Water Smart Products: Caroma Profile Smart 305 Dual Flush Toilet With Sink

There are many places we can be smarter about the water we use. Start with the toilet, for one. Give it dual-flush capabilities for starters, then put a sink on top.

smart toilet Caroma

Featured here is the Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush Toilet with Sink. Caroma provides this profile information:

Unique design and advanced performance make the Caroma Profile Smart with integrated sink the ultimate water saver. After flushing, fresh cold water is directed through the faucet for hand-washing and and drains into the tank to be used for the next flush. A large trapway prevent blockages, while saving space, money and water. The easy installation and modern stylings set it apart from the average toilet.

Save Money with Caroma Dual-Flush Toilets
Caroma Dual-Flush toilets save you water with every flush. With the installation of one Caroma toilet, you can expect to save 1,000 gallons of water a year for each person living in your household. Caroma Dual-Flush toilets pay for themselves in a matter of years, if not months.

Dual-Flush Toilets: Bulk Purchasing
Please contact us for substantial discounts on bulk ordering. Caroma toilets are perfect for rental properties, apartments, offices, hotels, colleges, hospitals and everywhere water savings are important. Call us or email us at [email protected]

Profile Smart Two Piece Set
This two piece dual flush toilet set includes the Profile Smart tank and 305 bowl (part numbers: 840420W, 609151AW).

27 3/4″L x 15″W x 35 7/8″H (bowl height = 15″)


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