Hard water is everywhere. It’s found in our kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even in our drinking water.

Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

These minerals cause scale buildup inside pipes and fixtures. This build-up causes problems like slow drains, clogged toilets, and rusty taps.

Hard water is caused by high levels of dissolved solids (minerals) in the water supply. The amount of dissolved solids depends on where the water comes from.

For example, water from rivers and lakes has less dissolved solids than water from wells or municipal water supplies.

You can remove these minerals from hard water using a water softener. There are two types of water softeners: ion exchange and resin.

Ion exchange uses chemicals to pull out ions. Resin uses a type of polymer called cross-linked polyacrylamide to bind with the ions.

Both methods work well, but they have their drawbacks. Ion exchange requires regular maintenance, which can be expensive. Resin needs to be replaced every five years.

If you want to avoid having to replace your water softener, there are other ways to reduce the hardness of your water. One way is to use a shower filter.

A shower filter removes some of the minerals that make up hard water.

Shower filters are available in different sizes and styles.

Some models fit over existing plumbing while others require new pipe installation. Most shower filters include an anti-clog feature so you don’t need to worry about blockages.

Here are some of the best ones out there.

AquaBliss High Output 12 Stage Shower Filter

The AquaBliss High Output 12 Stage Shower Filter is perfect for making hard water soft.

The AquaBliss uses a unique 12 stage filtering process to remove calcium, magnesium, and iron from your water. This makes it great for people who live in areas with hard water.

This model includes a chrome finish, a showerhead, and a drain cover. The showerhead features a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

The drain cover is made of durable ABS plastic.

What’s more is that this showerhead boasts an easy installation. You won’t need any tools to fix this filter into place. And it works with all shower types.

The AquaBliss filter is so effective at its job that it does more than just filter out hard water.

From its first use, it filters out all those harsh chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria from the water.

The result is that it’s a lot easier on your hair and skin.

People who suffer from dry skin and hair loss will notice an immediate change for the better. You’ll even start to notice your nails looking better and feeling stronger.

All thanks to this filter.


  • 12 stage filtering system leaves water incredibly soft
  • Easy no-tool installation
  • Will improve nails, dry skin, and hair


  • Only comes in silver

Also available from AquaBliss

Bath Beyond Shower Filter Vitamin C

Bath Beyond offers a wide variety of shower filters. Their multi-stage shower filters offer a range of benefits.

These include removing chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, and rust. It also helps prevent scale buildup, which can cause pipes to burst.

These showers come in two finishes: chrome and stainless steel. Each one has a flow rate of about 2.2 gallons per minute.

They’re designed to fit both standard and low-profile showerheads without affecting water pressure.

One of the most important things about Bath Beyond shower filters is how easy they are to install.

You won’t have to drill holes or cut any pipes. In fact, you don’t even need any special tools. Just unscrew the old showerhead and screw in the new one.

One of the biggest advantages of these filters is that they last for years. That means you can save money by not having to replace them as often.

Another benefit of using a Captain Eco shower filter is that it removes many of the harmful chemicals found in tap water. Chlorine, lead, mercury, and other elements get filtered out.

As a result, your body absorbs less of these toxins. Moreover, this filter uses a whopping 15 stage filtration process, and infuses the water with vitamin C for your benefit.


  • Removes 99% residual chlorine and contaminants
  • Doesn’t affect the flow rate
  • Long-lasting so you won’t have to replace it for a while
  • Improves your health overall


  • Only comes in one color

Also available from Aqua Home Group

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead

This Culligan shower filter is wall mounted. It’s suitable for both high-flow and low-flow showers. It features a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.

It’s made of durable ABS plastic and has a chrome finish. The showerhead features four spray ports and a built-in aerator.

You can easily remove the showerhead when cleaning. No tools are required. Simply pull off the rubber gasket and then lift up the showerhead.

The shower filter itself is easy to install. There are only three screws involved.

Once you’ve put everything back together, you can enjoy clean, fresh, water. The filter has a life of up to 6 months or 10,000 gallons, depending on which comes first.

