Shipping Containers and Tree Houses: New Homes to Consider

March 20, 2014

Many buildings are being re-constructed of existing goods or concepts but in new ways. This article highlights some of those designs that are unique and smart in their creation beginning with the re-use of shipping containers.

Articles on Hi Consumption show the 15 greatest shipping container homes on the planet and another article shows some truly innovative grown-up tree houses.


The shipping container homes range in size, price and use. Some of them make up the construction of the whole building, like in the 1000 SF residence by Benjamin Garcia Saxe in San Jose, Costa Rica. It cost $40,000 for (2) 40-foot shipping containers or in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California where David Fenster built a container residence on top of an old railway for use as an emergency underground escape.


My favorite is the student-designed six-unit residence built in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Other residences use the shipping containers as additions to their structures. Homes such as the one in Nederland, Colorado built by Studio H:T and the Sao Paulo residence created by Brazilian Architect Marcio Kogan that highlights the containers as stacked living additions.

The most unique in this category is the shipping container complex in Cove Park, Scotland. This is a resort created by Edo Architecture of six containers welded together that are rentable spaces for visitors.