Best Batteries For Inverters You Can Buy Right Now

best batteries for inverters

There’s nothing worse than being caught up in the hustle and bustle of a situation, finding that you need your inverter battery, get it out of storage, only to find that it has leaked its innards out, leaving it unusable, and you without a way to power your inverter.

Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice “Mighty Max Battery ML35-12” Mighty Max Battery ML35-12
  • Brand: Mighty Max Battery
  • Battery Cell Composition: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Unit Count: 1 Count
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Budget Pick Budget Pick “Genuine FiOS OEM” Genuine FiOS OEM
  • Number of Batteries: 1 12V batteries required
  • Brand: GS Battery
  • Battery Cell Composition:Sealed Lead Acid
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“Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt” Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt
  • Brand: Renogy
  • Vehicle Service Type: Trailer
  • Size: 100Ah
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“Universal Power Group 12V” Universal Power Group 12V
  • Number of Batteries:1 12V batteries required
  • Brand:Universal Power Group
  • Battery Cell Composition:Sealed Lead Acid
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XUPAI Deep Cycle 12V
  • Number of Batteries:1 12V batteries required
  • Brand:XUPAI
  • Battery Cell Composition:Sealed Lead Acid
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Well, don’t be too hasty now. There’s a simple solution to this: Get yourself a high-quality battery that can stand up to punishment, and keep up that power you need for whatever you’re facing, whether it’s on the road, or in a dead house with no power to it.

Here are some of the best batteries you can get for inverters on the market, right now!

Best Batteries for Inverters

1. Mighty Max Battery ML35-12

“Mighty Max Battery ML35-12”


  • Brand: Mighty Max Battery

    Battery Cell Composition: Sealed Lead Acid

    Unit Count: 1 Count

Looking for a reliable battery that can keep your appliances going in an emergency or on the road that is safe to use? Even after some wear and tear? Then Mighty Max’s ML35-12 12-volt battery is the perfect thing for you to fuel your inverter.

Coming from a well-established battery manufacturer, this battery is built to be rechargeable in any scenario, with no maintenance needed. Say goodbye to those wasteful single-use charge power boxes for your Inverter! Mighty Max has you covered! 

This well-built battery box is designed to be mounted in any way you require for your situation, with a wide array of charging functions. If you’re needing just a little extra boost to your emergency power, or some extra oomph for your camping or hiking trip, this battery should be high on your considerations.

Plus, the small dimensions of the battery box, coupled with some durable design features to stop it from leaking or being damaged in extreme temperatures. Nothing short of a truck is cracking this battery open.


  • Low charge time – No need to be held up waiting for this to finish recharging. You’ll be good to go before you know it!
  • Durable safe design – With the main electrical center being suspended between layers of fiberglass, there’s little danger of any discharge leaking out.
  • Built to last – Being resistant to high heat and extremely low colds, and a decent amount of wear and tear, this corrosion-resistant piece of machine power is great for any location, whether a home or in construction projects.
  • High rate of discharge – Able to charge and power anything in a short amount of time, this is a powerful battery for all your energy needs.


  • Very heavy – Because of the compact design of the battery, it is a lot denser and heavier than it might first appear. Make sure you’re following safety guidelines when lifting and carrying this heavy little piece of equipment.

2. Genuine FiOS OEM

“Genuine FiOS OEM”


  • Number of Batteries: 1 12V batteries required.

    Brand: GS Battery

    Battery Cell Composition: Sealed Lead Acid

From a quality brand like GS Battery, you know you can the Genuine FiOS OEM battery. It’s a genuine article, after all!

This 12-volt battery, designed in Japan, produced in Taiwan, this low maintenance, high performing battery is a great piece of kit for anyone looking to power their inverter with a quality product.

The fast charging time means is a must-have for those who need their power, and need it fast. No need to waste your time finding something useful to do whilst charging. This is a worthy battery of the space in your truck or car for those emergencies.

Its handy and compact design is perfect for storage, or taking up little space when it is being used. Plus, with a great design like this, there’s no need to keep constantly maintaining it when it isn’t in use. No need to worry about corrosion or bumps wrecking this thing, it’ll do its job to the last drop of power!

Plus, if you buy it straight from the manufacturer, it comes with a 3-year replacement warranty on Amazon. How’s that for great customer service?


  • Amazing charging time – Why wait around for an old battery to be topped up, when you can get this one charged in no time flat?
  • Excellent at charging other objects – With a high discharge rate like this, it charges something else just as well as it can be charged itself.
  • Corrosion proof – Operating in an area with a chance of dangerous chemicals. The tight design of this box makes it ideal if something hazardous splashes on the battery box. Safety is a top priority here!
  • Great warranty period – Buy it from GS Battery, and they’ll make sure that you’re covered in case something happens to it. For a battery manufacturer that will back you up for the years to come, go with this battery.


  • Leakage issues – There have been some reported cases where the internal components have started leaking in some scenarios. Whether it was due to age, particularly poor maintenance, or some other issue entirely, this is an issue you should be looking out for if or when it does happen. Hopefully, the battery should be covered by the warranty.

3. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt

“Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery”


  • Brand: Renogy

    Vehicle Service Type: Trailer

    Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 6.8 x 9 inches

For a well-tested inverter battery that has been designed with long periods of little to no maintenance, look no further than the Deep Cycle V12 by Renogy.

