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Exterior Sheathing System Improves Energy Efficiency

C-SIS exterior sheathing system

Composite Panel Building Systems announced the introduction of a new sheathing system that can improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and homes, as well as new construction projects.  The C-SIS exterior sheathing system combines insulation, an air/water barrier, structural components, and a water drainage plane into a compact panel that can be installed easily…

Companies & Building Products Worth Watching: Thermo-ply from OX Engineered Products

To better understand the integral quality of home’s structure, inspecting its unseen parts will usually tell the best story. Try structural sheathing, for instance. Is it plywood, particleboard, or some other concoction? What glues or chemicals were used? Does it contain formaldehyde? OX Engineered Products, a division of OX Paperboard, specializes in a line of…

NewWood Manufacturing Offers Diverse Palette of Sustainable Recycled Products

A good line of green composite building products can be found through Elma, WA-based NewWood Manufacturing. The company’s innovative composite panels provide a glowing example of putting waste and scrap to good use. Panels are made using 50 percent recycled plastic and 50 percent recycled wood.