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Environmental Testing For Construction Tools

If your brand new circular saw falls off the tailgate of your pickup onto the pavement, will it still work when you go to use it next time? Or if you live by the ocean, will the salt air corrode your nailing gun? Manufacturers of heavy duty construction tools subject them to rigorous testing before…

Principal Solar Institute Publishes White Paper Outlining Industry’s Ratings System for Creating, Testing, Monitoring Solar PV Modules

Guided by an advisory board of academic experts and solar professionals, the PSI PV Module Rating is based on physical tests by independent laboratories such as TÜV Rheinland, but is presented as a single comparative number that can be used with circumstantial information such as deliverability, pricing and manufacturer reputation so that solar power plant designers, buyers and financiers have a consistent basis for choosing a particular PV module. The system empowers these decision-makers to make informed, intelligent comparisons and determinations when selecting PV modules.