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Green Buildings Save Small Businesses Big Money

Mike Schoenecker, vice president at Winkelman Building Corp, says green buildings, defined as those that reduce their impact on the environment by being more energy efficient and using fewer natural resources while reducing waste and pollution, save money for business owners three ways. Increased Efficiency Means Lower Energy Bills Green buildings cost about 2% more initially, but will save […]

January 5th

A New Model for Testing Building Fabrics: Green Build Hub

 This guest post about the launch of the Green Build Hub in the UK has been provided by  David Thomas. Read about this location that tests experimental building materials and methodologies. In a green corner of the UK a new project is underway, called the Green Build Hub. The Green Build Hub will be the home of experimental building […]

May 24th

Revisiting Recycled Roof Shingles Made from Tires

This post on recycled roof shingles from tires ran about 18 months ago on GBE. In the interests of recycling and waste management, it seem worthwhile to repost the article. – GRMPhoto: SpirosK Recycled Rubber Roofs: Cheap and Eco-Friendly (via Recycled rubber roof shingles are an innovative roofing material that saves home owners money […]

May 17th