Inside the showerhead, there is a WHR-140 filter cartridge. This cartridge tackles sulfur odor – which is responsible for the rotten egg smell, chlorine, and limescale.

The patented filter reduces the growth of bacteria and softens your water as it works, without reducing your water pressure.

This shower head filter can be installed on any standard 1/2 inch threaded shower arm.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Works well with all types of showers


  • The filter cartridge must be replaced every 6 months or 10,000 gallons.

Also available from Fresh Water Systems

HOPOPRO 18 Stage Shower Filter

If you thought Bath Beyond was thorough with 15 stages of filtration, then the HOPOPRO is extra, extra thorough.

Using 18 stages of filtration, this filter will pour out only the softest, purest water, from your shower.

With its unique design, it allows you to use your showerhead normally.

And because it uses a different type of technology than other filters, it doesn’t clog as others do. So you’ll never have blockage or pressure problems.

To help keep your shower warm throughout the day, this filter also includes an integrated heater. This heater warms the water before it enters the showerhead.

This shower filter also helps reduce the buildup of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your tub.

These minerals cause mineral deposits, which can make your bathtub look dull and dingy over time.

The HOPOPRO filter is compatible with all standard 1/2″ showerheads. It’s designed to fit into a wide range of showerheads.

You don’t need to worry about finding the right size adapter.


  • Extra thorough filtration
  • Integrated heater for a warm shower
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No flow restrictor included

Also available from Homeemo

SparkPod High Output Shower Filter

The SparkPod High Output Shower Filter is one of the best shower filters on the market today. It provides excellent filtering capabilities at a reasonable price point.

In addition to providing excellent filtration, this shower filter also offers deionization.

Deionization removes ions from the water. Ion removal prevents scale build-up and improves the appearance of your bathroom.

Deionization occurs naturally in nature but not in most residential settings. In order to achieve ion-free water, you need to add a deionizer to your system.

There are two main reasons why you would want to use a deionizer.

First, if you live in an area that experiences hard water, you may notice some white spots appearing on your shower walls.

This is caused by the presence of ions in the water.

Second, if you live in a city where tap water contains high levels of lead, you should consider using a deionizer to remove lead from your water.

Lead can accumulate in pipes and fixtures over time. If left untreated, lead can leach into your drinking water.

Because of these benefits, the SparkPod High Output Shower Filter is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy clean, clear, and healthy water.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Excellent filtration
  • Removes ions for purer water
  • Highly efficient


  • Not recommended for use with low flow showerheads (less than 2 GPM)

Also available from Shoppetop

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

The AquaSana shower filter is made of durable plastic.

It has four layers of filtration including pre-filtration, carbon block filtration, activated charcoal filtration, and post-filtration.

With this level of filtration, you’re sure to get clean, fresh water every single time you take a shower.

The AquaSana is easy to install. All you need to do is screw it onto your existing showerhead.

Then simply fill up the reservoir with tap water. When you turn on the shower, the filter will automatically start working.

To prevent clogging the Aquasana has a unique design. It utilizes an up-flow design that maintains your water pressure and prevents clogging.

For added convenience, the AquaSana has a built-in massage setting so you can really relax as you’re safe knowing your water is the purest it can be.

This shower filter is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. You will have to replace the filters every 6 months for optimal filtration.


  • Easy installation
  • Massage function
  • 5-year warranty
  • The up-flow design prevents clogging
  • Very pure filtration


  • Not suitable for low flow showers
  • You will have to replace filters every 6 months

Also available from Sears

BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Shower Head Filter

The BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Showerhead Filter features a patented technology that uses a combination of minerals and vitamins to create a powerful solution that helps eliminate odors and freshens the air.

The result is a healthier home environment.

The BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Showerhead Filter uses microfiber filtration to destroy and remove contaminants.

It also significantly deionizes your water, and the microfiber filter is excellent at trapping and neutralizing rust.

This filter is unique thanks to its additional Vitamin C filtration, which neutralizes chlorine.

Vitamin C filtration infuses the water with vitamin C for added nutrients to your hair and body.

