Need a change of scenery? An off-grid vacation rental might just be the answer!

Green enthusiasts have fueled the trend of off-grid rentals on AirBnB, creating a new branch in the rental property segment that caters to guests who value sustainable living and reducing eco-footprint.

But sustainability and living off-the-grid does not mean you have to live like cavemen. The notion has been far erased with the rise of off-grid rentals.

These properties have utilized solar power and rainwater collection systems to harness renewable energy sources and run the property sustainably while combining them with modern amenities.

It’s good news for guests and the environment alike. As the sustainability movement grows, expect more options to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life and unplug to reconnect with nature.

Brace yourself for the ultimate list of off-grid rentals on AirBnB. These options will open your eyes to the possibilities that await if you choose to step out of the norm and experience a unique stay.

1. Rustic Off Grid Cabin at Large Falls in Higdon, Alabama

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No electricity, no water, no WiFi, no worries. This rustic off-grid cabin in Higdon, Alabama has one bedroom and the barest essentials. It invites you to leave your modern luxuries behind and reconnect with nature. It has a composting toilet outhouse, a small grill with charcoal, and a fire pit. You wouldn’t miss any modern comforts because you’d be too busy hiking the trails or watching the waterfalls from your porch. You can have this whole cabin to yourself or with your company!

2. Off-Grid Cabin with Cedar Hot Tub in Fairbanks, Alaska

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This off-grid cabin sits on a 100-acre property where you can enjoy total privacy in the most serene setting. There is no electricity or lighting in the cabin; instead, you will use warm lanterns for nighttime lighting and an adjustable off-grid propane heater to keep the indoor temperature warm on those chilly nights. The cabin interior is spacious, with a loft for sleeping. An oversized deck is available for outdoor relaxation, with a cedar hot tub for soaking while you enjoy the views. If you visit the cabin at the right time, you can enjoy the best vantage point for the Northern Lights; no need to pay extra for tours!

3. A-Frame Cabin at Roadrunner Ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona

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This off-grid A-frame cabin is ideally between Sunset Crater Volcano and the Wupatki National Monument. Meanwhile, the Grand Canyon is 75 miles away. There is no better off-grid rental in Arizona than this if you want to experience the remoteness of living in a deserted landscape but still be close enough to explore the major tourist attractions within its vicinity. The off-grid A-frame cabin is solar-powered, water-pumped, and self-sufficient. But it has a kitchen, a full bathroom, and a living area that can fit up to six guests or a family.

4. Boxley Birdhouse Cabin in Ponca, Arkansas

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Experience a slice of off-grid paradise in Boxley Valley when you book your stay in this remote cabin. It runs solely off the earth, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. The cabin uses solar panels to generate power and has a rainwater collection system. The owners hugely emphasize conservation and expect guests to do the same. The two-story cabin has essential furniture and supplies, including comfortable bedding for a pleasurable experience. As the cabin is built on a bluffline, the spectacular nature views are some of its prized features.

5. Off-Grid itHouse in Pioneertown, California

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The Off-Grid itHouse is one of the most sought-after AirBnB rentals in California, especially for those looking for off-grid properties. It has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Dwell, and ArchDaily as one of the best off-grid homes in America and California. This home has become the prototype for pre-engineered homes, known as IT Homes. This property is 100% off-grid and uses solar panels to generate power and energy. Its location on the pristine California high desert provides a remote, serene setting to unplug. This home is known for its small eco footprint, which causes minimal disruption to the natural environment.

6. Eco-Chic Off-Grid Cabin in Marble, Colorado

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We seriously doubt that you’d find a property like this. Off-grid and eco-friendly, this mountain home in Colorado’s Crystal River Valley is a luxurious paradise you wouldn’t want to leave! The spacious interior and large windows help you maximize the stunning views at a 360-degree angle. It is designed by acclaimed Boulder architect Ethan Hampton, who considered the stunning valley in designing this home. Hampton used quality materials to build this grid-independent cabin for your remote hideaway.

