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Net-Zero Home Kits Available From Acre

For those ready to build a net-zero home, Acre, might be a good place to start looking. The Acre website states this company addresses architecture and construction from an entirely new perspective. “We want to replace today’s out-of-date houses with innovative, attainable, high-quality homes that are better for people and the planet. Our goal is to give families…

Guest Post: How To Build Your Own Solar Panels

Thanks to Agnes Jimenez, for providing this post on how to build your own solar panels. There is no second opinion about the enormous benefits of solar electricity. With the ever rising prices of fuel and hence the on-grid electricity, the only viable option we are left with is to switch to the off-grid solar…

GUEST POST: DIY Solar Projects – Simply Super

Our guest post on do-it-yourself solar is written by UK blogger, James Hawkins. What a fabulous concept, especially for those without enough capital to purchase a system. Give it a try with family, friend, neighbors.