Beautiful Concepts to Consider in Architecture

One of the greatest things in the architectural and design fields that has come from modern technology is the ability to share conceptual solutions with audiences before they become built spaces. These ideas may never actually be built but they allow people to experience a variety of options and to explore uncharted waters of design.

Here are three projects that push the boundaries of fantasy and reality and open the eyes of viewers to dream.

The first building was designed by Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 Architects out of Ukraine. It is a shop where the merchandise is the prime focus but what makes it unique is that display stands and space dividers are wood and metal frames that are suspended from the ceiling. This creates the illusion of shelves that float and with additional cut outs through the exterior walls, the building becomes almost transparent.




The second building is the spiral skyscraper called “The Endless City in Height” by Sure Architecture. It is composed of two ramps spiraling and intertwining upwards instead of traditional stairs and elevators. These ramps also make up the floors and combined with interconnected bridges, eliminating any break in traffic flow throughout the space. This building would be a sustainable landmark, as well as a new creation in high-rise structures with the re-use of water, maximizing passive energy use and the reducing of artificial light, ventilation and cooling needs.





The final example of conceptual architectural creations is designed to live in the Kashmir Valley Territory between India and Pakistan. It is based in a hostile environment but it is for children to have an experience based on mystical creatures in a fantasy realm. It is specific to an area of conflict to be turned into a space for orphaned children to thrive by Haaris Ramzan of Bartlett Architecture. He said to DeZeen,

“This project is about the contrast between what is essentially a beautiful landscape and a gritty political conflict.”




Technology allows people to see the beauty that spaces can provide and the freedom that they hold whether they ever come to fruition or if they only live forever on the screen

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