The world continues to develop and industrialize as populous cities spring up. As a result, steel is a hot commodity that contractors want to get their hands on. It’s an economical yet high-strength alloy that can support the weights of wide and tall buildings. 

However, most contractors and business builders don’t source steel by themselves. They rely on companies like Worldwide Steel Buildings to produce and ship the materials they need. 

Steel and iron building materials typically come in kits or bundles containing everything a builder needs to establish a metal frame. The kits also include sheet metal for protecting the structure against weather, heat, and corrosion. 

But what makes Worldwide Steel Buildings a unique choice in the industry? Let’s talk about the company’s history, availability, and products. Afterward, we’ll wrap up by answering some frequently asked questions about the provider.

Who is Worldwide Steel Buildings?

Worldwide Steel Buildings began in 1983. Today, the company creates steel beams, trusses, and framing for many building types. Some examples include agricultural structures, workshops, and aircraft hangars. 

WSB is a local company, but that isn’t its only competitive advantage. Since they own their own factory, Worldwide sells their products without the markup caused by the supply chain. 

The company makes everything itself before shipping to clients, allowing them to create and deliver products of integrity with earnestness. 

Not only does WSB manufacture steel kits, but the company also acts as a consultant for newer clients. The company provides guides on its website that answer critical questions about assembly, building regulations, and more. 

So far, Worldwide has done incredibly well for itself in terms of sales. The WSB team saw 71% growth in 2020 and 72.9% in 2021. Altogether, this makes WSB one of the fastest-growing companies in America according to Inc 5000

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Where is Worldwide Steel Buildings Located?

Worldwide Steel Buildings’ factory and headquarters sit in Peculiar, Missouri. In addition, the company has four other manufacturing sites which distribute materials both domestically and abroad.


In total, there are five Worldwide Steel Buildings sales locations. These sites are in the following states and cities:

  • Peculiar, Missouri
  • Scranton, Kansas
  • Plymouth, Minnesota
  • Englewood, Colorado
  • Edmond, Oklahoma

Each sales location is centered in the middle of the United States. Orders ship out from the Midwest in all directions. Beginning in Missouri, WSB expanded to its now international scope.

Service Areas

For Worldwide Steel Buildings, everywhere is a service area. The five locations ship to all fifty United States and Washington DC. Even states like Alaska can request steel delivery, and the WSB team will carefully plan the best times to transport. 

In addition to the United States, Worldwide Steel Buildings is, fittingly, worldwide. The WSB team can ship anywhere on the globe. 

The company’s availability and range are helping it grow bountifully in domestic and foreign markets.


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What Makes Worldwide Steel Buildings Better Than The Competition?

Worldwide outpaces its competitors regarding quality, price, customer service, availability, and more.

Manufactured in the USA with Worldwide Delivery Shipped Direct

According to Consumer Reports, Americans are as much as 78% more likely to buy from companies that produce USA-made goods. Not only does Worldwide Steel Buildings manufacture from the United States, but they also handle shipping with the utmost care.

No matter which state or country you live in, the team at WSB will plan and carefully study the building codes in your area. Then, they will execute a swift, timely delivery of materials suitable for your expected climates and weather conditions.

Most American-made steel companies service just the states. Many do not serve beyond the contiguous United States, leaving Alaska and Hawaii to buy from other providers. 

However, the advanced international delivery scope of WSB is one of many reasons it outpaces the competition. Now builders in any territory can take advantage of the rust-proof galvanized steel strength Worldwide has to offer.

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Truss Design

What makes Worldwide Steel Buildings’ truss design so unique? It starts at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Let’s take a look.

First, the team researches the restrictions and necessities of your shipping area. If you live somewhere with heavy rainfall, snow, or strict building codes, the Worldwide Steel Buildings group will design framing that fits your needs. 

After the planning is done, the team uses its custom jigs to fashion beams. Their tools and careful touch keep each truss consistent and accurate. Nothing is more frustrating than the errors factory mass-production causes. 

Each part of the frame connects just like the last, creating seamless structural strength. The holes in each are always exactly where you expect, so you can input the girders perfectly. 

Worldwide fashions its beams with a custom, heavy-duty web design. This shape helps each truss distribute weight evenly. Each beam supports the weight of hefty industrial-grade building materials for at least 50 years.

The beams don’t arrive fully connected. They come in sections that you bolt together. This design circumvents the custom equipment and vehicle rentals that most frames require, allowing you to set each truss more cheaply.

Rather than flimsy sheet metal connectors, the Worldwide Steel Buildings kits come with self-sealing fasteners to secure trusses to the sheeting. Each piece is quality-tested to withstand up to 80,000 psi of tensile strength.

