If oil spills onto your concrete, remove as much of it as possible immediately. The oil stains are easiest to eliminate immediately following the oil spill before the oil penetrates and hardens into the concrete or extends over a larger surface region. If the spillage is minor, less than 6 inches in diameter, it should not be quite difficult to utilize a cloth to clean off the excess spill. You must not press the oil deeper into the porous concrete while doing so. In addition, it could be difficult to keep the oil from spreading and expanding the possible stain. It could be hard to avoid dispersing the oil, thus, making the possible stain bigger. If a cloth doesn’t help since the spill is too light, and you’re simply making the situation worse, you could employ a big scraper with the blade’s edge lightly brushing the concrete’s surface. Then, press the oil gently in a single direction. This may cause the spill to become thick enough to eliminate with a rag. If you wish to fully avoid using a cloth that might drive the oil further into the concrete or disperse the spill, you could also utilize paper towels. Place folded paper towels over the spillage to absorb most of the liquid. It might require numerous paper towels to suck up the oil, but it could effectively reduce the depth of the oil spillage. Once the excess oil is removed, you will remain with a wet, slippery mark on the concrete. The optimal approach for removing the leftover oil and stain will vary depending on several circumstances, and this article presents you with various options.