Mobile Trading Apps And Environmental Companies

Being kind to the earth involves more than buying an electric car. Heating and cooling our homes and commercial buildings now creates more carbon emissions each year than the transportation sector. Using sustainable building materials can reduce the amount of energy we consume to to keep those building comfortable and save money in lower utility bills at the same time. It’s a win/win situation for us all. Green building techniques will play an increasingly important role in the building trades…

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Fernhill Eco Center

Ferncliff Eco Center Features Unique Sustainable Flooring Options

Something very unique has happened in Arkansas! The Eco Center at Ferncliff in Little Rock is a volunteer-built straw bale mecca for those looking for sustainable building options. The floors alone are worthy of an article to themselves! First, a bit of background. Ferncliff is a summer camp and conference center owned by a nearby Presbyterian church. The center built the eco building to provide a place where children and adults could learn about sustainable building and living. It features…

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Cork flooring

Green Materials Report: Cork Flooring

This post is part of the Green Materials Report series. GBE is providing information on various building materials and what makes them green. Each post focuses on one material. We will be looking at the ingredients in the material, how it is used, what makes it green, and any green product certifications that it has earned. We hope to develop a database of information to help consumers make informed choices about what goes in their buildings. Enjoy the series! Cork Flooring Cork…

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Infographic: Cradle to Cradle Certification Is Good For Business

This infographic, developed by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute and Trucost, illustrates very clearly the benefits of Cradle to Cradle Certification, including: environmental, material, water, energy, and monetary and sales impacts. The infographic includes case studies of two brands: Puma’s Incycle biodegradable sneaker, and Shaw’s EcoWorx certified floor tiles. For more information on the study by Trucost, visit Source: Sustainable Brands

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Guest Post: Fungus As Building Material?

The lifespan sees practical application of Mycoform blocks used for housing in third-world countries. Planetary ONE has sought out grants to send its building materials and development plan to emerging economies to encourage startup manufacturing of the Mycoform bricks. Initially potential manufacturers spend $150 on a hydraulic press and $50 for the steel mold used to shape the aluminum. Manufacturers also need to build a greenhouse for growing the spores.

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Make it Green: What Are the Greenest Choices of Wood for Building?

“The argument that somehow non-wood construction materials are ultimately better for carbon emissions than wood products is not supported by our research.
“Trees removed in an environmentally responsible way allow forests to continue to sequester carbon through new forest growth. Wood products continue to benefit the environment by storing carbon long after the building has been constructed,” he added.

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Introducing Lumboo, First Engineered Dimensional Lumber from Bamboo

Bamboo has gotten a lot of accolades in the green building and construction. They are renewable, has natural antibiotic properties, and are biodegradable. The biggest perk is that renewable factor; it only takes three years for bamboo to reach their maturity whereas a tree can take up to 150 years. Another reason to celebrate Bamboo is their strength and durability. Although the actuality of this claim has been disputed in TreeHugger article, Bamboo Flooring, Is it Really TreeHugger Green? “Before…

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Top 10 Green Building Products 2010

Sustainable Industries announced the release of its 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products guide, the annual publication profiling industry-leading green building products selected by a panel of expert judges and Sustainable Industries magazine’s editorial team. “It’s clear that as green building certifications become more stringent, product manufacturers continue to innovate, producing higher performing and more sustainable products.” This is the fifth edition to be published which aims not only to highlight the the most advanced green technology available but also…

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Structural Bamboo

The newest structural element has been used in Asia for years. Now it is tested and certified for use in the western world. It can be grown and harvested in three years, and is actually good for the environment. But, will it catch on?

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