7. Water Forest Retreat in Norwich, Connecticut

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Guests looking to unplug will find a haven in this Water Forest Retreat in Norwich, Connecticut. It is a semi-private, off-grid tiny home only a few steps from a brook. The cabin is built on a lush 56-acre forest. The home has several windows to help guests enjoy the natural forest views from any room. And if you would like to connect with nature, there is a deck and fire pit area. You can also hike a trail that leads to a marsh and waterfall. This property has electricity but no running water; the host will provide water for guests.

8. Tiny Barn in Georgetown, Delaware

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Image Source – AirBnB

Get back in touch with nature when you stay in this off-grid tiny barn in Georgetown, Delaware. Unplug and mingle with the animal farm rescues while you stay in this barn-style shed. It is the definition of a glamping experience since you have no electricity and running water. A portable charging station and a solar panel are available for your barest essentials. The property also comes with an outhouse with a camping-style toilet for your convenience, solar shower bags, and a sink.

9. Whimsical Off-Grid Cottage in the Woods in Live Oak, Florida

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This home is 100% off-grid and within 100 acres of woods in Florida. Known as the Mojo Homestead, it is the best place to escape if you want to recharge and relax. Take pleasure in the simplicity of life as you get to mingle with nature animals and unplug. Enjoy the smell of the woods and fresh air, and slow down from the bustle of your daily routine. The cabin features whimsical decor and glamorous vintage touches, so it’s guaranteed you haven’t stayed in a place like this before.

10. Haven Tiny Home Off-Grid in Griffin, Georgia

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Experience life in solitude in this off-grid tiny home in Griffin, Georgia. It is located within 100 areas of wooded areas and outdoor spaces, flocked by hiking trails and has a creek access. If you want to disconnect from the world and be one with nature, there is no better place than here. It makes it a suitable getaway for couples or a family. You can take a walk and relish the scenic views or get comfortable in this 275 sq ft home, with memory foam beds, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. There is also an off-grid, composting toilet on-site.

11. Cozy Off-Grid Lava Home in Pahoa, Hawaii

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The Hakuma House in Pahoa, Hawaii, is a unique off-grid home that offers ocean and volcano views. There is no cabin quite like this in the world, and that’s why it is a highly sought-after property on AirBnB. The off-grid, solar-powered home is fully functional, with a covered deck, a bedroom with a queen bed, and a bathroom. A soaking tub is in an open-air setting, so you can soak while marveling at the unobstructed view. If you’re seeking a unique experience, this place is for you!

12. Jeru Cabin in the Upper Pack River Valley in Sandpoint, Idaho

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Escape your daily grind and live in this unique, off-grid, solar-powered cabin above the Jeru Creek and Upper Pack River. It feels like a different world, but it is only 20 minutes from Downtown Sandpoint. Even if this cabin is off-grid, you won’t miss anything because you’ve got recreation right at your doorstep – from kayaking to swimming, fishing, and hunting. The dry cabin includes a sofa, dining area, and a loft with additional sleeping areas. A luxurious outhouse is located just 50 feet from the main cabin.

13. Moose Cabin at Hidden Acres in Sullivan, Illinois

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Experience a luxurious, off-grid getaway at the Moose Cabin in Sullivan, Illinois. This cabin uses solar panels to generate power, but other than that, it is just like any other cabin as it offers the modern luxuries and conveniences you would expect in a getaway cabin. When you stay here for the weekend or any other day, you’ll have plenty of things to fill your time, such as the shooting range and exploration of the surrounding areas.

14. Glamping Off-Grid in a Tiny Cabin in New Carlisle, Indiana

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This tiny off-grid cabin on a farm in Indiana was purposely built to encourage guests to slow down. Without electricity, WiFi, or TV, reconnecting with nature is your chance. And it’s easy to do so with the relaxing atmosphere of trees and fields. The off-grid cabin integrates into the environment to create little impact without compromising the relaxation you can get during your stay. A loft sleeping area with a queen bed, a spacious living area, indoor seating, and a front porch with hammocks are available for guests. There is a private bathroom with a heated outdoor shower.

