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The Looming Solar Panel Waste Crisis

solar panel waste

Sustainability is about more than just finding renewable energy sources. We’ve all heard the statistics: renewable energy is expected to overtake fossil fuels in terms of volume by 2026. Solar panels offset about 50 grams of CO2 per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. The planet could temporarily reach 1.5 degrees of warming compared to pre-industrial levels…

Are Solar Panels Safe?

Are Solar Panels Safe 1

Solar power has become a viable option for powering homes and businesses around the world. It is becoming more affordable every day and this means that more and more people are going solar. This has increased the demand for solar panels, and more people have questions about the installation and maintenance of solar systems. One…

Solar Panel Dimensions

Solar Panel Dimensions 1

Solar power has become a very common way to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. Solar panels are becoming cheaper every year, and they can now be installed at home or businesses without breaking the bank. Before you want to purchase your solar panels, however, you might want to begin by working out how many…