Top 10 Water Management Techniques

EPA’s Sustainable Facilities Practices Branch developed the following list of top 10 water management techniques that have proven helpful in managing water use at facilities throughout the Agency. We are pleased to publish this list.

  1. Meter/Measure/Manage
  2. Optimize Cooling Tower
  3. Upgrade Sanitary Fixtures (High-Efficiency Toilets and Urinals, Faucet Aerators)
  4. Eliminate Single-Pass Cooling
  5. Incorporate Landscape Irrigation/Xeriscaping
  6. Reduce Steam Sterilizer Tempering Water Use
  7. Reuse Culture Water
  8. Control Reverse Osmosis System Operation
  9. Recover Rooftop Rainwater
  10. Recover Air Handler Condensate

Source: EPA

Photo:  Images by John ‘K’

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