15. Peaceful Waterfront Cabin in Carlisle, Iowa

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Image Source – AirBnB

This relaxing, off-grid cabin’s exclusiveness makes it feel like you are far away from civilization. But in reality, you are only minutes from the city. The 266-acre property where this cabin is built is secluded. While off-grid, an on-site generator provides power when you need it. The cabin features a waterfront deck that overlooks an 8-acre pond, a tree swing, a dock, and a fire pit. There is nothing better than experiencing a peaceful scenery.

16. The Batch Tiny House Living in Perry, Kansas

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Image Source – AirBnB

The Batch is a sustainable tiny home nestled within the cedar forests of Perry, Kansas. It is decorated in the Southwest minimalist style. This cabin harnesses the healing nature of the forest for those who seek its refuge. Measuring 186 sq ft, this tiny house is on the edge of an old rock quarry meadow, providing stellar views. It is a private property suitable for couples’ getaways or escapes with friends.

17. Peregrine Cabin Off the Grid in Stanton, Kentucky

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Grab the chance to stay within the Red River Gorge Conservation Area. This off-grid cabin in Kentucky is your ticket to having this one-of-a-kind experience where you can be amongst a network of 250 miles of hiking trails and surrounded by natural beauty. To get to the cabin alone is an adventure; it requires hiking, so it’s suited for the adventurous spirit. A gas log stove provides heating for this cabin during the colder months, and there is also a fire pit to keep you cool at night. The water is taken from a nearby spring. This cabin is the best place for the backcountry experience in Kentucky.

18. Long Branch A-Frame in Covington, Louisiana

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Image Source – AirBnB

Located 35 miles north of New Orleans, this A-frame cabin provides the ideal escape. Get the chance to live with nature and immerse in the beauty of the surrounding environment. And yet, you are close to other local attractions, such as the Abita Brewery, and more food and shopping destinations. But if you’re perfectly fine staying here, you can find many activities with two paddle boards and several spots for sunbathing.

19. The Log House at Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson, Maryland

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Image Source – AirBnB

Escape into luxury in this off-grid log house at Sugarloaf Mountain. This eco solar house is large enough for the entire family or for a corporate retreat. The home is surrounded by a heavily wooded area, ensuring utmost privacy for your enjoyment. The isolation enables you to relish the wonders of Sugarloaf Mountain, but inside the home, you’ve so many options for enjoyment, including a game room, UHD TVs, WiFi, and a large deck.

20. Robin’s Nest Off-Grid Cabin in Denmark, Maine

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Image Source – AirBnB

If some rest and relaxation is what you seek, that’s what you will find here at the Robin’s Nest in Maine. You’re in for a private nature getaway with a backcountry vibe in this cabin. Solar panels power the entire cabin, and it doesn’t have WiFi – on purpose. There is no running water either, but you can get a water supply from the mountain and a nearby compost toilet. A wood stove provides heating for the cabin during colder months.

21. Rustic Cabin in Chester, Massachusetts

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Image Source – AirBnB

Experience an elevated camping-style when you book your stay at this rustic, off-grid cabin in Massachusetts. It’s the ideal getaway for outdoor enthusiasts, or those seeking solitude. Whatever you seek, you’ll find that nature is the answer. Guests will have plenty to explore, as it is part of a 68-acre secluded property. It has a cozy indoor space, a full kitchen, basic appliances, and furniture. It is 100% solar-powered and has a WiFi connection if you want to do some work.

22. Off-Grid Oasis in Newaygo, Michigan

off grid rentals on airbnb 22
Image Source – AirBnB

This rustic, off-grid gem is meticulously designed to provide a relaxing hideaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Although off-grid, this cabin is well-equipped to provide the creature comforts you seek. The home is powered by solar energy, which you can rely on for basic light use and cell phone charging. There is a backup generator if the solar energy is insufficient, but that is rare since the solar batteries are enough for a few days’ stay. You can disconnect digitally and connect with nature without WiFi or TV on-site. There are many relaxing areas provided, such as the covered porch and the outside seating area with a fire pit.