The result is that you’ll feel completely rejuvenated inside and out. And the filter has excellent water pressure, which won’t lag.

The spa jets in the laser-cut spray plate boost the water pressure to give a relaxing and therapeutic wash.

The BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Showerhead Filter is designed to fit all standard showerheads. It features a sleek silver finish and a chrome-plated trim ring.

For best results, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Showerhead Filter.

You’ll want to change out the cartridge every 3 months.

The BUBBLEWAVE Vitamin C Showerhead Filter comes with a warranty against defects.


  • No chlorine or fluoride
  • Vitamin C infused water for a healthier shower
  • Cleanses air
  • Works well with most standard showerheads
  • Easy to install


  • 3-month replacement cycle

Sprite Showers Pure 7-Setting Filtered Showerhead

The Sprite Showers Pure 7-Setting Filtered Showerhead delivers maximum performance with minimal effort.

Its innovative design allows you to easily adjust the spray pattern from wide to narrow without removing the head from the shower.

The Regulated nozzle system ensures consistent water output throughout the entire range of motion, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip.

Plus, there’s a convenient overflow hole to ensure clean water is always available.

With the Sprite Showers Pure 7-Setting Filtered Showerhead, you get the benefits of a premium product with the ease of use of a budget model.

The filters must be replaced every 6 months, as is the average lifespan of a filter cartridge.

The showerhead has 7 variable spray pulse settings, which includes a therapeutic massage setting.

Constructed from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, this shower head filter is incredibly durable and designed to last a long time.

The Sprite Showers Pure 7-Setting Filtered Showerhead comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects.

The package contains everything needed to replace the filter cartridge including a complimentary new one.


  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Requires changing cartridges every 6 months
  • Not suitable for low flow showers

Also available from eBay

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Showerhead

The Aqua Home Group luxury showerhead features a patented dual-action filtration system that removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your water.

This showerhead also offers an easy-to-use bypass valve so you can keep the water flowing if you need to quickly rinse off after getting in the tub or shower.

This showerhead works with all standard showerheads.

It will not work with low-flow showerheads. It utilizes 15 layers of filtration to offer you the purest quality water.

The Aqua Home Group is made from high-quality materials that won’t wear out over time. It is constructed from brass and stainless steel and it features a sleek brushed finish.

As well as filtering and softening water, this filter also infuses it with vitamin C and E. It’s designed to offer nutritional value and stimulate and strengthen your immune system.

Included with the showerhead are replacement filters, a premium gift box, 5 shower caps, and Teflon tape.


  • A dual-action filtration system
  • Easy to use bypass valve
  • Vitamin C and E infused water to boost overall health and immune system
  • 15 layer filtration process
  • Brushed finished exterior
  • Stainless steel and brass construction
  • Teflon tape included


  • Does not work with low-volume showerheads
  • Filter life span may vary based on usage

PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter

The PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter is one of the most efficient filters on the market. Just attach it to your current showerhead.

You’ll get rid of sediment buildup, soap scum, and hard water. It’s the perfect solution for any shower.

The PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter houses a reversible filter cartridge.

This cartridge filters the water, and it has one of the longest lifespans of a filter cartridge, offering up to 1 whole year before needing replacement.

It’s built using only the highest quality components available.

The PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter is constructed from triple plated components, chrome-plated brass, and stainless steel. It’s durable and long-lasting.

You’ll love how clean your shower feels when you take a wash. Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated.

The PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter is compatible with most showerheads. It doesn’t require special adapters or connections.

If you’re looking for a great shower head, look no further than the PureAction Vitamin C Showerhead Filter. It’s a must-have product.


  • Reversible filter cartridge
  • Long lifespan
  • Crystal clear water
  • NSF certified
  • Compatible with most showerheads


  • Not recommended for showers with low flow rates
  • No warranty

Also available from Fly Harvest

There you have it! These are 10 of the best hard water shower filters on the market.

Any of these would make a great choice. Just be sure to choose the one that would suit your needs best.

