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DenverUrbanism: An Online Publication for Denver’s City Life

Every city has publications that are all about that place. One of Denver’s online sites that helps the community members and visitors to the Mile High City be aware and take part in local activities, meetings and news is DenverUrbanism. “DenverUrbanism provides news, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in Denver and advocates a progressive pro-urban […]

September 7th

Energy Innovation: Solar Roadways and Solar Sidewalks

PV-powered roads and walkways being tested in U.S. Federal Highway Administration research program Get to know a solar-to-electricity system that isn’t stuck on the rooftop. Thus is s story about tenacity in renewable energy research and a long-range vision that might provide one solution to take on climate change using a network of solar roads, […]

June 16th

Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 — Webinar

  EV Webinar Hybrid and Pure Electric Car Technology 2014-2024 Free webinar by Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx: Tuesday 10 June This webinar shares some of the research carried out for the new IDTechEx report, “Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars 2014-2024”. It encompasses hybrid and pure electric on-road cars, golf cars, neighbourhood electric vehicles NEV […]

June 6th

Electric Cars Reinvented – $178.9 Billion Market

The electric car solution appears to be growing at a strong pace. Read this research report from IDTechEx. IDTechEx finds that the global sale of hybrid and pure electric cars will triple to $178.9 billion in 2024 as they are transformed in most respects. Up-to-date ten year forecasts are provided in this new IDTechEx report, […]

June 2nd

Intelligent Energy Unveils Integrated and Compact Fuel Cell Power Unit

For those who follow the development of fuel cells, this press announcement from Intelligent Energy is worth reading. Intelligent Energy, the international power technology company, has today at the JSAE Annual Congress, introduced its Gen4 air-cooled fuel cell power unit, designed for easy integration into two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles. The technology has been developed in […]

May 23rd

Solar-Powered Drones: Ascent Solar Takes Flight Aboard Silent Falcon Unmanned Aircraft

Solar-powered drones are becoming more commonplace in the aviation industry. How they will all be used remains to be seen. Colorado-based Ascent Solar Technologies and Silent Falcon UAS Technologies have announced the successful first flights of the production Silent Falcon Unmanned Aircraft Systems. These systems will be powered by Ascent Solar’s ultra-lightweight, flexible photovoltaic modules. […]

May 20th

Solar Vehicles In India

While solar vehicles are still rather more of a curiosity than a practical transportation solution — for most purposes anyways — the technology is slowly improving. And, for that matter, it is/could-be well-suited to certain specific environments…

May 16th

Sydney’s Goods Line Project Shows Long-Range Planning

An old and unused urban rail line in Sydney, Australia is being converted into an appealing public space that will start with pedestrian walkways and bicycle network showcasing a number of elevated spaces and public platforms that will be used for various forms of public entertainment. According to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, which oversees the […]

April 8th

Lithium-Air Batteries Planned By Volkswagen

Originally published on Gas2. It has been confirmed that Volkswagen is working on a powerful new battery for its EV fleet. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser said that “an 80kWh unit is under development using our own technology…

March 26th

Norway’s Rocket Growth In Electric Car Sales (Chart)

Since we have published useful information today pertaining to electric cars, it seems appropriate to publish this chart from CleanTechnica. Thanks to Zachary Shahan. We are excited to witness the growth of the EV industry. [repostus]Norway’s Rocket Growth In Electric Car Sales (Chart) (via Clean Technica) Following up on the European EV market share charts […]

March 16th