23. Off Grid on Lake Superior in East Cook, Minnesota

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Image Source – AirBnB

Get so close to Lake Superior that you can hear its crashing waves against the tumbling rocks. This off-grid cabin is built on the lake shore and is surrounded by 20 acres of native boreal forest. The home provides the perfect vantage point to watch the mergansers and loons swimming by or the wildlife roaming the forest. There is also a rich variety of wildflowers and other flora species amidst the forest. Since it is an off-grid cabin, there is no running water or plumbing. There is an outhouse and outdoor shower area. Solar panels provide lighting and WiFi to this property.

24. Glamping-Style Cabin in Liberty, Mississippi

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Image Source – AirBnB

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, that’s what you will find in Cummins Creek – a glamping-style cabin in Mississippi. The moment you enter this property, you’re off the grid. The 21-acre wooded property offers tranquillity and privacy that you wouldn’t miss the internet, TV, or digital connections. You can immerse in the solitude that this environment offers. But it doesn’t mean that living off-grid can’t be comfortable, as you’ll have access to a full kitchen, comfortable beds, and a shower and bath combo. You can bring your pets so they don’t miss out on the fun!

25. Moon Rise Cabin in Hartsburg, Missouri

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Image Source – AirBnB

Be enchanted by this romantic, off-grid cabin that overlook the Missouri River bottom. The cabin is part of a 177-acre farm that has a spacious studio-style bedroom, outdoor kitchen, and a screened-in porch. There is also a fire pit if you want to gather your friends or family. After all, you’ve got stunning views around you and lots of star gazing opportunities at night. A nearby swimming pond is also a great location for fishing!

26. Granny’s Off-Grid Cabin in Livingston, Montana

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Image Source – AirBnB

Come into Granny’s off-grid cabin to experience blissful solitude in the woods. Located 13 minutes away from the heart of town, you’ll find a cozy cabin that is Livingston’s best-kept secret. This home is built on the cliff with love, inspired by the owner’s grandma (thus, the name). You can sit back and relax at the cozy patio with breathtaking views, as you are 1000 feet above a cliff. Expect a comfortable stay with fresh linens, new mattresses, a two-burner propane stove, and propane heat to keep you comfortable any time of year.

27. Cabin Retreat in Long Pine, Nebraska

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Image Source – AirBnB

Paradise is found in this lovely cabin retreat in Nebraska. Imagine living in a cabin between a spring-fed creek and pine-filled sandhills. You don’t have to imagine any longer since you can make that a reality when you book this cabin for an off-grid stay. This gorgeous hidden paradise is unassuming, yet it is all about the nature surrounding the off-grid cabin. You can cycle the Cowboy Trail or go fishing for brown trout. At night, you can roast marshmallows in the campfire. You’ll never run out of things to fill your time here even when you’re disconnected.

28. Off-Grid Farm in a Luxury Trailer in Reno, Nevada

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Image Source – AirBnB

Experience luxury living on a trailer in an off-grid farm in Reno, Nevada. Whether you’re new to RV camping or not, you will have an unforgettable stay as you have this private, luxurious trailer within an off-grid emu farm. Everywhere you look, you can bask in the gorgeous desert landscape and surrounding mountains. At night, you can revel under the starry night sky while enjoying the fire pit or having some BBQ.

29. The G-Frame Off-Grid Cabin in Sanbornton, New Hampshire

off grid rentals on airbnb 29
Image Source – AirBnB

Retreat to nature in this G-frame, off-grid cabin in rural New Hampshire. It is part of the 24-acre estate and sits atop a ravine. The cabin itself is a combination of A-frame and saltbox; the designers dubbed it as the G-frame. It offers an airy, open interior space with large windows to maximize natural lighting. Therefore, it maximizes the 196 sq ft of this tiny cabin. There is a sauna and fire woodstove to warm you up during the colder months. The solar-powered cabin ensures you have access to power anytime during your stay.

30. Cedar Cove Treehouse in Newton, New Jersey

off grid rentals on airbnb 30
Image Source – AirBnB

Experience an outdoor oasis when you stay in this off-grid cedar treehouse in New Jersey. Built with modern necessities, you can relax and unwind while living within the forest on a 20-acre property. This treehouse rental is built into a forest slope with a high deck to provide the most stunning sky and forest views. However, you won’t have to sacrifice your modern necessities because it is equipped with a full bathroom, a kitchen, and a loft sleeping area. Even when indoors, you can have fun with the board games and leisure reading materials provided on-site. But for outdoor lovers, you won’t be disappointed as you can go hiking, fishing, or biking.

