Ever felt the call of the wild? A longing to swap city lights for starry nights? You’re in good company.

But here’s the rub: finding that dreamy off-grid spot isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers.

Prefab homes are popping up like wildflowers. But the ones worth your time? They’re like finding a golden needle in a haystack.

I’ve combed through the world of architecture, and let me tell you, I’ve found some stunners. Homes that are the epitome of eco-chic. Imagine a symphony where nature’s whispers meet modern elegance.

Why lean on my insights? Think of me as that friend who always finds the best hole-in-the-wall eateries or the most serene hiking trails. I’ve got a knack for spotting the genuine article.

So, what’s the game plan? Dive in with me. Together, we’ll sift through the best of the best in off-grid living. And by the end? You might just have your heart set on your next dream home. Intrigued? Let’s get started!

What are Off-Grid Prefab Homes?

Prefab homes emerged as an innovative solution for buyers wanting to invest in affordable homes. The pieces and components of a prefab home are built in an off-site factory before it is transported to the owner’s property for assembly. Over time, the designs of prefab homes have developed to incorporate off-grid living in mind. 

Off-grid prefab homes are a game-changing solution for home buyers because they offer the benefits of off-grid functionality and sustainability. Aside from choosing from various styles and sizes, these off-grid homes offer energy efficiency and minimize carbon footprint. A few features integrated into off-grid prefab homes are solar panels, composting toilets, and rainwater collection systems. Look for these off-grid functionalities if you want to build a self-sustaining home. 

Off-Grid Checklist: What You Must Know Before Living Off-Grid

Is an off-grid prefab home the right choice for you? Take note of this checklist to know what to expect when living off-grid.

  • Budget – Consider how much and where you will get the funds to sustain your off-grid lifestyle. You will use the funds to sustain your basic needs, such as food, electricity, water, etc. 
  • Skills – You need basic survival skills when living off the grid. Before your move, ensure you possess basic skills, such as building, gardening, woodworking, plumbing, fencing, electrical wiring, etc. 
  • Food Production and Storage – Food is a basic need for humans. Depending on how remote your location is, you need to learn how to produce and store your food. 
  • Location – Choose an ideal location to build your off-grid home. While some prefer the peace and quiet of remote locations, ensure the area can access water and food. Or, choose a location with fertile soil to grow your own food.
  • Build Your Home – The final step is determining how to build your off-grid home. You can buy prefab homes because they are more affordable and take less time to build than if you were to construct a home from scratch. You must check local codes and regulations to ensure your location is suitable for your off-grid home. 

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Top 21 Off-Grid Prefab Homes

Save yourself the time and effort in searching for the best off-grid prefab homes. Here is a list of the top options in the market to make your move seamless and easy.

1. Backcountry Hut Company System 00 (A-Frame)

Off Grid Cabin 1
Image Credit: Backcountry Hut Company

If you’re living off the grid and want to live tiny, this A frame prefab cabin from Backcountry Hut Company is your best bet. It offers the iconic A-frame aesthetic in its purest form, unleashing endless possibilities for customization to suit your needs.

The A-frame cabin is compact with a 10 x 10 feet layout, which offers enough room for a bedroom  or sleeping bunk. It is designed to be self-assembled so it’s perfect for those who are new to DIY cabin kits. 

2. Modern Tiny Living The Nugget

Off Grid Cabin 2
Image Credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Nugget prefab home from Modern Tiny Living is the ideal solution for off-grid living. It is equipped with off-grid functionality despite its 12-foot height. This model features one bedroom, a bathroom and laundry area, a mini kitchen with cabinets, and an HVAC system. 

Modern Tiny Living is a manufacturer that has built a name in the industry, especially in manufacturing prefab homes. Aside from off-grid living, the tiny home is perfect as a cabin for a weekend getaway or if you need escape from the bustling city. 

3. Backcountry Hut Company System 01 

Off Grid Cabin 3
Image Credit: Back Country Hut Company

This single story prefab cabin kit from Backcountry Hut Company is the ideal solution for off-grid living. The aesthetic of the cabin suits the rustic wilderness setting, whether you choose to live on the woods or by the lake.

The single story cabin layout is flexible to fit your small family or group of friends living together. The assembly requires little to no mechanical assistance, but it varies according to the site conditions. You can assemble this cabin within a week. 

4. Jamaica Cottage Shop Solar Cabin

14x26 Solar Cabin Custom Exterior
Image Credit: Jamaica Cottage Shop

The Solar Cabin from Jamaica Cottage Shop is the perfect off-grid. It is fully assembled, so you can move in when ready. While tiny, you can choose from various packages to fit your needs, whether it is fully insulated or comes with plumbing or wood stove.

There is even a solar electric package, if you want to harness the solar energy as your primary power source while living off the grid.

