Earth Advantage Certified Home in Portland Oregon

Green Home Sales Increasing Despite Economy

Despite dipping home sales, the number of new third-party certified green homes sold in Portland, Oregon has gone steadily up the last three years. Existing certified homes are selling for up to 32% more than existing code homes.

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University of Louisville Duthie Center

Engineering School Renovation Earns LEED Gold

The Duthie Center for Engineering on the University of Louisville campus recently earned LEED Gold for its renovation project. Highlights included 54% water savings, reuse of 95% of the existing building structure, and recycling 77% of the demolition waste.

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Ground Zero Mosque Would Be Green

The "Ground Zero Mosque," as it is being called, is a controversial development in New York, near the site of the 9/11 attacks. The project will be seeking LEED certification, if it gets off the ground.

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Grand Bay Coastal Resources Center

Hurricane Katrina Ravaged Site Goes LEED Gold

The Grand Bay Coastal Resources Center is the first state government-owned LEED certified building in Mississippi. The Center is built on land that was underwater during Katrina, and has special landscaping to protect it from forst fires.

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Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Sometimes “Going Green” is Obvious

A sustainable design team from the U.S. is helping officials in Guadalajara, Mexico build a green museum. They are imparting some of the wisdom gathered from over fifteen years of green building in Portland, Oregon.

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