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Concrete Brise Soleil Cools Sustainable Building In Ghana

sustainable building in Ghana

One Airport Square in Accra, Ghana uses an innovative brise soleil of concrete to let light in while keeping heat out, which greatly reduces the cost of cooling.

Passive Solar Design Enhances Natural Ventilation

Passive design office

  What is passive solar design?  It goes by many names, though all are similar: passive design, passive solar, passive heating, Passivhaus, and passive house.  Buildings using this strategy rely on the heat of the sun to moderate the temperature indoors without the need for artificial heating and cooling.  How do they do it? Thermal…

The Role of Architectural History in the Development of Solar Passive Architect David Wright

The evolution of pioneer solar passive architect David Wright’s career demonstrates the importance of exposure to the solar works of the ancients, as provided in this guest column by John Perlin based on his new book, Let It Shine: The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy. This is the first of five articles. David Wright was…