With all of these carefully-designed benefits, it is easy to see why WSB is enjoying such high yearly growth.

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50-Year Structural Warranty

One of the most critical qualities of any steel framing is peace of mind. After all, beams that can’t support enough weight can collapse, causing accidents and high expenses. With Worldwide Steel Buildings, that will not be an issue.

Each building kit comes with a generous fifty-year structural warranty against manufacturing defects and production errors. Under normal use circumstances, kits you order through WSB will stay strong for at least half a decade.

However, it’s important to note that this warranty does not cover misuse circumstances or inadequate installations by third parties. When assembling your steel building frame, follow the included step-by-step guide carefully.

If you have further questions about the warranty or concerns about proper assembly, give WSB a call. A safe, proper installation will allow you to take advantage of this fifty-year agreement.

3D Designer

Another advantage Worldwide Steel Buildings has over competitors is its 3D Designer tool. The tool is free to use and is available on the company website. 

With the 3D Designer tool, users can create a three-dimensional model of how their steel building would look. The height, width, and length are fully customizable, and so are the roof type, rise, and component materials.

You can personalize the exterior and interior with windows, awnings, a mezzanine, and paint colors. You can even include scale models of aircraft, cars, and people for size referencing. 

For someone inexperienced with steel building frames, this is an excellent hands-on learning tool for visualizing your purchase. Users can save designs, print them, and share them with colleagues to plan the best building, saving money on modeling software. 

Finally, users can submit their designs to WSB for a free quote. The team works with the 3D Designer each day and can turn your artwork into a real structure. 

This level of personalization is often lost in communication with other manufacturers. But by using this tool, customers can put their dreams in visual form to get the exact framing they want.

Worldwide Steel Buildings Reviews

There’s no better way to understand a company’s strengths and weaknesses than by looking at reviews. They offer a perspective of Worldwide Steel Buildings that is hard to find on the company website. Let’s look at what Facebook and Google say about the business.


Between 19 Facebook reviewers, Worldwide Steel Buildings has a 4.8 rating out of 5. Each commenter has ordered from or worked with the WSB team.

A common occurrence in the reviews is a good impression of the Worldwide team’s customer service. They are responsive to phone calls and step-by-step advisories regarding building and shipping. The team is friendly, punctual, and excellent to work with. 

They also commented about the high-quality nature of the products and the easy-to-understand instruction manuals. While 19 people are not reflective of the entirety of WSB’s clientele, these individuals establish an idea of the service you can expect from this company.


Google has a more substantial representation of reviews for Worldwide Steel Buildings than Facebook. Between 72 reviews, the company has a 4.6-star rating. 

Many Google reviews praise the quality of WSB’s structures, including pictures of the finished products. Others herald the excellent customer service experiences they had throughout the process. 

However, some reviews are slightly more critical, urging other customers to seek out a reliable contractor beforehand. Although this isn’t a direct criticism of Worldwide Steel Buildings, an unprepared contractor often results in a worse user experience overall.

Many customers have requested for the company to streamline this with a list of reliable contractors to avoid any potential structural damage or improper assembly. 

Overall, the ratings speak for themselves. Reviews on Facebook and Google are both positive, leaving Worldwide Steel Buildings with a crowd of satisfied customers. 

What Types of Buildings Does Worldwide Steel Buildings Offer?

One of the characteristics of the company that we haven’t addressed yet is its versatility. There are many commercial, agricultural, and industrial buildings and kits for sale with Worldwide. Let’s briefly describe each structure and how to use them.

Agriculture Buildings

Originating in the Midwestern United States, it’s no surprise that Worldwide offers agricultural building options. Galvanized steel is a long-lasting material for a barn, stable, or shed that resists breakdown from the surrounding environment. 

With the 3D Designer, you can create a barn with an open face or a closing garage door. No matter which you choose, your animals or tools will be protected from rain, snow, and other outside threats. Add insulation for warmth on cold winter days. 

Airplane Hangars

Sheet metal is ideal for an airplane hangar since it protects against precipitation. The roofing also reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the building cool and dry inside. WSB is partnered with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to ascertain that each hangar is up to code.

The customization options are endless with Worldwide. Instead of one or two stock options, you can choose between a wide range of door sizes to fit any plane. You can leave room for an office, lounge, or equipment room. WSB even has multi-aircraft kits for housing more than one plane.

Barndominium Kits

Barndominium is a portmanteau of barn and condominium. These are residential buildings, and WSB can help you design one to be your dream house. They’re energy-efficient, durable, and require less maintenance than standard houses. If you are interested in building your own home without signing up for high costs, this is a great option.

