Timbatree Offers Sustainable Christmas Tree Option

This post is part of Important Media’s “More About the Love, Less About the Stuff” holidays series. This year, we’re talking all about redefining holiday traditions to focus on sustainability and compassion over cutting down trees and fighting for more stuff.


Timbatree, sustainable Christmas Tree

Since it’s well past Halloween and officially the “holiday season,” here is a sustainable option for those looking for something different from a live Christmas tree this year.  It’s a story that seems very familiar.

Timbatrees are lovingly handmade by a British (maybe he’s from somewhere farther North?) carpenter (maybe he has elves helping him?) out of FSC Certified Scandinavian redwood, and are designed to last a lifetime.

According to a Timbatree press release, there are “No needles, screws or nails, just a few quick clicks and your tree is ready to dress.  Decorate your tree with your own unique and inspirational decorations.  Baked goodies, handcrafted baubles and heirloom ornaments are just a few of the endless possibilities.  Kids will have hours of fun decorating their timbatree.”


Make the Timbatree Your Own

Trees can now be individualized with carved names on the branches or by using one of twelve available paint colors.  The web site will be relaunched November 6 to showcase these options.


Joost Taylor, the carpenter (Santa?) who makes the trees, comments: “I really wanted to create something that was a fun and beautiful alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.  Many of us want to reduce our carbon footprint yet find the faux plastic trees a little too kitsch for our homes.  The timbatree is perfect if you want an alternative tree that looks fantastic and can be used year after year.”

Brought up in a family of carpenters and decorators, Joost was always encouraged to be creative.  He has been cutting, sanding and shaping from the age of 14.  Now he’s breathing new life into our Christmas traditions.


Timbatree: A Team Effort


But it’s not all about one man, there’s a whole team of folk behind this simple tree (see, I told ya!).  Every single one is committed to the environment.  They ensure each supplier is FSC accredited, source locally where possible and take great interest in the communities that supply their timber.  (I bet they have pet reindeer too!)

At Timbatree HQ, there’s a tree up all year round.  Sometimes it holds postcards from far flung shores and, occasionally, little vintage teapots.  It’s also been known to play host to chocolate eggs- briefly! Your seasonal Timbatree, though, can be easily and quickly packed into its recycled box and put neatly away until next year.  The tree comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.


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