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New York Net Metering Cap Suspended For Now

Adding to the distributed energy/net metering debate involving utilities and solar panel owners, New York State for now has lifted the cap on net metering. pv-magazine reported last week that New York regulators have suspended the existing cap on the state’s net metering program. This suspension will remain in effect until a new valuation is concluded […]

November 2nd

Ohio’s Stunning New Veterans Memorial

Some structures are as much a visual statement as they are a building to house people or things. The Guggenheim Museum in the architecturally-progressive city of New York and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC are two examples of powerful design. The new Ohio Veterans Memorial is another. Designed by Allied Works Architecture, the […]

January 19th

Net-Zero Building Opens In Brooklyn

On the second anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, a ribbon cutting ceremony in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn announced the opening of a new net-zero building called Bright ‘N Green in the neighborhood. The date is a symbolic reminder of the importance of building in a way that contributes minimally to climate change and […]

November 7th

New York to Provide Incentives for Zero-Net-Energy Buildings

The state of New York will provide $34 million of incentives to individuals and zero-net-energy homes (buildings which generate more energy than they consume). This works out to be $2,000 to $8,000 per household. The Real Deal says that “A zero-net-energy building relies on, among other things, solar panels, insulation and geothermal heating and cooling systems to […]

June 3rd

Old Iron Mine Repurposed For New Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity

[repostus]Old Iron Mine Repurposed For New Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity (via Clean Technica) A company called Moriah Hydro Corp. hopes to build a gigantic, 260 megawatt pumped storage hydroelectric facility in upstate New York, and it will use a series of abandoned, interconnected iron mines to do the job. That’s a nifty approach that gets…

October 11th

Electronic Recyclers International Launches New York Offices

Now the largest privately held recycler of electronic waste in the US, and the world’s first dual-certified electronic waste recycler, Fresno-headquartered Electronic Recyclers International is licensed to de-manufacture and recycle televisions, computer monitors, computers and other types of electronic equipment. ERI serves public sector clients via GSA contract GS-10F-0051Y and processes more than 200 million pounds of electronic waste annually at eight locations in seven states, including California, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas and North Carolina.

March 6th

New Urbanism: America’s 10 Most Walkable Cities

Rather than drive, think about walking more. A number of advocate groups celebrate a newfound urbanism developing throughout popular US cities. The following cities usher in a new-defined sense of urban living, enticing inhabitants to walk about more often.

February 8th

New Net-Zero Energy Building In Brooklyn

This is a great story about a great structure with a net-zero energy concept. Many thanks to Zach Shahan from Clean Technica for posting this item! [repostus hash=768e511889e3357dca41019eff358768 title=New+Net-Zero+Energy+Building+In+Brooklyn host=Clean+Technica short=1w4lU snip=%C2%A0Someone+from+the+site+SolarContact+reached+out+to+me+recently+regarding+some+interesting+solar+posts+they+had+published+on+their+blog.+Below+is+one+of+them%2C+reposted+in+full.+For+more%2C+check+out+the+SolarContact+blog%3A+Two+years+ago+solar+installers+walked+away+from+the+job+of+developing+a+one-of-%26hellip%3B thumb=3635273 jump=2]

December 6th

Five of The World’s Most Sustainable Sports Stadiums

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of any new architectural design and in recent years we’ve seen this spread into the world of sports stadiums. Traditionally, the concept behind sports stadiums has been to create a colosseum-like structure which adds theatre and creates an incredible atmosphere with little prior thought ever given to sustainability. Recently, things have begun to change and we’re now seeing more and more architects giving sustainability the attention it deserves when designing new sports stadiums.

September 18th

Largest Manhattan Solar Array Completed

Deutsche Bank announced Monday the completion and operation of it new 122.4kW solar photovoltaic system installed atop its Americas headquarters at 60 Wall Street, New York. The array is expected to decrease carbon emissions by 100 metric tonnes per year.

January 24th

Building Green Doesn’t Cost Extra

The Andrew, a 50-unit residential apartment building, is providing renters with energy efficient housing with no additional construction costs. The savings translate to a 50% reduction in utility costs for residents.

February 17th

Ground Zero Mosque Would Be Green

The "Ground Zero Mosque," as it is being called, is a controversial development in New York, near the site of the 9/11 attacks. The project will be seeking LEED certification, if it gets off the ground.

August 20th