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Human Impact vs. the Environment – What can we do about it?

Millions of people make decisions that will impact the environment for better or worse. For the past 20 years, the world’s leaders have been working towards implementing processes, laws, legislations and infrastructure that will help to protect the environment and improve sustainability. There are always ongoing threats to the environment. However, there have been some […]

April 20th

Holiday Lighting Tech Has Come a Long Way

Those of you who always have to be on the cutting edge, and will spare no expense to be there, will twinkle with excitement when you hear about the latest in holiday lighting technology.  With 16 million color options and a smart phone app, you will have hours of entertainment (and frustration)!   RGB (Red, […]

December 11th

Holiday Lighting Tips To Keep You In The Green

‘Tis the season to make spirits bright with holiday lights- but that doesn’t mean you have to go broke paying high energy bills this winter! While decorating the tree, house, or garland, a whole section of lights can go dark – along with holiday spirits, and light outages can be frustrating and time-consuming to repair. […]

December 2nd

Luminous Ceiling Provides Future of Lighting

 In a move that brings science fiction predictions to reality, Philips is introducing its OneSpace luminous ceiling to the world.  OneSpace integrates LED lights with a fabric to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely. The result is a smooth and clutter-free ceiling that emits a uniform and glare-free light. “This innovation […]

April 10th

How Climate Change is Destroying the Earth

We received this letter and infographic from Allison Lee: “I am part of a team of designers and researchers that put together an infographic showing how bad climate change has gotten and how it’s contributing to the destruction of our planet. I thought you might be interested, so I wanted to reach out.”

February 25th

Scientists Mimic Fireflies to Make Brighter LEDs

Fireflies create light through a chemical reaction that takes place in specialized cells called photocytes. The light is emitted through a part of the insect’s exoskeleton called the cuticle. Light travels through the cuticle more slowly than it travels through air, and the mismatch means a proportion of the light is reflected back into the lantern, dimming the glow. The unique surface geometry of some fireflies’ cuticles, however, can help minimize internal reflections, meaning more light escapes to reachthe eyes of potential firefly suitors.

January 9th

Guest Post: Understanding Lighting for Green Outcomes

Sustainability is poised on everyone’s lips from the government right through to individual homes. Protecting the environment is becoming impossible to ignore what with the new methods of waste disposal and recycling etc. Therefore energy saving lighting is just an extension of this. Follow this explanation to understand all-things associated with energy saving lighting. Energy […]

November 1st

GUEST POST: Measuring Efficient Emergency Products

Although you may not appreciate or even notice them, emergency products in public buildings keep us safe every day. Building safety code requirements have been beefed up over the past 30 years to ensure public safety resulting in the need for many products to remain compliant like exit signage designated near or above every exit, […]

May 17th

Lighting News Roundup (9 Stories)

Thanks to Zach Shahan at Clean Technica, this is a good roundup of news on lighting. Photo:  loufi [repostus hash=48c03cea44d847ca549ff840235a9fda title=Lighting+News+Roundup+%289+Stories%29 host=Clean+Technica short=1bR2l snip=%C2%A0+There%E2%80%99s+been+a+lot+of+energy-efficient+lighting+news+in+the+past+week+or+so+%E2%80%94+there+was+a+big+lighting+event+in+Las+Vegas+last+week+%28Lightfair+International+2012%29%2C+and+there+was+big+news+from+other+parts+of+the+world+as+well.+Here%E2%80%99s+a+quick+roundup+of+some+of+the+stories%3A+1.%C2%A0TerraLUX+Inc.%26hellip%3B jump=4]

May 15th

How Much Incandescent Bulbs Really Cost

This Clean Technica post from Scott Raybin provides solid information for anybody wanting to understand how much incandescent lights truly cost and what kind of footprint they leave. Image: NikonFilm35 [repostus hash=cb71b41b85fe651a9be45db4916bfa23 title=How+Much+Incandescent+Bulbs+Really+Cost host=Clean+Technica short=1bcbH snip=%C2%A0+With+so+much+misinformation+out+there%2C+consumers+are+not+being+given+good+information+about+lighting.+There+is+especially+poor+reporting+about+the+ongoing+elimination+of+100w%2C+75w%2C+60w%2C+and+40w+incandescent+lamps+from+the+national+inventory.+In+fact%2C+incandescent+lighting+is%C2%A0not%C2%A0being+eliminated%26hellip%3B jump=1]

May 11th

GUEST POST: LED Lighting Rebates & DSIRE

An excellent resource for consumers and businesses looking for ways to save money is available online at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) can help anyone save money by replacing inefficient appliances and lighting systems with those that are energy efficient or that use renewable energy sources

May 9th

Advances in Homebuilding Packages – from Standard Electricity & Appliances to Net-Zero Energy

GE’s contributions to residential homes over the past 120 years make a long list. This dates back to that time when utility companies first provided businesses and homes with standard electricity – something we in the United States may take for granted, even though many parts of the world are without electricity, the light it provides, and the appliances it powers.

March 22nd