TED Talks: Architecture in the Future that Repairs Itself?

This short Technology and Entertainment Design Conference clip is by Rachel Armstrong who states :

“Scientists need to work outside their own areas of expertise to make new technologies that are pertinent to the 21st century and to collaborate, both with other scientific disciplines and the arts and humanities.”

Metabolic materials” – is what TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong researches – construction materials that possess some of the properties of living systems, and can be manipulated to “grow” architecture.

Rachel thinks of this as we think about awesome parks or gardens because metabolic materials” are made from terrestrial chemistry…

“Rachel Armstrong is a medical doctor, multi-media producer, science fiction author and arts collaborator. Her current research explores architectural design and mythologies about new technology. She is working with scientists and architects to explore cutting-edge, sustainable technologies.”

Armstrong’s amazingly creative goal and hope is all about the future of cities and how they will be able to replace the energy they draw from the environment as well as respond to the needs of their populations and eventually become regarded as “alive”!

These ideas for new living structures may not be exclusive to the developed world, but in fact would have the potential to transform urban environments globally.