The Eco Advantages of Buying a New Build Home

new build home

As advances in modern construction methods and materials make it possible for developers to be more eco-friendly than ever, it’s becoming easier to buy a new build home that incorporates many eco technologies.

Not only do developments of this type help to preserve the environment, but they can prevent further pollution. Plus, building a home from green materials creates a safer environment for the occupants too, especially when they replace some of the carcinogenic materials that were used in older properties.

More energy efficient

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.11.16 AMPerhaps one of the main reasons for choosing to buy a new build home is the promise of increased energy efficiency, particularly as we’re continually seeing the price of gas and electricity rising. Why choose a house with an outdated boiler and heating system, old single glazed windows and poorly insulated loft spaces, when you can have a brand new property with all the latest technologies?

New build properties come complete with well insulated walls, roofs and floors, energy efficient heating systems and boilers, double or even triple glazing, and better draught proofing. Some home construction companies are even starting to go beyond the minimum energy efficiency standards as they recognise the importance placed on eco standards by consumers.

New homes at Strata’s development in Whetstone come with energy efficiency appliances as standard, while other developers utilise heat pump and solar technology in areas where main gas is unavailable.

Even something as simple as installing energy saving light bulbs, which use up to 80% less electricity while lasting eight times longer, will have a great impact on overall energy costs, especially when you consider that lighting your home can account for up to one-third of your electricity bill.

Saving our valuable resources

new build homeSome new build homes come with water saving devices, such as grey water systems, while most new properties are fitted with water efficient taps, toilets and showers which give you all the performance without wasting unnecessary amounts of water.

One of the major ways to have a positive impact on the environment is to install an energy efficient boiler. While traditional boilers may only convert 78% of their fuel into heat, the new modern high-efficiency boilers are able to convert over 90%. This means that not only will these more efficient boilers reduce your fuel bill, but they require less of our valuable fuel resources.

Smart meters to monitor energy use

In line with Government regulations, new and existing homes are now being fitted with smart meters which collect and monitor information about your energy use, sending automatic readings to your energy supplier. Not only will do they give you real-time information about your energy usage, but they help you to identify where you’re using excess energy and give you the opportunity to rectify this. Furthermore, if used in conjunction with photovoltaic cells, it may be possible to sell your energy back to the grid.

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