Water-Saving Toilet Invention: Tap-n-Flush

Water-saving toilet controller manages water used per-flush without installing a new toilet

This innovative dual-flush toilet product, the Tap-n-Flush, was released February 15 by Hawaii-based company, Prodius.

tap-n-flush steps3
Water-saving toilet controller manages water used per-flush without installing a new toilet

We have written about water-saving toilets in the past but none to date are quite as simple to use or inexpensive.  I first heard about this low-priced dual-flush product from publisher Scott Cooney.

My interest in this device increased when I heard about its ability to save water without having to incur the expense and aggravation of buying and installing a new toilet. This was especially true in my case as I am no plumber by any stretch of the imagination.

Upon request, owner and inventor Jeff Nasrallah shipped a package for me to try out, writing, “After you see for yourself what an effective device this is for saving water and keeping toilets out of landfills, anything you can do to spread the word would be great.”

Spreading the word is what I’m doing now, as this appears to be a remarkably worthy innovation. My son, Drew, 18, installed the unit in relatively short order. Not surprising, everything promised on the Tap-n-Flush package was true.  It is rewarding to take positive action in saving water. And it’s easy to adjust the amount of water used per flush.

On his website, Nasrallah states, “It was clear that the ideal dual flush system would be able to fit every toilet, be simple to install and allow for less water to be used when flushing liquid waste without compromising the integrity of a powerful large flush. “

To accomplish this task, a design team included a mechanical engineering firm in New York, an industrial designer in New Jersey, and an electrical engineering firm in Missouri – charged with easily converting every American toilet to dual-flush functionality without requiring a set of installation tools.

“I truly believe perfection is met when a product can both save money and conserve our planet’s natural resources,” writes Nasrallah on his website.

Controlling flushes saves water

The Tap-n-Flush costs only $39.95, including shipping. Best, it is sold with a money-back guarantee, including return shipping costs.

Here’s what comes with the purchase: Adaptor components are included with the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush kit to allow every toilet to be converted. No matter what flush valve type is in your toilet, tools are never needed and parts never need to be removed from your toilet. The device does require 4-AA batteries, which are not included.

Ordering information can be found on the Tap-n-Flush website.