In a recent YouTube video, Kenny Wallace, the former NASCAR driver and current host of the Kenny Wallace Show, provided his outspoken views on NASCAR’s foray into the world of electric vehicles. Known for his unfiltered opinions, Wallace dissected the new NASCAR EV, offering insights into its development, testing, and the broader implications of the racing world embracing electric technology. Here’s what he said.

Had Enough of Hearing Electric Vehicles

The video opened with Wallace sharing his frustration with the nonstop mention of electric vehicles, prompting a whimsical threat to go “la la” if he hears the term once more.

Wallace’s take on the NASCAR EV began with a visual description of the vehicle. Notably, he highlighted NASCAR’s decision not to align the EV with any specific automaker, calling it an “old dog without a home.” According to Wallace, this move is an attempt by NASCAR to stay apolitical in a climate where EV discussions have become deeply entangled with political ideologies.

Curiosity About the Vehicle’s Performance

The NASCAR EV, which has undergone testing at Martinsville with driver David Reagan, is set to make its public debut at the LA Coliseum during the upcoming clash. Wallace shared curiosity about the vehicle’s performance, particularly whether it makes any noise. He humorously suggested installing speakers on the car, allowing him to provide commentary during races.

While Wallace acknowledged NASCAR’s efforts to appear innovative and keep pace with global racing trends, he questioned the practicality and motivation behind the move to electric.

A Strategic Move

Drawing a connection to NASCAR’s delayed adoption of electronic fuel ignition, he suggested that the EV initiative might be a strategic move to demonstrate innovation rather than an earnest commitment to electric racing.

One of Wallace’s main points of contention is NASCAR’s public support for hydrogen combustion motors, a technology he deems more promising than electric power. He challenged viewers to explain why hydrogen is superior and criticized the impracticality of widespread EV adoption. Wallace argued that the current infrastructure lacks the capacity to support the charging needs of millions of electric vehicles, especially during power outages.

A “Dog and Pony Show”

He said, “There are 360 million people in America. So, let’s just take half, we’re going to need 100 million charging stations. I’m betting there aren’t 100,000 charging stations in all of America right now.”

Wallace concluded the video by summarizing his stance: NASCAR’s venture into electric vehicles is a “dog and pony show,” a spectacle designed to showcase innovation while not fully committing to the technology.

Carbon Footprint of EVs

Several YouTube users engaged with Wallace’s opinions, with one user criticizing the carbon footprint of EVs, and sharing the environmental impact of battery production.

So what do you think? Do you believe that the racing industry’s push toward electric vehicles is primarily driven by genuine environmental concerns, or do you see it as a strategic move to align with broader societal trends and project a modern image?