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The Best Types Of Insulation For Sheds

best insulation for shed

Insulation is an important feature of any part of your home. It keeps the heat inside your house while protecting it from the harsh elements outside, while also providing other great benefits like dampening noise and preventing a build-up of moisture in your walls. While proper insulation is crucial anywhere in your home, another important…

How Much Does It Cost To Insulate A Shed?

How Much Does It Cost To Insulate A Shed

Insulating your home or building is essential to keeping your family warm during cold weather. But how much does it really cost? You can save money by choosing a less expensive form of insulation. For example, cellulose fiberboard (CFC) costs around $300 per square foot. This material is often used in exterior walls because it’s…

Worldwide Steel Buildings – Our Detailed Review and Buyer’s Guide

Worldwide Steel Buildings

The world continues to develop and industrialize as populous cities spring up. As a result, steel is a hot commodity that contractors want to get their hands on. It’s an economical yet high-strength alloy that can support the weights of wide and tall buildings.  However, most contractors and business builders don’t source steel by themselves….

Here’s 20 Ways You Can Make Living In a Shipping Container Home a Reality and How Much It Will Cost You

Shipping Container Homes

Across the tracks, trucks, and waterways of the world, shipping containers are used to transport goods of all shapes and sizes. With so many of them in use, many get recycled to become shipping container homes. Those are exactly what they sound like, small and cost-efficient living spaces that can be stacked together to build…

Mueller Metal Buildings – Our Detailed Review and Buyer’s Guide

Mueller Metal Buildings

Mueller owes its longevity and success to its commitment to the American way. While its competitors have outsourced productions, Mueller engineers its products in-house and produces its buildings in the United States with strict quality control.  Who is Mueller, Inc.? Mueller Inc. is the leading producer of residential metal roofing and steel buildings in Texas…

How Much Does A Modular Building Cost In 2023?

how much does a modular building cost

A McGraw-Hill construction report showed that the construction industry experienced improved efficiency due to modular buildings. Consequently, many people turn to prefabricated buildings for several advantages, including construction speed, flexibility, and sustainability. Looking at this growing interest, you may wonder about modular building costs. The piece below covers the prices of different modular structures, enabling…

A Complete Guide To The Types Of Commercial Real Estate

Types Of Commercial Buildings

How much do you really know about the property that surround us? Specifically, how much do you know about commercial real estate property? Most people aren’t super familiar with commercial real estate, or at least beyond a basic understanding. In reality, there’s a lot to learn about commercial property and commercial buildings, especially if you…

13 Green Building Trends Happening Right Now

green building trends

It’s more important than ever before to protect and heal the environment, which is why you will start seeing these 13 green building trends popping up everywhere in both commercial and residential spaces. There is a special and serious focus on sourcing sustainable building materials and discovering new clean energy sources. Check out these hot…

13 Reasons Why Interior Design Is Important

interior design

Interior design can completely transform your space, creating a welcome oasis that’s both functional and beautiful. Our surroundings directly affect our mood and can even help us to be more productive or calmer. Good interior design that pays attention to the function of the space and the needs of those who use it can improve…

$20,000 Tiny House Is Upending The Construction, Banking Industries

20K House Tiny House Atlanta

Rural Studio in Alabama has spent a decade perfecting the design of a tiny house that will cost less than $20,000 to build, including labor. Their first prototype was completed in January.