Buyer’s Guide

Shower water filters are incredibly useful in our day-to-day lives. They can completely transform a person’s health.

But there’s a lot more to shower water filters than you’d first expect.

In our buyer’s guide, we go over some important things to know before purchasing a shower water filter.

Types Of Shower Filters

Today, there are two main types of shower filters. There’s a mechanical filter, which uses a series of different layers to trap particles.

And then there’s a reverse osmosis filter, which uses pressure to force water through a membrane.

Each type offers its own benefits. We’ll discuss both here.

Mechanical Shower Filters

These filters are made out of plastic or metal. They typically come in two parts – the actual filter itself, and an attachment part. Some people call this the “hose”.

The hose attaches to the showerhead. It usually comes with a rubber gasket. The other end connects to the shower filter.

When you turn on the water, the showerhead pushes water into the shower filter. As the water passes through the filter, it traps particles such as dirt and debris.

Then, the water goes back to the showerhead.


A mechanical filter is very easy to use. All you do is attach the shower filter to the showerhead.

Turn on the water, and let it run until all the water runs through the shower filter. Then, turn off the water. That’s it! No mess, no fuss.


Mechanical filters tend to clog quickly. If they get too dirty, they won’t work properly anymore.

So, if you want to keep your shower nice and clean, you should replace them regularly.

Also, they aren’t always effective at removing chlorine.

Chlorine is often used by pools and spas. It’s not good for your health. So, if you live near a pool or spa, you may want to consider getting a chemical shower filter instead.

Reverse Osmosis Shower Filters

R.O. (or reverse osmosis) filters use a semi-permeable membrane to separate contaminants from the water. The membrane acts as a sieve.

It lets water pass through while trapping particles. This means that when you turn on the water with an r.o. filter, it will feel cleaner than normal. However, it still has a few drawbacks.


The biggest advantage of an r.o. shower filter is that it doesn’t clog. Unlike a mechanical filter, an r.o. one does not need regular cleaning.

You just need to change the filter every 6 months or so. Because of this, they last much longer than mechanical ones. They don’t require any maintenance.


One of the downsides of an r.o filter is that it requires high pressure. Most r.o. filters only allow up to 1 psi of pressure.

This is about half the pressure of a typical showerhead. So, if you have a low-pressure shower head, you might not be able to use an r.o. filer.

Also, because it works differently than a mechanical filter, it isn’t as efficient. An r.o. filter is great for removing chemicals and minerals, but it won’t remove bacteria.

So, if you’re worried about bacterial build-up, you shouldn’t buy an r.o.filter.

How To Choose A Shower Filter

So now that you know what each type of shower filter is, how do you decide? Well, you’ve got a couple of options. First, you could look at reviews online.

There are many websites where you can read user comments. Or, you could ask friends and family who own these types of showers.

They’ll probably be more familiar with them than you are.

If you choose to go with an r.o filter, then make sure that you pick one that allows 1 psi of pressure.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it. And remember: if you’re looking for a shower filter, you should also consider buying a new showerhead.

The old one may not be compatible with your new filter.

Shower Filter And Hard Water

A hard water problem occurs when the pipes carrying water into your home contain calcium and magnesium deposits.

These elements cause mineral buildup inside the pipes. This causes the water to become harder over time.

When the water gets harder, it becomes less effective at dissolving soap.

This makes it harder to wash away dirt and grime. In addition, the water can leave behind a film of scum on surfaces such as sinks and toilets.

That’s why it’s important to take care of your hard water problem.

There are several different ways to fix a hard water problem. Some people prefer to install an ionizer. Ionizers help break down the minerals in the water.

Then, those ions dissolve back into the solution. This process helps soften the water. It also removes the minerals from the water.

However, ionizers aren’t cheap. On average, they cost around $200.

Another option is to replace the entire faucet system. This includes the faucets themselves, the handles, and the sprayers. Replacing all of this equipment will usually cost around $500.

The third option is to simply add a shower filter to your existing plumbing system.

Shower filters work by filtering out the minerals in the water before it reaches the showerheads. They’re inexpensive. And most models come with lifetime warranties.