31. Taos Mesa Studio Earthship in Taos, New Mexico

off grid rentals on airbnb 31
Image Source – AirBnB

This unique and one-of-a-kind off-grid structure was featured on Off Grid Build, and is one of the most sought-after off-grid rentals on AirBnB in New Mexico. It’s a luxurious off-grid living that awaits you on the high desert because it is built with modern amenities. Located just outside Taos, this home is called Earthship because of its unique architectural design. It has a rainwater catching system and generates its own electricity. The self-sufficient system allows the home to maintain a comfortable temperature all-year round, even without electricity!

32. Tiny cabin in the Catskills in Bovina, New York

off grid rentals on airbnb 32
Image Source – AirBnB

Stay in this off-grid cabin and you may never want to leave! Get lost in the woods of the Catskills Mountain, within this 4 acres of private land. The cabin features a loft with a full-sized bed, dining area, and cozy seating. There are plenty of spots in the cabin or outside to marvel at the surrounding forest. During the winter, you can hit the slopes at the nearby Plattekill Ski Center or go hiking or mountain biking during the warmer months. While it;s an ff-grid cabin that allows you to unplug, there is WiFi if you want to briefly connect and do work!

33. Pisgah Highlands Off-Grid Cabin in Candler, North Carolina

off grid rentals on airbnb 33
Image Source – AirBnB

Picture yourself in this majestic mountaintop cabin located close to the Pisgah National Forest. The moment you wake up, you can soak in the soaring mountain views. It’s a view that you won’t get tired of! There is a fire pit where you can grill at night, and a glass garage door that opens up to your bedroom. Thus, you can make your dream of sleeping while enjoying the view of the starry nights. During the day, you can relax in the cabin or explore the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, where more stunning hikes await you!

34. The Hytte Hideout in Mayville, North Dakota

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Image Source – AirBnB

Featuring a unique Norwegian aesthetic, the Hytte Hideout is the best off-grid rental in North Dakota. It might be a small cabin, but it packs a lot of modern amenities, ensuring that all guests feel like VIPs. The cabin is nestled within a spacious 15-acre property with the Goose River nearby. There is a unique sense of tranquillity that is a cross between living in nature and that of a small town. And if you are into golfing, the Mayville Golf Course is adjacent to the property, so you can practice a few swings during your stay!

35. The Hut at Dutton Ranch in Ohio

off grid rentals on airbnb 35
Image Source – AirBnB

Get ready for one of the most unique off-grid rentals on AirBnB. This 600 sq ft, cedar cabin won the 2019 AIA Ohio Honor Award for Architecture. And rightfully so because it is an architectural masterpiece. Prepare to leave your worries behind as you enter this cozy retreat within a secluded working cattle farm. The hygge mindset inspires it and features a Scandinavian-inspired design. The entire property is off-grid, but there is electricity to support the basic functions of the house.

36. Creekside Cabin and Off-Grid Glamping in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

off grid rentals on airbnb 36
Image Source – AirBnB

The creekside cabin is an off-grid getaway requiring you to hike to reach the cabin. It provides a sneak peek of what your getaway will be like as you enjoy this tiny house and the abundant nature surrounding it for the duration of your stay. You can get solar-powered lights and a composting toilet. A propane heater is available during cold winter months at an additional fee. The entire 10-acre property is available for guests to explore, or you can drive to nearby attractions, such as Keystone Lake and Keystone Ancient Forest. You are 15 minutes away from Downtown Tulsa.

37. Off-Grid Forty Feet Up in Tiller, Oregon

off grid rentals on airbnb 37
Image Source – AirBnB

Hands down, you haven’t had an off-grid living experience like this before! The Summit Prairie is an off-grid cottage built 40 feet off the ground. This structure offers an unobstructed view of the 40-acre meadow in your surroundings and those of the nearby valley. Your experience is enhanced with the modern amenities available inside this cottage. You can even glimpse the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County, Oregon. It’s no wonder why this lookout tower is always booked, and it’s one of the most popular AirBnB rentals in Oregon.

