Hyatt at Olive 8 Receives LEED Silver, Gold Green Seal and Green Key Eco-Rating

LEED is discussed a lot in sustainable ratings of buildings but there are other certifications that buildings can achieve and theses certificates and ratings are achieved through many different measurements. Many buildings are discussed with new technologies like vertical gardens and a sustainable winery.

These are just a few examples of other organizations that rank sustainability:

  • Green Business Certification
  • Green Key Eco-Ratings
  • Green Seal Awards
  • Live Well Challenge
Hyatt at Olive 8

One building that has recently gained high rankings from three of these organizations is the Hyatt Hotel at Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington.

It received the silver LEED certification, the gold Green Seal and the Green Key Eco-Rating of 4. This building is only one of three in the nation to receive the gold Green Seal award under the GS-33 category for “Hotel and Lodging Properties”.

“Hotels play an important role in setting an example for sustainability, both for the benefit of their guests and for their staff,” says Arthur Weissman, President and CEO of Green Seal. “It is not only the mark of a quality property that cares for the health and safety of those who occupy it, but its sustainability leadership also serves as a role model for others to employ green practices at home and at their business. Hyatt at Olive 8 is setting an example for all hotels in the U.S. to follow.”

Hyatt’s interior

The gold level recognizes those who are moving the bar of leadership and practicing the top levels of sustainability in hospitality buildings.

This rating is based on energy reduction, sustainable building initiatives, use of renewable energy, waste minimization, energy conservation, management of fresh water sources, waste water management, pollution prevention and organization commitment.

This incredible hotel is designed with the environment and the well-being of its guests and workers in mind. Whether rated or not, it is an example of designing for a better world. Congratulations to the Hyatt at Olive 8.

Resources: Live Well Challenge, GB Certified and Green Seal

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