The Solar Cabin is available in three size options, giving you flexibility in choosing a style that fits your needs and budget. You can also select the four-season insulation option to keep your off-grid home livable all year!

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5. Backcountry Hut Company System 02

Off Grid Cabin 5
Image Credit: Backcountry Hut Company

The System 02 is a two story prefab cabin that was the manufacturer’s original concept. The aesthetic is inspired by the modern alpine cabins, which makes it an ideal fit for the off the grid lifestyle. Aside from being the manufacturer’s largest cabin kit, it is also the most flexible.

There is enough room for two or more bedrooms or one master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. The kit is designed to sustain extreme weather conditions with little to no maintenance required. 

6. EcoCapsule

Off Grid Cabin 6
Image Credit: EcoCapsule

EcoCapsule is a unique choice for those wanting to live off the grid. It is a self-sustainable pod that is fully equipped to ensure that you can live comfortably, no matter how remote the location of your off-grid home. While it’s a small living pod, it has the amenities that rival a luxurious hotel. 

But even if you’re not into off-grid living, the EcoCapsule is an excellent choice of a pod as a mobile office, cottage, or an off-grid vacation rental. The starting price is $102,710. 

7. Specht zeroHouse

Off Grid Cabin 7
Image Credit: Specht

The zeroHouse off-grid prefab home from Specht boasts a modern yet minimalistic design. This prefab home is shipped in prefab components that are ready to assemble on-site. Therefore, you can quickly move in days upon the delivery of the prefab components. 

The zeroHouse cabin has all the amenities you would expect from a traditional home, such as a full kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. This unit is highly sustainable as it can generate its own power and has a rainwater collection system.

The price and square footage for the cabin model is not provided. If you’re interested, you can contact Specht directly for more information. 

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8. Haus mOne

Off Grid Cabin 8
Image Credit: Haus

The mOne model from Haus is an off-grid studio with a bathroom and kitchen. It has enough space to fit two to five people. It is a 400 sq meter home that is easily transportable to any location of your choice.

It is also a sustainable and automated home with solar energy power and is 100% furnished and ready for move-in. The pricing starts at $259,990 for the mOne model. 

9. Green Modern Kits R1

Off Grid Cabin 9
Image Credit: Green Modern Kits

The R1 residential cabin unit from Green Modern Kits is one of the best off-grid prefab homes in the market right now. It is a two-story home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first story offers 1196 sq ft of living space while the second has 832 sq ft. It brings the total living area to 2028 sq ft.

Green Modern Kits can ship the bare-bones kit to any location and you can hire a contractor to help assemble the home. The kit already contains the doors, windows, and cladding. In addition, it includes the plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. 

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10. Lloyoll Sitka

Off Grid Cabin 10
Image Credit: Lloyoll

Lloyoll is a world-renowned manufacturer of off-grid prefab homes. The Sitka is one of three collections available in their range of loft-style prefab homes. Each structure delivers premium living and are suited for any season.

Therefore, you can choose the Sitka prefab home no matter where you intend to live, especially since the manufacturer delivers anywhere in North America. 

The features of the Sitka homes include LED lighting, wood stove, dimmers, and other energy-efficient features. 

11. Green Modern Kits Casa Ti

Off Grid Cabin 11
Image Credit: Green Modern Kits

The Casa Ti off-grid home from Green Modern Kits is a beautiful, modern home. It is ideal for home buyers looking for a mid-range prefab home while being sustainable. The kit offers 1200 sq ft of living space that is enough for a family. It has three bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining area, and a kitchen. 

12. Minim Homes Micro House 2.0

Off Grid Cabin 12
Image Credit: Minim Homes

Minim Homes is another well-known manufacturer of prefab homes for off-grid living. They are known for manufacturing and designing tiny homes with off-grid options. These prefab homes feature modern designs starting at 250 sq ft of living space. The prefab homes have a starting price of $70,000. 

The off-grid homes have a septic system, but you must pay additional for the solar panels. This prefab home can be customized to add additional closets, windows, and laundry. 

13. Haus mTwo 

Off Grid Cabin 13
Image Credit: Haus

The M2 prefab house model from Haus is modern and made of glass. It features a sleek design and a functional interior layout, including a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. It is 100% equipped and can be easily assembled on-site.

Therefore, it is move-in ready once you have built the prefab home. The model offers several color options, allowing you to find a style that suits you best.

The M2 model from Haus has a starting price of $499,990. Some colors require paying more, but they all have 800 sq ft of living space. 

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14. Modco Pacific Homes

Off Grid Cabin 14
Image Credit: Modco

Modco Pacific Homes offer prefab homes for any environment, off and on the grid. Their off-grid prefab homes provide energy-efficient solutions for any environment or location. They can build homes that overcome any spatial and environmental challenges with their expertise. They also provide modular home options. 

