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20 Forklift Driving Tips To Become A Better Operator

Forklift Driving Tips

A forklift is a type of industrial truck used to move heavy loads from place to place. Forklifts are also known as lift trucks, material handlers, stackers, pallet jacks, and reach stackers. They are usually powered by electric motors and hydraulic systems. Forklifts are very useful machines. They are used to transport goods from one…

What Must Be Done Daily Before Using a Forklift?

Forklift Pre Operation Inspection Checklist

Forklifts are common in many industries. They are often used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, etc. Many people are injured by them every day. OSHA says that about 100 workers are killed every year in forklift accidents. And there are about 95,000 accidents per year. These accidents are mostly preventable. Safety regulations require that…

Forklift Safety Tips

Forklift Safety Tips

How safe is it to operate forklifts? What precautions should you take before operating them? Forklifts are essential tools in warehouses and factories. They lift loads weighing thousands of pounds and move them from one place to another. Forklifts are also used in construction sites and other industries where they are required to transport heavy…

How Much Do Forklift Drivers Make

How Much Do Forklift Drivers Make

How much does a forklift driver earn? The answer depends on where you live and whether you work full time or part time. Forklifts are heavy lifting machines that move loads from place to place. They are usually found at warehouses, factories, construction sites, etc. Forklift operators operate these vehicles and ensure they are safe…

Is It Legal To Live In A Camper In Your Backyard?

Is It Legal To Live In A Camper In Your Backyard

Campervan living has become very popular lately. In fact, it has become a trend now. People are buying vans and converting them into their dream homes. They are even selling these vans at a premium price. This is because they are considered luxury vehicles. The term “campervan” refers to a van that has been converted…

A Turn Of Leadership: Small Airplane Models Guiding The Post-Pandemic Return Of Flights 

Screenshot 2021 03 10 at 15.43.25

It is now a widely known fact that most industries have been drastically impacted by the rise of this pandemic. Airline companies have been challenged particularly as the demand for travel decreases and restrictions of mass gatherings call for creative solutions. The Brazilian airplane fabricator Embraer recently revealed that models with 70-140 seats have been…

Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 — Webinar

EV Webinar Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 Free webinar by Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx: Tuesday 10 June This webinar shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, “Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars 2014-2024”. It encompasses hybrid and pure electric on-road cars, golf cars, neighbourhood electric vehicles NEV and…

Sydney’s Goods Line Project Shows Long-Range Planning

An old and unused urban rail line in Sydney, Australia is being converted into an appealing public space that will start with pedestrian walkways and bicycle network showcasing a number of elevated spaces and public platforms that will be used for various forms of public entertainment. According to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, which oversees the…

Norway’s Rocket Growth In Electric Car Sales (Chart)

Since we have published useful information today pertaining to electric cars, it seems appropriate to publish this chart from CleanTechnica. Thanks to Zachary Shahan. We are excited to witness the growth of the EV industry. Following up on the European EV market share charts I just shared a few moments ago, here’s one more great…

Guest Post: The Eco Car – A Psychological Barrier

Hybrid cars have a great number of advantages over purely fossil-fuelled vehicles, but there is a psychological block that has to be gotten past before the mainstream population will embrace such a technology. This is a block that comes from a few different directions and that makes it hard to tackle with just one approach.

The Tesla Supercharger Network Revealed

Tesla Supercharger Station

On September 24th, Tesla Motors revealed that it had been hiding a bit of a secret. It seems that the much anticipated network of Tesla electric car charging stations was not only designed and ready for construction, but a mini-network of an initial six stations was already operational in California, having been built in secret.

Guest Post: Electric Roadways That Power Cars from Tires

In simple words, they aim to eliminate the need for public recharging stations, which aren’t yet that common. Using the vehicle to recharge itself while running is the most amazing addition to the electric vehicle world. The plans to implement this technique were first adopted in Japan at the Toyohashi University of Technology lead by Takashi Ohira, an electrical engineering professor.

Guest Post: New Proposal by Egyptian College Student Promises Endless Free Energy

The physics behind renewable propulsion systems of the future Grady Winston’s guest post may cause a few to raise their eyebrows, wondering about the reason for speculating on such futuristic concepts as zero-point energy, or energy that comes free to all because it just happens to be there for the taking. This is an informational report, based on work from…

Four Urban Sustainability Projects You May Not Know About (Yet)

Each city in the piece has a distinctly different approach to their sustainability initiatives, and some of the realities encompassing the cities are quite inspirational. (Medellin, for example, has seen a 90-percent decrease in crime throughout its makeover period. Songdo on the other hand–a state-of-the-art city built from scratch in South Korea swampland–happens to be the country’s first LEED Neighborhood.)

Waste from Pulp and Paper Mills Could be Used for Cheaper Batteries

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), scientists have discovered that a plentiful natural byproduct of the pulp and paper industry – lignon – can be used to store an electrical charge.

Top Eight Alternative Fuels

It’s always good knowing as much as possible about alternative fuels, especially those that can be considered renewable. This is a list that was posted this week on Clean Technica. Top Eight Alternative Fuels (via Clean Technica) Gasoline and diesel are still fossil fuel kings of the fuel supply chain but alternative fuels are now…

Smith Electric Vehicles Launches Production of All-Electric Newton Step Van

Smith Electric Vehicles Corp., manufacturer of all-electric commercial vehicles, today unveiled the Newton Step Van, an all-electric, zero-emission vehicle that features a walk-in body produced by Indiana-based Utilimaster.