Popular with plenty of RV drivers around the country, Renogy’s 12-volt battery can do so much more than that. Want to charge your Trailer or move home? Sure, it can do that. Want to give your garden tools a little boost? This Deep Cycle battery can do that too? Need a little extra power when the energy for your home has been knocked out? Renogy has you covered there too.

Not using it for a long time, and worried that something’s going to give the moment you try and connect it to your inverter? The in-built absorbent mat keeps its components nice and separated, with next to no chance of leaking or having to check on it every few days, weeks, or months. That’s some high-quality design right there!

If you’re looking for a battery that can last a good long time, the V12 Deep Cycle has you covered there too. The material components of the battery, made of high purity for the best results, have a very low idle discharge rate, especially when stored at room temperature. Much better than its counterparts.

If your inverter or device can store solar energy, this battery is also great at holding onto that little extra charge to keep it going just a bit longer.


  • Next to no maintenance required – A great design that can stand the wear and tear of time. You’ll be struggling to find any issues or leakages, even after a few years.
  • Great versatility – Need this for a car? A truck? Your home? Just some random gear that needs some power? Say no more: This battery can take care of it all.
  • No battery self-drainage issues – Keep it at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and losing charge will be the least of your worries. No need to stress about chagrin it again after a few weeks, it is ready to use instantly.
  • Solar-power options – If your inverter can get it, your battery can charge it.


  • Very heavy – Be careful when lifting this. The components inside are denser than they look. Make sure you’re holding and lifting it safely, or with another person. Ideally both.
  • Positioning is vital – The manufacturer recommends not charging this n any position other than upright, which is a little of a drawback when compared to its competitors.

4. Universal Power Group 12V

“Universal Power Group 12V”


  • Number of Batteries: 1 12V batteries required.

    Brand: Universal Power Group

    Battery Cell Composition: Sealed Lead Acid

Looking for an all-around great battery for any situation/? Then the Universal Power Group’s 100AH deep cycle battery will be right up your alley. Looking for a good battery that will be able to hold solar power? Get this Deep Cycle battery hooked up to a solar power charger, and watch it absorb all that good, clean, free energy!

Do you plan on taking your battery to a location where there’s a chance of electrical shocks happening, or high vibrations that might disturb or damage other batteries? Then you’ll be interested in Universal Power Group’s battery, with its high durability rating that will put many other batteries on the market to shame.

Need your battery to be compact? Not only is this battery small, unlike many other inverter batteries, which are deceptively heavy for their size, but it is also as light as this little metal box looks. No need to ask another person to help move it, just a single person with good lift strength will be enough for this one.


  • Able to take solar energy – In a time when we are starting to go green for our power this is a surprisingly good bit of future-proofing!
  • Very durable piece of design – Whether it’s the threat of shocks, bumps, vibrations, or knocks, this battery can take quite a bit of punishment, and will keep powering through it.
  • Compact and lightweight – This design means that it can be used or connected in almost any position, whilst also being lightweight enough for one person to carry it. Great for tasks where you’ll be on your own with no one to help you lift.


  • Deterioration over time – This is an issue that most batteries will face over time, but it appears to be more frequent than other brands. If this battery has been used for prolonged periods over a few months or years, it has been known to degrade, with corrosion and leaks reported.

5. XUPAI Deep Cycle 12V


  • Number of Batteries: 1 12V batteries required.

    Brand: XUPAI

    Battery Cell Composition: Sealed Lead Acid

Looking for an inverter battery that can stand up to the rigors of a busy life, whilst also being used in hazardous conditions? Look no further than the Xupia V12.

With a design that makes good use of the advanced valves built into it, this is a battery that needs next to no maintenance, if any at all There’s little chance of battery leaks and buildup of damage over time with this hardy piece of kit.

Speaking of hardy, this is the battery you need in your life if you need power in dangerous situations. Whether that’s in an RV in the great outdoors. Or on a boat. Even if there’s been a massive power outage in your area, where lines have been damaged, this battery can survive the toughest of situations.

This battery box is even designed to be used in nuclear power plants! You can’t get tougher than that when it comes to building quality! They’ll be no chance of damage from corrosion or battery leaks here!


  • Very resistant – Whatever your situation, there’s no way it’s going to be too tough for Xupai’s 12V battery can’t take it. The design makes sure it’s a high performance, no matter the situation outside.
  • Versatile – Use it for tools in your garden, your car that has run out of juice next to the highway, Keep some lament of calm going in a storm outage. There’s very little this battery can’t do.
  • Long-lived, low maintenance – the same design that helps it survive dangerous conditions, also means that there’s little to no maintenance needed here.


  • Very heavy – Make sure you’re fit enough or have an extra pair of hands to lift this one! That durability doesn’t come lightly.


  • How Long Will a Battery Last When Attached To An Inverter?

    That depends on the make of your battery. If it’s a smaller battery, like the ones this article covers, you’ll be able to get a decent amount of power supply for anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

    Most batteries will state how much charge they hold. Of course, how old your battery will have a big impact on how good it is to supply whatever it is you need power for, as well as if there has been self-discharge in the battery since you last used it.