38. Deer Path Off-Grid Cabin in Ringtown, Pennsylvania

off grid rentals on airbnb 38
Image Source – AirBnB

Deer Path Cabin is the ultimate place to relax and unwind in Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for an off-grid escape, this place offers a true glamping experience as you are closer to nature but with the comforts of home. Enjoy this quiet cabin with your company, cook on the grill, or sit by the fire. You can go totally off the grid and forget the hustle and bustle of your usual routine. There is no better place to be if you want to slow down.

39. Cottage on Pristine Lake in Chepachet, Rhode Island

off grid rentals on airbnb 39
Image Source – AirBnB

Located within the Ponagansett reservoir, this sweet and charming cottage is your ultimate getaway in Rhode Island. It is only 30 minutes from Providence, yet it feels like a different world. You’re invited to slow down as you escape your daily stresses and immerse in the gorgeous landscape that surrounds this cottage. The west-facing cabin lets you enjoy marvelous sunset views. You can also take the kayak out into the water or catch fish in the lake to make dinner. You couldn’t get more rustic than that!

40. Riverfront Off-Grid Luxury Camping in Spartanburg, South Carolina

off grid rentals on airbnb 40
Image Source – AirBnB

This river tent offers a luxurious glamping experience while off the grid in South Carolina. You can experience total seclusion within this 44-acre property and stay in this glamping tent that overhangs a river. The location means you can easily hike the trails, go to a nearby waterfall, or relax by the porch to listen to the relaxing sound of the river water. If you’d rather stay here for a meal, there is an open fire to prepare your meal. It is a great off-grid tent for a romantic couple’s getaway. A solar source powers the tent’s lighting.

41. The I-Casa Geo-Glamping Experience in Spearfish, South Dakota

off grid rentals on airbnb 41
Image Source – AirBnB

Ideally situated on the back of the gorgeous Northern Black Hills, this unique geodesic glamping offers top-of-the-line experiences when you want to disconnect without sacrificing the modern comforts. You can enjoy the modern essentials when you escape into this glamping site about sustainability and eco-friendliness. The geodesic dome has a compost toilet with no running water. Other features include a bathroom with a corrugated steel shower, a cozy living room, a highly efficient kitchenette, and a vaulted loft bedroom.

42. Mountain Cabin with Breathtaking Views in Sevierville, Tennessee

off grid rentals on airbnb 42
Image Source – AirBnB

Are you looking for a peaceful getaway with mountain views? Look no further than this mountain cabin in Tennessee. It is perched on a valley boasting panoramic mountain views and within easy access to the Smokey Mountains National Park. In fact, you can see the park from both decks in the cabin. A hot tub on the second balcony is also the perfect spot to forget about the world and soak in the views. Take in the sounds of the birds and nature when you stay here.

43. Off-Grid Eco Cabin in Terlingua, Texas

off grid rentals on airbnb 43
Image Source – AirBnB

From epic views to stargazing, you can have it all in this cozy off-grid eco cabin in Texas. It’s one of the most unique off-grid cabins on AirBnB as it is situated in a ghost town, ensuring utmost privacy when you escape to this area. It’s the perfect cabin for couples or friends. But don’t let staying here scare you because you can access essential amenities and basic necessities. The main attractions in Texas are also a short drive away since the cabin is accessible via Highway 118. The entire 50-acre property where the cabin is built is all yours to explore.

44. Stargazer Bell Tent in Monticello, Utah

off grid rentals on airbnb 44
Image Source – AirBnB

Unplug and connect with nature in this canvas bell tent in Utah. Solar power and a rainwater collection system sustain this off-grid property. Despite being off-grid, this tent offers modern conveniences with its thoughtful design and amenities. Although this tent has no power, lanterns, LED string lights, candles, fans, and battery chargers are provided. A shared picnic table and hammocks are available for you to relax in. It is one of four bell tents within the Glamping Canyonlands, but you can get enough privacy and seclusion from other tents.

