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Top 5 Comparisons Between Quonset Huts and Metal Buildings 2021

Quonset Huts vs Metal Buildings

Are you feeling defeated while trying to decide whether to invest in a Quonset Hut or a regular Metal Building?

You’re probably asking:

“How do I even begin?”

You start by understanding the fundamental differences between Quonset Huts and Metal Buildings. Once you have accomplished this, you’ll have all you need to make your final decision.

Luckily for you, all that you need to know is right here.

In this guide, you’ll find a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Quonset Huts and Metal Buildings.

You can be confident that all the essential features are covered including price, versatility, and durability.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin!

What’s in this guide?

What are Quonset Huts?

You might not know the name, but I’m guessing you’ve seen Quonset Huts before.

Mainly, they are pre-designed corrugated steel buildings that are budget-friendly and easily assembled.

Quonset Huts are famous for their semi-cylindrical shape which prove to be a durable barrier against adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow.

Additionally, Quonset Huts are built so that they are entirely self-supporting structures that are suitable for a wide range of uses including residential, industrial and military.

The fact that Quonset Huts don’t require internal beams means that you receive more floor space.

As a result, many people prefer Quonset Huts over Metal Buildings due to their affordability, durability and simple set-up.

But do Quonset Huts offer more benefits than Metal Buildings?

To determine the answer, you need to consider certain important factors such as Price, Construction, Space, Durability and Insulating Properties.

Keep on reading to find out whether Quonset Huts are the better choice, through a side-by-side comparison with Metal Buildings regarding all of these characteristics.


Quonset Huts

In general, Quonset Huts offer a lower cost per square footage, from $6-$12/sq.ft because they are already pre-built in the uniform semi-cylindrical shapes which allow manufacturers to pass the savings on to you.

However, this price only applies to structures up to 40×60 square feet or the size of a large building.

At this point, you should expect prices to be on par with metal buildings.

Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings, or rigid frame buildings, tend to cost more at $16-$20/sq.ft due to them not being pre-made like Quonset Huts. They need to be adapted to your specific requirements, plus additional insulation and finishing touches could bring the cost up to $30-$40/sq.ft.

In short, metal buildings have a higher initial cost than Quonset huts.

But if you are looking to construct a large-sized building or want a specific design, then metal buildings are a better option.


Quonset Huts

The main advantage of Quonset Huts is that they offer a straightforward set-up procedure. Seeing as they are already sold as pre-made self-supporting structures, all you need to do is attach the semi-circular beams to complete the final building.

No internal columns nor skilled labour are required, as you can quickly complete the construction by yourself.

Plus, once your Quonset Hut has been set up, it won’t require much maintenance, and you’ll have the freedom to focus elsewhere.

Metal Buildings

On the other hand, metal buildings require professional labour to assemble the structure correctly.

There are far more parts such as I-Beams, purlins, or girts that need to be carefully put together. Otherwise, the building would lose its structural integrity.

Although they are more complicated to construct, Metal Buildings provide a much stronger connection due to their rigid steel frames and strong internal beams.

This gives them an edge over Quonset Huts regarding durability and stability.

Space and Expansion

Quonset Huts

As a result of their structure, Quonset Huts are easily expandable lengthwise since all you need to do is attach another 2’ piece to the end of your structure.

Together with the fact that Quonset Huts don’t have any internal beams or columns, you will receive more floor space where