Green Materials Report: Breeze a Green Landscaping Product

For those many people who have struggled to build garden pathways or patios and lost the challenge to an uncontrolled mishmash of weeds or broken concrete, breeze is a green material worth trying.

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Crushed breeze, also referred to as crusher fines (dust and fine grains remaining from crushed rock), is used as an inexpensive  walkway material that can be used by itself, with flagstone or brick pavers. Breeze sizing ranges from a 3/8” to ¼” crushed material.  A variety of colors are available, including Gray Breeze, Red Breeze, Tan Breeze, and Butter Breeze.

This fine textured material is ideal for walkways, driveways, or as a grout between flagstones. Once packed and wet down the larger particles move towards the surface, creating a smooth finish.

Breeze colors

As owner of a red flagstone backyard which was constructed without using a durable landscaping fabric, I have watched this space get overrun by every kind of weed and grass imaginable. My wife and I discussed going through the painstaking, tiring, and aggravating process of lifting very heavy stones, pulling weeds before mortaring the joints.

My wife then met a landscaper who introduced her to Breeze. by  I will attest to the usefulness of this product, and to its green heritage (no concrete required), excluding the electrical power required to operate the heavy duty grinding wheels.

On a recent visit to the expansive garden pathways at Denver Botanic Gardens. Breeze has become a more widely used material. The overall look is both organic and subtle. Best, the minimal use of concrete ensures the surface will not be a victim to winter freeing and thaws.

Photos: Bighorn Landscape Materials and Design, Machine for crushing stone from Shutterstock

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