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Aluminum – The ABCs of Green Building Materials

Used in a wide variety of ways in the building construction market, aluminum is a very versatile green building material, especially when it’s recycled. Everything from huge external building structures to delicate window blinds can be manufactured from this lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant metal. Doors, windows, and awnings are popular products made from this material, […]

August 3rd

NEXT Solar Window Coating Generates Free Electricity From Sunlight

NEXT Energy Technologies has developed a scalable solar window coating that allows commercial glass products to produce clean energy from the sun. The product pays for itself in a year and provides clean energy for up to 30 years. “It is certainly not an overstatement to describe this technology as a game-changer with far-reaching implications […]

June 29th

Scientists Developing Paint-On Coating For Energy Efficient Windows

US Dept. of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) scientists are developing a new paint-on coating that will help building owners improve the energy efficiency of their windows, without the need for trained installers. “Instead of hiring expensive contractors, a homeowner could go to the local hardware store, buy the coating, and paint […]

February 26th

How to Upcyle Doors and Windows for Garden Projects

We are always so excited to see cool projects that reduce waste, decrease the need for new products to be made, and help build a more green and beautiful world. Upcycling, the reuse of products for different uses, is a fun trend that you can take advantage of both inside and outside the home. You […]

October 8th

Coca Cola Saves Energy With Umisol Window Film

Umisol Infrared Blocking Filter was recently installed at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Brussels.  The project is expected to create a net profit of 14 €/m²/year. Energy efficiency is central to the European strategy with the 2020 – 2030 – 2050 EU Directives for smart and sustainable growth and the progression to a resource-efficient economy.  By 2050 […]

August 17th

Passive House Windows Save Money Throughout Projects

Replacing the windows in a building can improve its energy efficiency significantly, but the work is often carried out in phases.  Windows need to be selected based on their performance both during and after a project is complete.  Passive House Institute has announced a competition and ratings system that- like the Australian system we covered last […]

December 16th

Dynamic Glass Controlled by Your Smart Phone

View, a company headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, has developed glass that can can change its tint in response to changes in an electrical control voltage. The technology promises to do away with the need for curtains and blinds and save up to 23% of the energy spent on lighting, heating and cooling during peak demand. View says […]

December 4th