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The Redwood Deck Solution

For homeowners, architects, and remodeling companies, the redwood deck has long represented an attractive materials choice to consider. First, this material has passed the time-tested standard as a beautiful, long-standing, cost-effective option. For those in the midst of selecting what material to use for a new or remodeled deck, here are things to consider: Material…

Which Is More Green – SFI or FSC Lumber?

The two main sustainable forestry certification programs (Sustainable Forestry Initiative, SFI, and Forest Stewardship Council, FSC) have been fighting for years to determine which is better.  SFI has struggled to gain a foothold in the industry, and has been working to be approved by the US Green Building Council’s LEED green building rating system.  In an…

Green Materials Report: FSC Certified Lumber

FSC certified lumber

This post is part of the Green Materials Report series.  GBE is providing information on various building materials and what makes them green.  Each post focuses on one material.  We will be looking at the ingredients in the material, how it is used, what makes it green, and any green product certifications that it has earned.  We…

Bamboo Building: Good or Bad for the Environment

Bamboo has been lauded for its in home construction and building; however, some concerns have risen with the popularity of bamboo, including biodiversity, soil erosion, and chemical use.

Recycling Billboard Vinyl as a Building Tarp

Not all trash plastic is going straight to the landfill. A Denver company, Repurposed Materials, sells used vinyls from billboards as construction tarps. Price? $60. Not too bad, considering a new vinyl tarp of comparable quality costs approximately 75% more than the used tarp.