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A Journey through the Natural Building Techniques: Adobe

The word adobe comes from the Arabic word al-tob, which means “the brick” and from Coptic tube, which also means “brick”. A brick is precisely what adobe is, a sun-dried brick of clay-soil and sand, with fiber added in some instances as well. These fibers, which add tensile strength, are usually straw, hair, or even horse manure. Yes, I said horse manure! Building with adobe is one of the oldest building techniques in the world, and some of the world’s oldest standing buildings were constructed with adobe.

May 21st

Depp Helps Publish Woody Guthrie’s Long Lost Novel about Natural Building

We came across this post from Rhonda Winter at Ecolocalizer concerning Woody Guthrie’s writing about natural building. [repostus] Depp Helps Publish Woody Guthrie’s Long Lost Novel about Natural Building (via EcoLocalizer)   In 1947 Woody Guthrie wrote House of Earth, a fictional story about struggling young sharecroppers, poverty and building sustainably with dirt and natural […]

February 7th

Green Building 101: Originate’s Natural Material Showroom

A locally sourced place for customers and clients to go to purchase a large variety of natural materials, consult experts and experience the ‘green’ materials first hand is Originate. This is a natural building materials’ showroom located in Tucson, Arizona. “Originate specializes in interior finishes that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and made from natural and renewable resources.”

June 26th

The Most Beautiful Green Home Building Construction Project Ever?

My jaw dropped when I first watched this video tour of a beautiful owner-built green building construction project in Oregon. This particular green building is made entirely out of cob, a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. Meka Bunch of Wolf Creek, Oregon built this stunning cob house over a four year period. Complete with […]

April 9th

Earth Sheltered Home Work Exchange

Do you want to learn more about green building and gain valuable hands-on experience by helping to build an earth sheltered home? There are several natural building internship and work exchange opportunities at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeastern Missouri, an off-the-grid intentional community devoted to ecological sustainability. Read ahead to learn more about one particular […]

March 22nd

Ways To Prevent Global Warming Through Natural Building

Through natural building, there are many ways to prevent global warming. Conventional suburban houses are large, poorly designed, and inefficient, and the manufacturing and construction processes are big contributors to global warming. Natural building is a sustainable design approach that promotes low impact homes built with natural and recycled materials. I will highlight two different […]

March 10th

Straw Bale House Construction and Natural Building Internship

Are you interested in a hands-on straw bale building experience? As you know, there is no better way to learn than by doing. Red Earth Farms is an 80 acre, off-the-grid intentional community based in northeastern Missouri, composed of individual homesteads. Members strive to live ecologically – this means, of course, that members use natural […]

January 22nd

Built By Hand Book: Traditional Natural Building Designs Around The World

Imagine houses with six feet-thick seaweed roofs, deep-nestled and hand-carved cave homes, and pigeon-harboring huts made of mud. Sounds a little unreal, huh? Well, this and more is all vividly documented in Built By Hand: Vernacular Buildings Around the World, a most inspiring bit of natural building eye candy I recently had the fortune of […]

October 10th