London 2050 Infrastructure Plan Released

For those wanting to understand the issues of large metropolitan infrastructure, take a look at this 2050 infrastructure plan for the City of London. Prepared by the City of London.

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“The Mayor launches London’s first long-term infrastructure plan. This is a consultation about London’s growth and how we can make the city better for everyone.

“Infrastructure is fundamental to every Londoner, every day, from turning on the taps in the morning, to travelling to work, to switching off the lights at night.


“This document sets out what infrastructure London requires. It is the first ever strategic attempt to set out London’s infrastructure needs, how much it might cost and how we pay for our needs. The aim is to better prepare for growth by overcoming today’s problems and bringing fresh thinking into delivering the infrastructure the city needs in order to also reap its benefits.

“By its very nature, infrastructure underpins everything you do. You make London and we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think by completing the consultation questions by 31 October 2014. If you prefer a standalone document please send it to [email protected].”

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Jeremy Skinner ([email protected])
Suzanne Moroney ([email protected])
Madalina Ursu ([email protected])

Summary documents

  • London Infrastructure Plan 2050 presentation
  • London Infrastructure Plan 2050 consultation document

Supporting documents

  • Population and employment projections to support the London Infrastructure Plan 2050
  • Improving Delivery of London’s Infrastructure
  • Transport Supporting Paper
  • Raising London’s high speed connectivity to world class levels
  • Enabling Infrastructure – Green, Energy, Water and Waste Infrastructure to 2050
  • The cost of London’s long-term infrastructure by Arup

Previous documents

Progress Report March 2014

  • Progress Report March 2014

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