45. Off-Grid Bird’s Nest Cabin in Sharon, Vermont

off grid rentals on airbnb 45
Image Source – AirBnB

Feel like you are transported back in time with this off-grid cabin surrounded by the forest, brook, and wildlife. Since it is completely off-grid, there is no electricity or running water. But instead, you have lots of hiking trails to explore and wildlife to encounter. Even in the stillness of sitting in the living area by the window or at the outdoor picnic table, you get the chance to reconnect with the natural world. The well-equipped kitchen and comfortable beds ensure you can enjoy living here for several nights. And if you want to reconnect with the outside world, restaurants, shops, and other attractions are a short drive away.

46. The Channels Off Grid Retreat in Abingdon, Virginia

off grid rentals on airbnb 46
Image Source – AirBnB

Escape into a relaxing getaway in this mountainside cabin located on the border of The Channels State Forest. Specifically, this off-grid cabin is a 3-mile hike from The Channels, a natural area preserve with a diverse and rich ecosystem and sandstone outcroppings. To reduce its eco-footprint, this cabin has been redesigned to be solar-powered and rain-fed. Therefore, you can relax in a cozy cabin that is also good for the environment, allowing you to blend in with nature.

47. Off-Grid Scandinavian Luxury in Marblemount, Washington

off grid rentals on airbnb 47
Image Source – AirBnB

Find your refuge in this off-grid Scandinavian cabin with your closest neighbor three miles away. You can immerse in the peace and solitude of this property filled with cedar forest and marvel at the views of the El Dorado Glacier. The Scandi-style mountain home boasts a lovely interior that makes you forget you are living in the forest. And since it is adjacent to the North Cascades National Park, you can hop on your vehicle and drive there for sightseeing. Your dream mountain escape awaits here!

48. Secluded Art/Spiritual Retreat in Wellsburg, West Virginia

off grid rentals on airbnb 48
Image Source – AirBnB

Known as ‘The Wild Mustard,’ this off-grid tiny house is your glimpse into the wild side of West Virginia. When you stay here, you can enjoy everything you expect from an off-grid retreat: beautiful views, solitude, private land, and a well-appointed interior. The home itself is a work of art as it is handcrafted from solid hardwood, such that guests who’ve stayed here in the past call it the best AirBnB in West Virginia. Book a stay and see for yourself!

49. Amish Built Off Grid Rock Creek Lodge in Florence, Wisconsin

off grid rentals on airbnb 49
Image Source – AirBnB

Come experience off-grid living in this lodge in Florence, Wisconsin. The Amish-built cabin is located within a wooded 40-acre property and at the heart of the woods. The inside of this cabin is heavily Amish-influenced – from the light to the furniture. There is a full kitchen, a modern bathroom, and sleeping lofts for comfort and convenience. Once you step outside the cabin, the world is your oyster. You can explore the trails via ATV, go hiking, or do some fishing! There’s so much to see and do during your stay!

50. Remote Ranch in Glenrock, Wyoming

off grid rentals on airbnb 49
Image Source – AirBnB

Outdoor lovers, listen up! This remote ranch in Glenrock, Wyoming s the perfect off-grid getaway that offers hiking, hunting, and fishing access. Sounds good? You don’t have to travel far to experience this outdoor adventure. This off-grid ranch sits on 170 acres of mountainous landscape with unparalleled beauty. It appeals to adventure seekers or those wanting a peaceful escape. Although off-grid, you can access modern amenities, like a fully-equipped kitchen, a deck with a fire pit, a full-screen TV, comfortable beds, and a wood-burning fireplace. There are also many opportunities for wildlife viewing!

51. Off-Grid Luxurious Mountain Retreat in La Torre, Puerto Rico

off grid rentals on airbnb 51
Image Source – AirBnB

Imagine waking up to the sound of nature and the mountain vista! Imagine no more because you can make it a reality while staying in this luxurious mountain retreat in Puerto Rico. It’s more than just a place to sleep; it’s an experience. This high-end vacation home maximizes the natural beauty of the mountainous wilderness. You won’t find an equally luxurious and relaxing idyllic retreat in this part of the world.