Church & Rec Centers

Steel buildings are affordable and durable options for any religious or local community. Plus, these types of structures often warrant expansion as their populations grow. Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you create a structure that is compatible with growth and add-ons.

Clearspan steel kits and prefab buildings are also ideal for churches and recreation centers. They are designed to ventilate well and tolerate noise so that the fun can keep on going.

Commercial & Industrial

A Worldwide Steel building works excellently as a site for business, working, or industrial storage. They are economical for startups and have a high degree of versatility and customizability. No matter your business operation, running out of a WSB structure grants you the freedom and peace of mind to grow your company.


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To start, answer a few short questions online to tell us what you are looking for. You will receive up to 5 FREE price quotes from the best building companies to compete for your business. Then you can compare quotes and select the company that works BEST FOR YOU and SAVE UP TO 30%.


Gambrel-Style Barns

Worldwide offers gambrel-style barn kits that allow you to construct a classic red-and-white sanctuary with crossed doors and windows. Once your barn is in place, it’s up to you whether it becomes an animal shelter, a home, or a shabby-chic Airbnb. WSB lets you enjoy the style of days past without the susceptibility to fire, corrosion, and structural damage.

Garages and Workshops

Both residential and commercial garages need plenty of space for accommodating vehicles. With Worldwide Steel Buildings’ 3D Designer or a prefab metal garage kit, customers can build a strong, well-ventilated warehouse for working on or keeping cars and machinery. Unlike standard car storage, WSB garages don’t mind dirt or grease.


Worldwide Steel Buildings specializes in greenhouse kits for hydroponic and non-hydroponic use. While PVC is a cheaper common material for plant houses, stainless steel is more durable, more moisture resistant, and less likely to incur expensive repairs.

Column spacing and light allowance are fully customizable along with roof height. Between these options, you can establish the perfect growing shelter for plants and small trees of any variety.

Horse Arenas

Few other steel building companies produce indoor horse riding arena kits. The consultants at Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you make an ideal closed or open horseback facility. Size ranges vary from 24 feet to 225 feet, leaving plenty for storage, living quarters, or offices.

Mini-Storage Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings has storage unit kits for starting or expanding a storage complex. They are durable and insulate well against the surrounding environment, keeping the insides dry and cool. 

The mini storage kits also suit collections of vehicles and machinery. Think of them as small garages that contain a few engines each. No matter what you use them for, WSB storage units will keep your items safe for at least fifty years.

Recreational Buildings

Like rec center kits, Worldwide makes gymnasium and sporting structures adequate for indoor activities like basketball, swimming, and gymnastics. Whether they’re for personal use, clubs, or the community, you can select the size that fits your group best. 

These are among the most versatile kits, going beyond just sports. Concerts, ceremonies, and more are available with these highly interchangeable structures.

Residential Buildings

Steel buildings aren’t just for animals, plants, or work. You can also live in them. A Worldwide Steel Buildings residential kit costs at little as $70 per square foot. It is far more economical than competing choices, which charge around $100 per unit. The insides and outsides are fully customizable, allowing you to convert a metal edifice into a cozy home.

Special-Use Steel Buildings

Worldwide can create anything you make with the 3D Designer tool, even if it is a nonstandard size or shape. No matter what uses you have in mind, the company’s consultants and teams can bring your dream to life. 

Some examples of special-use buildings in past WSB projects include a ski resort, a shipyard, and a firehouse.

Steel Building Kits

Steel building kits are the bread and butter of Worldwide. No matter the configuration, you can order a bundle that suits your needs as a DIYer, business owner, or contractor. 

Whether you want a garage, barn, workshop, storage facility, or other structure, the possibilities are endless. Everything you need comes in a convenient package at a price that skips the gouging of middlemen.

Rigid Frames

Rigid frame buildings are best suited for maximum-durability high-weight structures. The internal beams and trusses align in repeated arch shapes to better shield against damages. Heavy-duty buildings like custom aircraft hangars start with a rigid frame kit that will last over half a century.


Let’s finish up by discussing some frequently asked questions about Worldwide Steel Buildings.

  • What Is Worldwide Steel Buildings’ Warranty?

    Each WSB structure is insured for fifty years from manufacturing and workmanship defects, although this doesn’t cover issues caused by improper installation or handling.

    The company’s sheet metal also comes with a warranty of 40 years.

  • Does Worldwide Steel Buildings Have Financing Options?

    Worldwide Steel Buildings is partnered with New Century Bank, allowing customers to take out loans as a financing option. The bank specializes in lending for metal construction, so they will not be difficult to work with.

    Interested users must fill out a prequalification form before the loan. Permissibility depends on customer credit, purpose, and more.

    This is currently WSB’s only financing option for buildings.

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