When is it Time to Think About Emergency Lighting?


Whether you’re designing a school, a large hospital, a public courthouse, or even a simple utility shed, having well though-out lighting is critical for the people who are going to use your building. Proper lighting allows people to read warning signs, follow instructions, and- most basic of all!- see what’s around them. That’s important in any situation, but in a heavy industrial setting, an unexpected blackout could have fatal consequences for workers. So, as you design your buildings, are you asking yourself, “What happens when all of those lights go out?”


NEMA 4x Industrial Emergency Lighting 6v 36w


Large-scale blackouts can happen due to natural disaster or an over-taxed grid. That’s where emergency lighting comes in. With carefully placed, battery-powered backup lighting installed in your projects, people will be able to safely and effectively get to safety or, if they perform critical functions that can’t stop, continue to function when they’re needed most.

NEL Series industrial emergency lighting system shown, above, is NEMA 4X Rated and designed for the kind of harsh, punishing environments found in factories and shops. The unit’s reinforced fiberglass housing is also suitable for outdoor use and wet locations, making it perfect for utility buildings and sheds, as well.


Granted, no emergency lighting system is going to replace smart measures like water security, access to canned or dried food, and a well-funded team of first responders when a disaster like hurricane Sandy or Chicago’s 2011 snowpocalypse hit, but being able to see your way out of a building, find an exit, and make your way home safely will make a huge difference in the way any cities’ citizens experience a crisis.


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