Best Portable Water Purifier

Best Portable Water Purifier

Portable water purifiers are great for camping or hiking trips. They are also convenient for everyday life since they can purify tap water at home. The main purpose of these devices is to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water. There are several types of water purifiers out there, each designed for specific purposes. Water purification…

Purified Vs Distilled Water – Which One Should You Choose?

Purified Vs Distilled Water

Having clean water is a privilege that we often don’t realize, but clean water is essential for us to survive and remain healthy. Drinking dirty water can cause harmful bacteria to enter our systems, so making sure that our water is clean will improve the quality of taste and make sure that we do not…

Best Water Filter For Sinks You Can Buy Right Now

Best Water Filter For Sink

The quality of tap water has been declining over the years. In fact, according to the EPA, nearly half of the U.S. population gets its drinking water from municipal sources that contain contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, and bacteria. You don’t want to drink contaminated water, especially since it can cause serious health issues….

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Water filtration systems are very important because they remove impurities from drinking water. The quality of water depends on several things such as the source of the water, the type of treatment applied, and the quality of the equipment. Whole house water filters are designed to treat both tap water and well water. They are…

Best Solar Pool Heater In 2022 (For In-ground and Above Ground Pools)

Solar Pool Heater

Nobody wants to suffer through getting in an ice-cold pool, but the cost of heating one can be extraordinarily high and harmful to the environment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can warm your pool, save money, and protect your surroundings with a solar energy heater. (1) However, with so many different types…

Spin Cells: The Newest Development in Solar Technology (That May Entirely Change the Game)

Spin Cells

According to SGIP, a typical solar panel can produce approximately 320 watts of electricity. We can attest to that estimate, as the best solar pool heaters, and top rated solar attic fans you can buy are usually in that ballpark. But, imagine if there is a device that can generate over 20 times more power…

3 Ways to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly: Eco-Friendly Car SECRETS Revealed!

Eco Friendly Car

About 30% of environmental pollution in the U.S. comes from the transportation industry (1). With the fast-growing concerns over the state of the environment, it’s important to do your part by investing in an eco-friendly car. But what is an eco-friendly car? An eco-friendly car emits low carbon compounds when running. Emitting less of these…

FAQ: What’s the Difference…Brownout Vs. Blackout (REVEALED)

Brownout vs Blackout

In most cases, a temporary light-out is not much cause for concern, especially if you own our best solar generator of the year, and other handy equipment. However, electricity outages can sometimes have devastating effects, such as causing damage to equipment if you don’t have the proper surge protection. The summers, especially, are prone to…

Clothes Dryers Get Energy Star Honor

Energy Efficient Clothers Dryers

It’s hard to imagine, but statistics show that the average home spends about $2,000 on energy alone every year. Clothes dryers account for about 6% of this amount, which makes them the biggest domestic energy consumers (1). For a long time, clothes dryers weren’t subject to Energy Star rating because their energy efficiency remained virtually…

Transactive Energy: The Next Big Deal for The Smart Grid? (decentralized energy explained)

Transactive energy

Four years ago, Zarko Sumic from Gartner predicted that the biggest electricity company by 2020 would have a similar business model as Uber’s (1). This means that the company will not own assets associated with the production of electricity. Like a shared economy platform, it will merely superintend the data of energy consumers and producers….