Climate Change

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5 Companies That Power Sustainability

I write about companies that power sustainability. We need leaders to move the green sustainability movement forward, that truly power sustainability. Here is the beginning of my list: 5 innovative companies which are doing just that – constructing a pathway toward sustainable solutions. Harvest Power – “Harvest is creating a more sustainable future by helping […]

October 2nd

John Perlin Solar Energy History Series: Part III

I am pleased  to post this third in a series of SOLAR ENERGY  history articles from John Perlin, based on his ground breaking book, Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy. Perlin discusses the major breakthroughs in solar energy throughout the millennia — here the solar heat trap. Third Major Breakthrough – Glass as a Solar Heat Trap Vitruvius, […]

September 29th

NREL Power Lunch Lecture Series Features John Perlin

For those individuals able to attend, I highly recommend this NREL Power Lunch lecture, featuring John Perlin, author of  “Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy.” October 1 lecture  by John Perlin, author, lecturer, consultant — solar energy & forest preservation John Perlin will present a lecture on his new book, Let It […]

September 26th

UChicago-Argonne National Lab Team Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

Great research on solar cell efficiency improvements continues to be reported, this time from scientists in the University of Chicago’s chemistry department, the Institute for Molecular Engineering, and Argonne National Laboratory. We offer our highest praise to support the evolution of the renewable energy industry, which in turn, will boost better products for green building. New […]

September 25th

Worldwide Water in 2050: Reducing Scarcity is Possible

With the possibility of a worldwide water shortage facing future generations, this paper concerning strategies which might mitigate some of the problems has been published in Nature Geoscience. Take a look. Increased water-recycling and improved irrigation techniques among six strategies identified as key to successfully reducing global water scarcity Water scarcity is not a problem […]

September 2nd

Coal’s Dominance & Carbon Emissions Must Be Made More Apparent in Climate Change Accounting

The world’s accounting system for carbon emissions, run by the United Nations, disregards capital investments in future coal-fired and natural-gas power plants that will commit the world to several decades and billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study from Princeton University and the University of California-Irvine published Aug. 26 in […]

August 28th

Water and Sunlight the Formula for Sustainable Fuel

This news on water and sunlight  from Australian National University is worth reading. An Australian National University (ANU) team has successfully replicated one of the crucial steps in photosynthesis, opening the way for biological systems powered by sunlight which could manufacture hydrogen as a fuel. “Water is abundant and so is sunlight. It is an […]

August 26th

Plastics Advances: CO2 Sponge Could Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions

This presentation pertaining to a CO2 sponge is one of some 12,000 at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). If any part of this comes to a greater reality in mitigating climate change, this one particularly piques our interest. Read this press announcement from AAAS EurekAlert. A sponge-like plastic […]

August 11th

London 2050 Infrastructure Plan Released

For those wanting to understand the issues of large metropolitan infrastructure, take a look at this 2050 infrastructure plan for the City of London. Prepared by the City of London.   “The Mayor launches London’s first long-term infrastructure plan. This is a consultation about London’s growth and how we can make the city better for […]

July 31st