Artefact Reclaimed Furniture are Salvaged Around the World

June 23, 2010

While doing a story for a company named Artefact; I came across another company with same name that actually makes home furnishing from salvaged items. Artefact Design and Salvage collects anything from old factory lights to reclaimed wood that are re-purposed to high end designer items. As pictured above, the Milk Factory Lights are from a milk factory in Belgium.

Started in 1997, owner, Dave Allen trades in his cushy silicon valley job and rents a 24 foot Penske rental truck. Filling it with architectural finds; Allen takes a cross country trip from South Carolina to California. For years, Allen travels around the US  finding all these salvage gems, and years later; starts his own show room in California which expands worldwide. Not only does Allen create an impressive showrooms around the world, but utilizes local villagers to help developing countries. Allen even starts a project in Bali to make shopping bag out of recycled newspaper.

Not all items in Artefact are salvaged, but seems that most are. I love how Allen takes his love of travel, aesthetics, and turns it into a profitable yet sustainable business. Merging his passions and making a difference is why I find this company very inspirational. If you want to keep up with Allen’s journey around the world to find beautiful salvageable items, read his blog. You can also watch Mini-documentary of how old newspapers are made in to elegant shopping bags in a small village on the island of Bali.

Photo Source: Artefact



Susie Kim-Carberry

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