Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck is facing complaints from owners who are witnessing signs of rust on their stainless steel vehicles. Despite being on the road for just a few months, buyers have taken to social media to share their dismay over orange rust spots on the exterior of their pricey electric vehicles, ranging from $57,390 to $96,390. Here’s the full story.

The Concerning Reports

The Cybertruck, known for its distinctive angular design and robust stainless steel construction, started reaching customers in December. However, recent reports of rust have raised concerns about the durability of the vehicle’s exterior.

Some owners have taken to online forums to share images and details about the rust-related issues they have encountered.

Rust Spots on the Vehicle

According to posts on the Cybertruckownersclub.com forum, owners have noticed orange rust spots after driving the Cybertruck in rainy conditions. One user, named Raxar, posted close-up photos of the rust spots on his vehicle, mentioning that an adviser had warned him about the issue when he picked up the Cybertruck in February.

cybertruck rust

Despite attempting to get rid of the spots with dish soap, Raxar reported unsuccessful results.

Another user, vertigo3pb, shared concerns about rust on his Cybertruck’s exterior after just 11 days of ownership and minimal exposure to the elements. The user posted photos and a video highlighting the rust spots, prompting a growing number of Cyber Truck owners to voice similar complaints.

An Uncommon Choice

Stainless steel is renowned for its corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. However, it’s an uncommon choice for exterior materials in vehicles due to its difficulty in molding. The Cybertruck’s unique design, characterized by its stiff and angular structure, might contribute to the unexpected issues.

Tesla has yet to respond to the rising number of customer complaints and queries from various media outlets, including CBS MoneyWatch. The silence from the company adds to the growing speculation about the potential scope of the issue and how it might impact Tesla’s reputation for quality and innovation.

The Solutions

To address the problem, Tesla offers protective paint films for the Cybertruck at an additional cost.

For $6,000, customers can choose a white or black paint film that covers external stainless-steel surfaces, providing protection against scratches. Alternatively for $5,000, a clear paint film is also available.

Plus, instructions for maintaining the cleanliness of the Cybertruck can be found in an online video that is a preview of Tesla’s upcoming owner’s manual. It names road salt, oil, tree resin, and dead bugs as examples of potentially dangerous environmental substances that could harm the appearance of electric cars.

So what are your thoughts? In light of the reported rust issues, how do you think this will impact the perception of Tesla’s commitment to quality and innovation? And what steps should the company take to address and prevent such concerns in the future?