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Israel's First LEED Platinum Building Underway: A Living Laboratory for Environmental Studies

Tel Aviv University is building a new school for the Porter School of Environmental Studies that might become Israel’s first LEED-NC Platinum building. Tina Casey from CleanTechnica and I visited the building and got an introductory lecture from Dr. Arie Nesher, the Professional Director of the school. Nesher gave us a tour of the building […]

November 13th

Showing the Green Building Process

What does it look like to build a house with lots of green features? We see pictures of the finished buildings, and we read about the features that make them green. We know about the importance of good insulation and reducing electrical loads and choosing efficient equipment. But what does it look like while it […]

July 30th

Green Building Mandates

Governments are beginning to mandate green building for some new construction, and that ought to be a cause for celebration. But because of the way these requirements are made, the possibility of problems arising when a building does not meet a required level of green building could lead to legal difficulties and lawsuits.

July 17th

New Levels of LEED

A new top-level LEED classification called Unobtanium is being proposed to replace the currently proposed Protactinium level, leading to a possible schism in the growing green building rating system.  Whether Protactinium or Unobtanium becomes the new top-level of the LEED rating system…? Earlier this year, officials proposed a new level of LEED (Leadership in Energy […]

April 1st