Developers who design eco-friendly projects want to know their efforts are meaningful for the environment, builders, and end-users.

For Building Owners and Property Managers

The USGBC maintains that LEED-certified buildings are easier to maintain and cost less to operate. This, in turn, creates more annual profit to reinvest in job creation and expansion.

For Tenants

Because their homes or apartments use less energy, they are more affordable. They may also be closer to mass transit hubs, provide walking/biking paths, and provide clear views of nature. Occupants should enjoy a higher quality of life.

For Contractors

LEED accreditation gives contractors a competitive edge when bidding on projects. This is especially true for government contracts, as most new government buildings must be certified at the gold or platinum level. Accreditation provides contractors with more projects to bid on as the eco-friendly building trend grows each year.

For the Environment

LEED certification illustrates that developers are concerned enough about their projects to produce energy and resource efficiencies. They show a commitment to lowering waste generation and the use of water, electricity, and other natural resources.

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