However, shower filters aren’t perfect. They still let some of the minerals through. So, they don’t completely solve the problem.

Plus, they tend to clog up quickly. You need to clean them regularly.

But, that shouldn’t be too difficult. All you have to do is run warm water through the shower filter. It should loosen any built-up gunk. Then, just rinse it off.

You can find shower filters at your local hardware store or pick any from this list. Just make sure that you get one that fits your specific model of showerhead.

Also, make sure that you buy one that has a warranty. Most shower filters only last about two years. After that, you’ll need to buy another one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know a lot more about water filters than before, you must have questions. Here in our FAQs, we’ve answered some of the top questions about shower water filters.

  • What Is A Shower Filter?

    A shower filter is an essential piece of equipment in every bathroom.

    They help keep your home free from harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, and other heavy metals.

    They also protect against bacteria and viruses. A shower filter is typically attached to your shower head, or offers a replacement head, and contains filters that need to be replaced over time.

  • Why Should I Use A Shower Filter?

    There are two main reasons why you want to install a shower filter in your home. First, you want to ensure that the water coming out of your faucet is safe.

    The second? How about an improvement to your quality of life. Having a shower filter installed reduces the number of contaminants that come into contact with you.

    The results are that your skin may be a lot less dry, your hair and nails stronger, and for filters infused with vitamins, your whole immune system will be strengthened. How’s that for a reason?

  • Is It Safe To Install A Shower Filter In My Home?

    Yes! As long as you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, installing a shower filter is completely safe.

    Some manufacturers recommend using a professional plumber to install their products.

    Others say that you can do it yourself. Either way, if you have no experience, you should always consult a professional when installing anything new in your home.

    This includes shower filters.

  • How Do I Know If My Shower Head Needs A Shower Filter Installed?

    To figure out if it’s worth installing a shower filter in your showerhead, you should do a little research on the water in your area, as different locations will have water of varying qualities and contaminants.

    If, for instance, you live in a hard water area, it’s absolutely worth your while to install a shower filter, as it will remove all the nasty pollutants hitching a ride in your H2O, contaminants that will otherwise reach your hair and skin as you wash.

    In fact, even if you live in a soft water area, it’s probably worth installing a shower filter, as main water supplies in houses are almost never entirely clean.

    There are tons of tiny contaminants in water, and a filtration system will help clean it up before it reaches you.

    You can also observe your showerhead and ahower area to assess if it’s time to install a shower filter, Should you see build ups of grime and debris, and possibly even discoloration of the walls, a shower filter will bring all that to a stop.

    Granted, you’ll have to keep on top of filter cleaning and replacements to get the most out of your shower filtration system, but it beats having to deep clean the whole shower every month due to the build up of particulate matter ferrying a ride through your water network.

  • Do I Need To Replace My Old Shower Filter Every Year?

    No! Many manufacturers recommend replacing your shower filters every year. But you don’t necessarily need to replace your old shower filter every single year.

    Manufacturers usually provide a recommended service interval based on the product you bought.

    So, if you purchased a shower filter that lasts for five years, you would likely only need to change it once during those five years.

    However, if you purchase a shower filter that lasts only two years, you’d need to change it twice during that period.

  • What Is The Best Way To Clean My Shower Filter?

    The best way to clean your shower filter is to simply rinse it off with warm water. You don’t have to worry about soap or harsh chemicals.

    Just make sure that you keep your shower filter away from children and pets. They could accidentally swallow some of the debris inside the filter.

  • Should I Use An Automatic Shower Filter?

    Some automatic shower filters are better than others. But they aren’t perfect either.

    Most automatic shower filters require electricity to operate. Afterward, you’ll never have to think about whether or not you turned the shower filter on.

    However, you shouldn’t rely on automatic shower filters alone. You still need to check the filter regularly. Otherwise, you could end up with a clogged drain. Or worse yet, you could experience a flood.

  • Can I Get A Shower Filter With Built-In Filters?

