Spin Cells: The Newest Development in Solar Technology (That May Entirely Change the Game)

Spin Cells

According to SGIP, a typical solar panel can produce approximately 320 watts of electricity. We can attest to that estimate, as the best solar pool heaters, and top rated solar attic fans you can buy are usually in that ballpark.

But, imagine if there is a device that can generate over 20 times more power than that typical panel. Thanks to V3Solar, this kind of device is now a reality.

The V3Solar Spin Cell is perhaps one of the most notable innovations in solar technology to date. It is reported to yield more than 20 times more energy than a flat panel—putting a new spin on photovoltaics (PV) efficiency.

v3 solar spin cell
Image Source: inhabitat.com

What is a V3Solar Spin Cell?

Your mental picture of solar PV modules is probably that of solar panels. They usually look flat and static—quietly absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. V3Solar has overturned this perception of photovoltaic technology with the invention of a spin cell.

V3Solar’s spin cell solar panel is a spinning conical device. The photovoltaic material in these solar cones are organized in an angulate array, hence the cone-like shape. The cone shape and spinning capabilities allow level-best exposure to sunbeams from any perspective. This makes spin cell solar more effective than their flat and steady counterparts, which would a useful innovation for flat-paneled solar fence charger models that are still being heavily used.

The Conception of V3Solar Spin Cell

Energy researchers have been earnestly seeking ways to boost the efficiency of solar cells. Hoping to acquire more electricity, they have tried using mirrors or lenses in an effort to get the sun’s energy todirectly penetrate solar cells. However, thishas only damaged the cells because the process produces too much heat energy (1).

V3Solar has adopted the same concept and improved it to avoid the excess heat. To do this, V3Solar technologists collaborated with industrial design team Nectar Design. They attached the solar cells toa spinning platform. Since the platform is circumvolving, each solar cell merely acquires additional heat for a very short time. Each cell then cools off as the platform gyrates. Because of this design, the device was then dubbed the“spin cell solar.”

The luminescent solar concentrators form what seems like an external skin. This creates a hermetically sealed environment for the photovoltaic cells. The cone can be found on a plinth of electromagnets, which move because of the sun’s energy. You will be amazed by the almost friction-free twirling of the device.

According to V3Solar’s website, placing a 20x solar concentration on a flat and steady panel can result in temperatures that reach 260 degrees Fahrenheit instantaneously. The high heat will then dissolve the solder in ten seconds, leading the PV to fail. However, the temperature never exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit when the very same 20x solar concentration is placed on the solar cone.

Bill Rever, a solar energy expert, wrote a review of the V3Solar Spin Cell. In his review, he explains,

Overall, V3Solar appears to have a concept that can carve out a solid place in the solar and overall electricity market and is pursuing a sound strategy in examining and understanding the details of the technology to provide the best possible initial design (2).

Unique Benefits of the Solar Cones

The design of the V3Solar Spin Cell has some unique benefits, including (3):

  • Due to the revolving movement, a “strobe” effect happens. This means that the photovoltaic cells let out electrons more quickly than usual and produce more electricity.
  • There are special optics that are set around the PV cells. These parts are made to protect the solar cells, but they also function to expand the solar radiation that enters the device. This will then allow the PV cells to absorb sun-power more efficiently.
  • The device can create an alternating current (ac) output without the help of a traditional inverter.
  • The V3Solar Spin Cell can support itself. You don’t need to use a rack to mount the device as it can be connecteddirectly to poles, ground screws, or other ideal foundations.

Indeed, a spin cell solar has changed the game in the solar industry. These spin cell solar panels look better and are more efficient than traditional flat panels that we often see.

V3Solar hopes that the device will reduce the “total cost of ownership of solar farms” because of the reduced physical footprint of the V3Solar Spin Cell. This can result in more economically feasible solar energy-related projects shortly.

Before you dive in and get this, it’s a good idea to determine if solar energy is right for you.

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