The models from Modco Pacific Homes facilitate the integration of a waste reduction and solar systems

15. Ark Shelter Kits

Off Grid Cabin 15
Image Credit: Arc Shelters

Ark Shelter is a firm known for introducing premium yet sustainable home designs for off the grid living. They specialize in prefab and modular homes that have zero impact. These homes can also be versatile enough to fit any location as it easily blends into nature. 

Choose from up to six different models to suit your preferences and budget. However, the team can customize the design to fit your needs. All their prefab homes are made of high-quality materials and offer durability you can depend on. 

16. Plant Prefab

Off Grid Cabin 16
Image Credit: Plant Prefab

Plant Prefab is a company specializing in eco-friendly prefab homes for off-grid living. The ethos of the company is to minimize waste during the building process and use high-quality materials. No wonder they are on the best off-grid prefab homes list.

The existing styles from Plant Prefab are not designed for off-grid environments, but you can customize them to fit your desired location. 

Due to the premium quality offered by Plant Prefab homes, they can come in at a relatively expensive price tag. The prefab homes start at $269,000. Their most popular model is a two-bedroom home with 958 sq ft living space. 

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17. Deltec Homes Solar Farmhouse

Off Grid Cabin 17
Image Credit: Deltec Homes

If you’re into a farmhouse design, the Solar Farmhouse model from Deltec Homes is your ideal choice for off the grid living. The design company created this prefab home model to realize many people’s dream of building a modern farmhouse for a fraction of its cost. 

The Solar Farmhouse model is part of the Renew Collection, which is equipped with the essential amenities you would expect to support off the grid living. The model has two floors and 2,029 sq ft of living space.

This model has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a covered front porch, energy remodeling, and more. The price range for the Solar Farmhouse is $600,000 to $810,000. 

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18. iOHouse Space

Off Grid Cabin 18
Image Credit: iOHouse

If you’re looking for a modern concept home for off-grid living, iOHouse has the solution for you. They’re a popular choice for off-grid living due to the sustainability of their prefab homes.

In particular, the Space is suited for off-grid living because it is built with essential systems like water, electricity, and heating. The basic features are controlled within a smart device to transform your off-grid lifestyle into a premium experience.

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19. Method Homes

Off Grid Cabin 19
Image Credit: Method Homes

Method Homes offer a wide range of prefab home solutions for anyone who wishes to live off the grid. They specialize in modern and minimalistic designs. A staple feature is large windows that facilitate natural lighting into the living space. 

In addition, Method Homes also manufacture eco-friendly prefab homes that can be customized to fit your unique needs. The addition of solar panels are available, but for an extra cost. The cost of prefab homes start at $100,000. 

20. Deltec Homes Ridgeline

Off Grid Cabin 20
Image Credit: Deltec Homes

The Ridgeline model from Deltec Homes ranks among the best off-grid prefab homes right now. Like the Solar Farmhouse, it belongs to the company’s Renew collection.

These models are among the company’s best-selling units for off-grid lifestyle. The model house features vaulted ceilings, glass walls and windows, and high windows to promote natural lighting and fresh air into the space. 

You can choose from models ranging in floor area from 1536 to 1572 sq ft. The starting price is $510,000 but can go upward to $720,000. 

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21. Lloyoll Salti

Off Grid Cabin 21
Image Credit: Lloyoll

The Salti prefab home models from Lloyoll is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to live near the beach. This prefab home has bleached cedar materials to reflect the coastal style. There are three additional home-style options for the Salti range.

The Bungalow offers two bedrooms and one bathroom, High Cuboid has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and the Backcountry Cuboid has one bedroom and one bathroom. 

Custom pricing is available for each home model, but each one offers the sustainability and flexibility that suits your off-grid lifestyle. 

FAQs on Off-Grid Prefab Homes

What does prefab house means?

A prefab house is one wherein the individual parts or pieces are manufactured in another site, such as an off-site factory. The pieces are transported to the home site and assembled on the property. It is a fast and affordable way to build a home compared to the traditional construction methods. 

How are prefab homes energy efficient?

Many prefab homes are energy efficient because they use sustainable and non-toxic materials. In addition, the parts are made in a factory so they fit together seamlessly. The resulting structure offers optimal insulation that improves the energy efficiency of the prefab home. 

What are the parts of a prefabricated house?

The prefab home comprises several parts and components, such as the frame, secondary support, roof panels, walls, doors, window frames, and fasteners. The use of additional components are subject to the design of the prefab home.

What are the advantages of prefab?

Prefab homes are not only affordable and easy to install, they also offer unique advantages. These benefits include energy efficiency, construction speed, minimal waste, and sustainability.