    You certainly can. Many manufacturers offer shower filters that include built-in filters. These filters help reduce the amount of chlorine in your water.

    They also remove heavy metals like lead and mercury. So, you get both a shower filter and a filter for your plumbing at the same time.

    But what happens if one of the built-in filters stops working?

    Then you’ll have to buy another one.

    Luckily, most shower filters come with multiple filters. So, you’ll always be able to find one that works well enough for you.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Install A Shower Filter?

    Most shower filters cost between $15 and $40, but this varies. If you do decide to install a new shower filter, you’ll want to take into consideration how much space it takes up.

    This information will help determine how big of an opening you’ll need to create, or if you need to create one at all.

    Some shower filters don’t require this kind of installation and will slot right onto your current showerhead.

  • How Do I Install A Shower Filter

    Once you’ve determined where you want to install the shower filter, you’ll need to measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling.

    You’ll then use this measurement to figure out how tall you need to build the frame around the shower filter.

    Once you’ve finished building the frame, you’ll need to cut holes for the pipes.

    You should also add a handle so that you can easily move the shower filter back and forth when you’re cleaning it.

    After you finish installing the shower filter, you might need to adjust the height of the showerhead. Some showerheads are adjustable. Others aren’t.

    Some shower filters won’t require this process at all. They are typically easy to install filters that fit as an extension to your current showerhead, or they provide a replacement showerhead.

  • What Kind Of Shower Filter Should I Buy?

    There are several different types of shower filters available today.

    Each has its own pros and cons. Some filters are more effective than others; however, there’s no question that they all save money over time.

    So, you should consider these factors before buying a shower filter:

    1. How often do you plan on using the shower filter?
    2. What size of openings does the shower filter have?
    3. How many filters are included with the shower filter?
    4. Is the shower filter easy to install?
    5. Can the shower filter be used with any type of showerhead?
    6. Are there any special instructions provided by the manufacturer?
    7. Will the shower filter last long?
    8. What is the price of the shower filter?

    Once you’ve considered these factors, the type of shower filter you buy will depend on your needs.

    But, regardless of what kind of shower filter you choose, you’ll still see an improvement in your health over time.

  • What Is Hard Water?

    Simply put, hard water is H2O that has a distinctly lofty mineral content. These minerals can then be deposited wherever the water they’re in travels, including your shower and your body.

    These minerals are collected as water travels through various mineral structures on its way back into main water supplies.

  • Is Hard Water Harmful?

    Hard water is not thought to be too much of a risk to human health, as the minerals within it are found in the human body anyway; however, nobody wants to shower in water that leaves mineral deposits in its wake.

    Plus, these deposits can really deteriorate the effectiveness of plumbing systems.

  • What Is Soft Water?

    Soft water is the opposite of hard water. It doesn’t have anywhere near as many continents, and so it won’t leave deposits over time. Soft water is more common in rural areas.

  • Is Soft Water Healthier Than Hard Water?

    Neither type of water is seen to be healthier than the other, but many people prefer to use soft water or filter their hard water because the idea of contaminated H2O is off-putting.

    As we’ve already discussed, hard water will also leave ugly deposits, but surprisingly, it’s soft water that can leave you feeling like there’s a residue on your skin after showering.

    This is because, in the absence of any deposit, the skin while wet seems strangely slippery.

Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t realize it but the water we bathe in has a massive impact on our bodies. We absorb it through our skin, just as we can absorb water through drinking.

That’s why shower filters are incredibly useful. They make bathing easier and healthier. And, they’re inexpensive.

In order to remove calcium deposits and other minerals from hard water, you need to install a shower filter. There are two main ways to go about doing this.

One way is to purchase a pre-made shower filter. These filters come ready to install and are usually very affordable. Another option is to install a custom shower filter.

In this case, you’ll need to design and build a custom shower filter yourself. Either option works well, but the choice comes down to personal preference.

On our list, all our options are pre-made filters. These filters have been tried, tested, reviewed, and raved about. We know they work.

Any of the filters on our list are sure to soften your water, improve your hair, nails, and even immune system. So, why not get one?