Win A Tesla Model S 70D From The Messner Foundation

The Messner Foundation is giving away a new Tesla Model S 70D

The Messner Foundation is giving away a new Tesla Model S 70D

Did you know you could win a Tesla Model S 70D from the Messner Foundation*? That’s a Denver area charitable organization with the following mission:

The Messner Foundation identifies at-risk, underprivileged high school youth who demonstrate initiative, leadership, entrepreneurialism, and commitment to community. The Messner Foundation not only helps Messner Scholars financially, but also provides personal and professional mentoring from leaders in the business community.

The car? You want us to you about the car? OK. Here goes. The car is a brand new Tesla Model S 70D. If you’re not familiar with Tesla, the Model S is a top pick by Consumer Reports. And not just in the large luxury category but overall. That’a an amazing feat for a start-up company with no experience in the car business that built it’s first car just 4 years ago.

The Tesla Model S is all electric. That means it has no range extender engine hidden inside somewhere. Instead, it has a 70 kWh battery good for 240 miles of all electric driving. What happens when the battery runs down? Why, you charge it up, of course. Tesla has a network of fast charging facilities it calls SuperChargers.

And thanks to a recent upgrade, the car now keeps you continuously updated on where the nearest SuperCharger station is located and how to get there. It also monitors your battery state of charge and sends you alerts when it is time to recharge. Best of all, recharging is free for the life of the car, meaning the new owner of this shiny red Tesla Model S will never pay a dime for fuel or electricity. Ever. Tesla founder Elon Musk says the upgrade practically eliminates any concerns about ever running out of electricity.

Have you ever been to a Chipotle Restaurant? They’re springing up everywhere, it seems. There’s a connection between Chipotle and the Messner Foundaiton.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Messner Foundation is a philanthropic initiative of Messner Reeves LLP. “Honored to work closely with young companies with great potential,” Messner Reeves has witnessed firsthand they way huge dividends can be earned by investing in future corporate leaders. Coming to Messner Reeves and Monty Moran for legal counsel in the late 1990s, Chipotle Mexican Grill was just a small startup restaurant at the time. Through Monty Moran’s tireless efforts, Chipotle Mexican Grill is now a publicly traded company and an international leader in the restaurant business.

Believing that “similar potential for growth and excellence exists in our high schools,” the Messner Foundation exists to help it be discovered. Your raffle ticket purchase can help that discovery lead to the development of Messner Scholars as future business and community leaders.

Who wouldn’t want to support such a worthy cause? And if you win, here are some details about the car, which is valued at $85,000:

  • a red multi-coat paint exterior,
  • an all-glass panoramic roof,
  • 19-inch wheels,
  • tan Nappa leather seats with Obeche wood gloss decor,
  • the tech package included,
  • and ultra high fidelity sound.

Oh, and here’s the best part. The “D” in the name Model S 70D means the car has dual motors, one for the front wheels and one for the rears, giving it all wheel drive capability. With 390 horsepower available at the touch of your right foot, it has outstanding performance with a 0-60 time of just 5.2 seconds. The Tesla Model S is one of the hottest “must have” automobiles in the world and now you can park one in your driveway, if you’re lucky, for a modest contribution.

Only 5000 tickets will be sold, so your odds of winning are a lot better than winning your local state lottery. You can buy your ticket online and watch the June 13 drawing live via streaming video. In the interests of full disclosure, this post is sponsored by The Messner Foundation, but we at Green Building Elements are pleased to share this news with you anyway. Good luck!

*Full Disclosure: This article was kindly sponsored by the Messner Foundation.

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