes the inspector can consider the repair part of the inspection if it isn’t a significant thing.

The parts to your automatic gate usually last for ten years. After that, you can expect significant repairs or replacement parts. These can range from 25-4,000 dollars, so depending on the costs, it may make sense to keep repairing your current driveway gate or invest in a brand new driveway gate to get the most out of your machines.


  • Do You Need a Permit for an Automatic Driveway Gate?

    In some places you will need a permit for an automatic driveway gate.

    Often your installer will know the rules, but you may want to look up the laws yourself according to your zip code. A permit for an automatic gate for your driveway can cost around 200 dollars (3).

  • Do Automatic Gates Help With Security?

    Yes, automatic driveway gates can help with security in some cases.

    In a study from 2012, Joseph B. Kuhns interviewed 441 burglars (4). He found that one thing they looked for was ease of access and escape. An automatic gate makes your home less accessible to possible criminals, and also, creates a potentially more difficult escape.

    To understand this further, you can check out our guide that compares wired versus wireless security systems.

  • Does an Automatic Driveway Gate Add to My Home's Value?

    In some cases, adding an automatic driveway gate adds to your home’s value. However, the added value will depend on appearance elements like quality, design, and quality (5).

    In addition, the added security and convenience these automatic gates offer plus the way they help your house’s curb appeal can have a big influence on potential buyers.

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