Shedding Light On LED Lights: Leaders In Cost & Performance

In this era of continuing attention to energy efficiency, few, if any, are going to argue the case against the benefits of using LED lights. But replacing burnt-out incandescent bulbs with LEDs is no simple undertaking, especially when it comes to price. LED bulbs, built using light emitting diodes, although certain to last longer than the Edison-style incandescent bulbs and demand less electricity, are not what you would expect to find in the nearest neighborhood bargain basement store. Another incandescent option…

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Energy Efficient Lighting Infographic

For those who wish to know something more about energy efficient lighting and some of its history, have a look at this infographic from Danielle Stewart. There is some worthwhile information to be gathered here.   Source: P-2

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Energy Efficient Lighting Industry Shows Steady Growth in Survey

Danielle Stewart has written before about the benefits of commercial led lighting and how businesses can retrofit with more energy efficient lighting. Here she provides Green Building Elements with a recent survey conducted by lighting professionals at Precision Paragon about the growth of the energy efficient lighting industry.

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