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Parking Spot Charges Electric Car

With electric vehicles generating a lot of buzz, companies are hard at work on electric charging stations. While charging your vehicle while you run errands might seem the stuff of science fiction, the future may be closer than we think.

October 18th

Solar Panel Garage Door

Hybrid cars are gaining in popularity thanks to sporty models like the Toyota Prius. These vehicles prove to the average consumer that you can drive a more fuel efficient vehicle without making a big trade off in style or power from a traditional gas only vehicle. These types of hybrids, known as parallel hybrids, still […]

July 19th

Carbon Sciences Names Scientific Adviser

Carbon Sciences, Inc., a developer of technology to transform greenhouse gases into gasoline and other portable fuels, has announced the appointment of a scientific adviser, Dr. Howard Fong, to its staff. Fong worked at Shell Development Company (Shell Oil Company) at the Westhollow Technology Center in Houston, Texas in 1975, and rose to the rank […]

July 14th

Top 10 EcoPrinciples for Communities

With the economy in turmoil, a real estate prices dropping, green communities and green building will become more important. It’s easy to see how broken our current community model is in terms of the urban sprawl; the average American commute continues to grow longer. Between 1969 and 2001, the number of vehicle miles traveled for […]

February 6th

Solar Power and RVs

How does driving an unsustainable fuel hog around contribute to the adoption of solar power? While some purists might point out that RVs are great fuel hogs and a waste of energy, nevertheless, they do offer an educational opportunity to help spread the acceptance and familiarity with solar power.

June 11th

Largest Green Fleet in the Country

San Franciscans utter a lot about our lovely municipal transit system otherwise known as MUNI but now they have even more reason to spout off about it. Normally when we hear MUNI coming out of someone’s mouth it usually follows on the heels of “Damn.” Now we can change that utterance to “Green Muni”. Sure, […]

December 28th