Susty Party Products Provide Guilt-Free Compostable Ware for Summer Entertaining

May 11, 2011

With two major quintessential U.S. holidays coming up which are all about outdoor grilling, parties and family gatherings; I sought a sustainable alternative to those dreaded plastic utensils and paper plate products. I have an aversion to plastic made products and try to minimize the use in our household and life.

However, there are times when the use of plastics remain unavoidable unless you plan on doing zero entertaining. Not such a great alternative with kids or if you intend on having any social life. There remains a sweet compromise of sustainability with guilt-free entertaining with Susty Party Products.

Founded by Emily Doubilet, a NYC native and an environmental studies grad, Susty Party provides chic and compostable party products which include utensils, plates, cups and napkins. Emily created Susty Products after she saw firsthand how much waste was generated from events for company she worked for as a sustainable coordinator.”Furthermore, there was no clear resource available online for sustainably minded event planners to get advice and find the products they need in one place,” she says.

Susty Products was born out of this need.

I reached out to Susty Party when I searched for a green alternative to my daughter’s birthday party. Although, we didn’t end up needing the Susty Party products for the party itself; Jessica Holsey, the president of the company was kind enough to send some samples for our Earth Day playdate. I got to test them out with about a dozen of moms and their children.

The plates, cups, and utensils are hardy and durable. You couldn’t tell they were any different from regular plastic ware which would be a hit with your non-tree-hugging relatives (because you know we all have them). No need to explain to Aunt Betsy why you decided to go with compostable platewares. She will not even notice. Susty Party even has little tea spoons for your coffee or tea.

After the party, you can chuck all the used party ware into a compost or maybe even arrange commerical compost pick-up if composting isn’t your cup of tea. I saved the used wares to be composted when I get my vermiculture  or worm composting set up… eventually.

Susty Party can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., but New York City residents can have it better. Locals can drop off their used ware to Susty Party where the company will compost them for you. Too lazy to cart them on the subway or taxi? You can even schedule a pick-up.

Located in  the trendy and always happening Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this is the perfect excuse to hop on the L train and get some Susty Party products. The compostable and recyclable are perfect for weddings, restaurants, block parties or anytime you don’t feel like doing the dishes. Since it can go back to the Earth, there is really minimal waste any way you put it.

Based on cradle to cradle principles, Emily, Jessica and Susty Party remains committed to the Environment. An inspiring new company that provides functionality to anyone’s entertaining needs. I am truly happy that I got to try out Susty Party products and definitely intend to order with them for my family and entertaining events in the near future.

The only drawback of Susty Party products for me was that their products are only available in bulk quantities with the exception of their printed line. However, since these products are so versatile and dare I say, neccessary, I think starting a group buy or coop buy would be a great way to go about this. We can all use some of Susty Party in our busy and hopefully minimally plastic laden life.

Editor’s Note:  Corrections from Emily Doubilet, founder & CEO of Susty Party: There are two corrections I would recommend:
1) The products aren’t recommended for a home composting or vermicomposting set-up – they do require the “commercial composting” heat conditions to break down properly.

2) We do sell many of our products in smaller-than-bulk quantities: Almost every cup size and plate size we can sell in quantities as small as 100.

Photo Source: Susie Kim-Carberry, Susty Party



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